today the 6th of May , was the 20th of April in 1200 BC …

             Time Drift :
the Metonic (moon-) cycle   
 why we’re 15+ days ahead
         in Absolute Time


          Time Drift 

… this is a rather dangerous page —
it’s purpose is “to make a case for the 1sth month having started this May”
to substantiate the theme of the Transfiguration (=when we leave ; see other page) ,
but we immediately admit that it’d be catastropic would we be wrong here  —
the same time we refuse to believe that God would be unwilling to show the season
eventhough the presented possibility on this page séems outlandish
and there is – as usual – a big chance that the answer is in scripture somewhere ,
instead of having to calculate it through unknowable outside factors 
now – it is not an illégal method “to go find the evidence to confirm a certain opinion” 
(since this is also required for translations ! – compare the site)
when in the difficult theme of “God’s calendar” the Net is filled with all kinds of statements
about ‘the spring equinox’, ‘ripe or unripe barley and when or when not to harvest them’ ,
‘solar years’ , the so-called ‘Enoch calendar’ and many other aspects  —
yet , in cóntext , they all feel … Off ,
reminiscent of Enoch’s words “(in the endtime,) they will err in the seasons” ;
so we searched for an … elegant concept able to serve the Transfiguration theme 
though some still use this Metonic cycle , one concept is overlooked – important for ús : 

                                            the Metonic (moon-) cycle
… there’s no need to bore you here with how that functions ,
if you search on this phrase you will find enough sites explaining it   —
what wé are interested in
is that 19 tropical years are shorter than 235 synodic months by about 2 hours ,
which in turn makes the Metonic cycle’s “error” one full day every 219 years ; 
– now God has nothing with ‘this sun’ (or solar year) because it represents M-Babylon ,
so He does count Time conform the appearances of this moon  –
therefore let’s nót try synchronize those to fit the cycles of the solar years :
                    1 full day every 219 years (longer than solar years)
                    counting back 2000 (=1,970) years would be 9 – and something – days    
… God gave the sequence of the year to Moses , and though no one knows exactly
when the Exodus happened (see also Velikovsky about ‘the lost years’) 
it certainly happened before 1000 BC and likely between 1500 and 1200 BC :
                    counting back 1314 years (x6) would give 15 – and something – days
                    and would have us back in 1262 BC – very close to the Exodus timeframe ;
                    which means
                    that in Absolute Time we’re 15+ days ahéad of the solar year we live in !

                     15 days do matter – the ‘barley problem’ 
… though ofcourse the sun gives growth to organisms , it is the moon (-cycle) regulating
the stages of gestation ; read : the energy-fields of hów an organism grows ;
in this context it is interesting how in our days ‘the barley always seems late’  —
people following the ‘barley calendar’ go out in the fields to search ‘green stalks’ 
and also this year some claimed ‘March’ while others claimed ‘April’ ;
in this year 2022 
(though we have anything with this country ‘Israel’) combines harvested the first green
barley at the start of April – but this type is unedible and turned into fodder for cattle
(see ,
therefore the consumable barley would have been ready later than the start of April ;
next ,
an interesting letter from the Ministry of Agriculture responded to this problem – 
though he was not clearly enough distincting between barley and wheat , since the 
latter is harvested a bit later – stating ,
“Both [barley and wheat] are sown as rule, in November, and the harvest starts
around the end of April – the beginning of May. […] In the ancient times and even
today with primitive methods the barley and wheat were harvested with a sickle
and left on the land in sheaves for further drying. Therefore the crop could be 
harvested a couple of weeks earlier even if the barley would have been harvested
with 20% moisture content.”
             but the whole point still is that WE are ’15 days late’ !
             say that in our May 1st 2022 the barley is consumable and harvested ,
             it would have been April 15th in the time of the Exodus – 
             only meaning that the moon cycles had the barley ready that 15th
             but in our days only at May 1st : because our Time has drifted !
… you see ? Three thousand years ago the usual month for Passover was likely April 
(and , taken into account the 20% moisture , making the harvest in the start of April 
having enough time to have everything ready for Passover in the middle of the month) ;
but the drifting time – also influencing the maturity of the barley ! – made it today
almost impossible to maintain April 15 in the first month as the day of Passover 


                                                           resuming : 
        what is “wrong” with today’s May as the 1st month ?
… we presume ‘nothing’ ,
though indeed it’s not always easy to let go long-held beliefs and opinions   —
but you and we went so many times to hell and back to grasp incomprehensible things
that for us it is more easy to accept a different version — if substantiated , ofcourse ;
please remember
that this whole page is intended to support the Transfiguration : that is the goal !
that said , 
it’s possible that “Noah entered the ark in the first month” (not ‘the second’) because it
was the moment when eden was definitively abandoned and symbolized by the line
“..and God closed the door of the ark” ,
where Christ – who IS the door – in the first month restored the relation to the same eden ; 
… another related aspect may be “a second Passover” [Numbers 9] – if not corrupted ;
given as opportunity for those who had been unable to celebrate the main one
due to those who could not be present or those who had been ‘unclean’ :
– since God never does anything haphazardly he may have hinted at ‘drifting Time’
(or perhaps ‘may also have hinted’) but this will remain an open question for now
[6 May]


this 16th May eclipse – belonging to ‘the top of the wave drifting through Time’ ?

… we’re still looking for confirmation of the time Drift
and found this clip someone recently put together
showing eclipses in the past and previous 100 months :
we cannot verify the diagram (yet why would he lie)
but then the same would need to be done for the years
1000 and 0 AD , and 1000 plus 300 (?) BC —
so that the type buildup which the video shows would
show the tip of the wave happen éarlier in ancient times ;
that is not a suitable job for us so we won’t find out —
secondary problem is that although charts of eclipses
exist for every year back unto 2000 BC – at Nasa site –
they projected them back in time by calculation
and conform the length of the solar years
… – but the idea is definitely worth investigating further