[added Dec. 2021 – clip is valid just suppressed]

two years later :
the stuff in the poisonjab makes the body to become a router – hooked up to the main frame :

(general overvieuw – Dec 2021)

at 36 mins in :
showing the intra-body nano-network concept as presented by laQuinta
(disclaimer –

though Max is right about a wide range of things , remember he rejects a biblical version ;
however – what he says at 42.20 mins is HIGHLY interesting ,
considered our attempts – so far – in the moon pages ; see there)

for you to ponder about —
we have a link quoting some submissions to VAERS in which relatives of jabbed people
tell about the sinister spiritual and emotional changes of their loved ones ;
the below video we can ofcourse not confirm , but please consider the context ,
title :
“possessed woman explains how the vaccines are the devil’s work and steal your soul”

(compare M-Babylon’s plan to turn the soul into “a battery”)

[added : 1 may 2022] 
we knew what this little Rat, son of Esau, said,
but this video puts it all nicely together ;
that the body is hacked – through the Jab –
so that the soul will be a slave
is what we said two years ago (see page)
but the attitude  of these monsters is appalling

ofcourse also this little Rat is used by Mystery-Babylon
and how true is the Ezekiel chapter in which God curses
this body carrying the soul because it will murder her ..

Horus mural inside Pfizer HQ
(confirmed , see log spring ’22)

[added : 6 Jan. 2020 :]

the forever shame on Esau for his fck*n endless Lies
brilliant – 2 mins – advice : turn up the sound

(source : probably Memology)

[below : original page :]


TIMELINE 1 : that of Revelation
which we know will happen
yet not ‘because of Revelation’ – but as the return of Eden
the absolute horror of
the so called “build back better” plan as
TIMELINE 2 : Esau’s world of Gaia


… we have tried to compose a sound article containing a logical buildup ,
to show you the metaphysical importance of the very days we live in now ;
do please remember two things here –
Esau is much , much further in his ‘technology’ than he shóws to society ,
and second : after the final video at this page you will have seen his whole plan ,
which is important to can discern the related aspects of what is going on right now :


page content : the Great Reset

  •       1.      the double-speak of the WEF slogan “you will own nothing and be happy”
  •       2.       WEF : the fusion of the physical , digital and biological
  •       3.      the Internet of Bodies
  •       4.      New Brain Computer Interface
                the implementation :
  •       5.      tiny particles distributed in the body
  •       6.      as ‘electromagnetic controlled nanoparticles’
  •       7.      administered to people as the current “CoJona vaccine”
                the implementation : the present Internet + financial market made to crash
  •       8.      centralized Internet : based upon the blockchain model
  •       9.      Basel III : reinstating the gold standard
  •       10.   the hostile takeover of food
  •   II.    the 666 as [likely-] graphene jab        (click)


… this advertisement is well known ,
but you need to read the language
a tad differently – or better ‘decode it’,
because the intention of used words
is Esau saying “WE will own YOU ,
and we will make you happy – or not”;

… now , this is different as the present
situation where any country is nothing
else but ‘a corporation’ where the names

of her inhabitants are used as collateral in her financial policies (especially credits) —
… in Esau’s new timeline the collateral will be the body of the citizens , itsélf ,
which – by extension – is very close to “owning the soul” …

Klaus Schwab (WEF) in 2016 : “the fusion of the physical , digital and biological”
(1 mins)
… please ignore your automatic response upon hearing the term “chip”,
because that theme is not exactly as commonly interpreted – you will see ;
be attent at 2.25
because the same double-speak is happening like in the above advertisement :
what he réally means is “that the people THEMSELVES will be the ‘butlers’ (of Esau)” :

RAND Corp. (2017?) : introduction to the theme : ‘the internet of bodies’
(4 mins)
… to not go tóo quickly into the mindboggling aspects , please see this one first –
showing how technics like apps and gadgets are already ingrained within society
(same with the ‘Cojona app’ these days – and compare the video) ;
especially note 1.01 mins
because this will be the main theme ,
coupled with lines as “…generating a vast amount of data” ;
… ofcourse it is all put into the “it serves the health of the people” mantra ,
while the last part of the video séems to be genuine concern (‘who owns that data’) –
but it will not be any concern when Esau will totally rearrange the Internet !

(2017) New Brain Computer interface technology (some CEO)
(18 mins)
… the guy talks a bit annoying , like he’s on steroids ,
but his main premise was also expressed in the very first video —
same buildup also here : first “so beneficial for sick humans and animals”,
but as the talk progresses it gets downright scarey ….

… now , ever since (-around) 2017 the above theme has disappeared from Esau’s MSM :
no articles, no references – so as to bury the awareness of this theme from the public ;


the implementation


… mind you – these things were thought out and planned a long time ago ;
if you were Esau ,
your ‘main problem’ would be “how do I get inside the body of the people”
(instead of the gadgets shown in the second video) ;
… yet you would hardly use “a microchip” :
first because that has limited options ,
also due to the fact that “you could never get it into the brain of people”
(because that is the place you would néed it to be) ;
apart from the fact that most people shiver already at the term “chip”;

your second problem would be not be “to change DNA-like features of people”
by using a kind of drug or pill or vaccine ,
because , though you are already áble to alter DNA through those ,
the problem with “mere biological changes” is that you cannot control them remotely ;
or , differently phrased ,
this method lacks a hook-up point towards (control-) mechanisms outside the body

… so what you would want to do
would indeed be to use the ‘medical method’ ,
by first creating “a perceptional fear for a virus (which never existed anyway)” ,
and deflect her origins to a complete fabricated script – ‘Wuhan’ ;
then push / force / seduce your public to táke your vaccine with help of your MSM
and your lackeys as all the puppet governments ;
your báckup deflection would be to insert in some of your vaccines a spike protein
(therefore , the argument of those oppósing your CoJona vaccine is partly right) ,
but to cover up the real content of the vaccine ,
… namely , ‘the hook-up substance’ :

(2014 – Trancendence trailer – Johnny Depp) : because you would use ‘tiny particles’
(2 mins)
… same themes again : the brain connected to the internet , etcetera ;
ofcourse ‘the professor’ represents “the connection concept , itself” ,
therefore at the end of this clip “he fragments into a myriad of small particles”
(note what swirls up : ‘metallic dust’ – because that will be important)
as the small particles which in the movie are afterwards ‘inhaled by the population’ :

[june 17]

(2014) Rockefeller Institute : radio-controlled Nanoparticles within an adenovirus

(10 mins read)
… straight from the horse’s mouth
(today’s Medicine is owned by Rockefeller) :
to right : taken from page ;
… the virus itself – in purple , carrying a package ,
and when exposed to radio- or magnetic signals
the ferritin particles inside will “wiggle”
and the cell will activate when its door opens ;
in this case the goal was “making the mouse hungry”
– now imagine what one could make people to do ….


… but – today – in reality , the particles are in the (covid-) vaccinátion :
for the simple reason
that the “deadly Cojona virus” is a Hoax , never proven by isolation ;
we are no ‘scientists’ ofcourse but neither exactly Stupid –
two weeks ago we posted the nanoparticles option (see end of page) ,
and interestingly , Pfizer hás conducted a study about “the saturation
of nanoparticles in the internal organs” like liver , spine , bonemarrow etc
(very strange action for ‘a vaccine manufacturer’, right ?) ,

(below : same theme – from today ; appears to be a serious club)

… especially those organs which were difficult to penetrate – like the brain ,
where the hook-up particles needed to cross the bloodbrain-barrier
(and no , we don’t know what is with this protein in several vaccinazi-ons ;
it is even possible that especially the West is targeted with a certain payload)

… to right : if you would imagine a 3D version of this ,
but then as a situation throughout all of the body ,
it’s clear that “certain regions can be directly targeted”
but – worse – also in the inverse way :
literally “could be read what people privately THINK”
(and woe if that thought would be nonconformistic !) ;
…. It will be even possible
to “monitor the cognitive development of children”,
store it in a database , and select the teens for certain
tasks in society – while other children will be ‘used’
(whether they like it or not) to fill in the regular jobs
– the possibilities are endless …
(neurotechx com)        

couple this with ‘food’ and you will have the “brain and gut model” :
because people will be told what to eat ,
they have already specified the future “menu” for every country ! ,
which is about “maintaining a balanced ecological footprint concerning Gaia” –
because indeed this all is embedded within the New Age view
(but this is the theme of the last video on this page) ;


the implementation : the New Type Internet – and the Market crash


first : Esau will make the present Internet model to crash – soon
(1 min)
… yup , there he is again (clip from last year) ;
several themes are closely linked because they directly relate to eachother ;
the WEF forum page (Weforum) tells that “the present internet is sooo 1980s”,
therefore a new type has to be set up using a different BGP (border gateway) ,
but ofcourse they evade saying that the new type is a central guided model ;

… therefore in the past months ‘cyber attacks’ – but from inside , ofcourse –
happened to meat factories , pipelines , etc , to prepare the subconsciousness ;
yet a major warning came yesterday 16 July , when the puppet called Biden
told “he gave Putin a list of 16 areas of infrastructure which he please not hack” :
this is só Absurd – even in itself – that we take it is a warning it will happen soon

… related to this is Cyber Polygon 2021 ,
said as “a cyber (-attack) exercise drill” ;
and though there is nothing wrong with
drills per sé , it too often happened that
the exercise ‘coincidentally’ preceded
the very thing the exercise was about –
this specific one is scheduled for July 9
(but as conclusion date !)
… to right : note the ‘central command’
type concept , which is the blockchain
setup of the to be installed Internet ;
(taken from the video)
the blockchain model :
(quote and depiction from Wiki)
“blockchain formation : the main chain (black) consists of the longest
series of blocks from the genesis block (in green) to the current block.
orphan blocks (purple) exist outside of the main chain.”
until now ,
this concept was used by cryptocurrencies , but the basic setup
is also workable for a Central Bank Digital Currency (see next section)
and therefore – per definition – as the new type Internet :
but the thing is ,
though everyone could have free access to ány black block
(representing general , corporal and societal information) ,
the cóntents of the black blocks are decided by the genesis block
and it is easy to see “what this would do to free speech” :
quite a number of terms simply could be banned from the entire chain …

related : coming up : 28 June : Basel III : the re-installment of the gold standard
… we don’t want to spend much time on this dreadful theme ;
but it is clear that the present market bubble is kept alive until it will be made to crash
after all the necessary infrastructure has been put in place :
not just as the new Internet concept but also as “the conglomeration of industries”
which have been assigned to their new position during the past years – and see video at 10 ;
while many of those large corporations have alréady installed a book-keeping system
according to the blockchain model (see sites at ledgerinsights com) ;

… the gold standard – abolished in 1972 – will be the only real commodity again ,
therefore in the past years many countries and large banks have been buying gold ‘cheaply’
because they ofcourse knew that this was the upcoming plan ;
it will mean that many speculative markets will explode (as well as smaller banks) ,
and that neither cryptocurrency like Bitcoin will exist
because that method uses the cúrrent type internet
(this was Musk’s tweet about , two weeks ago , about the arguing couple) ;
… during the past months China already successfully trialed the digital Yuan ,
and it is only logical that a Western digital money will be connected to real gold 1 on 1 —
however , we (hR) think that the present shown metric tonnes by country is false
insofar the US must have only Tungsten left – since she is destined to go down ;
while the countries possessing natural resources of gold (especially Australia and Canada)
will be under tight security – this explains China’s current hostile takeover of Australia ;
directly after the crash :
… hard to predict : perhaps the people “will be given a certain amount of virtual currency”
in order to survive the first weeks , months
(compare “het tientje van Lieftinck” – when WW II ended , each Dutch citizen was given
an amount of ‘new accepted money’ to render any other – black – money worthless) ;
after which the new central bank would start the new type currency
– which would only last until the physical takeover will be completed …
… there is a story about a retired corrupted general in ancient Rome ,
who – because there existed no fire brigade in the city , at that time –
had recruited a few hundred men whom he would send in wherever a fire occurred :
but befóre the men did their job ,
the general first negotiated with the poor owner to buy up his property very cheaply ,
or the fire brigade would just let the property burn out ;
– this must be somewhat the situation right after Esau will crash everything down …




the hostile takeover of food (Esau’s plan – from its inception until now)
(1 hr. 50 mins)
… this is for the diehards among us , grin – but extremely interesting :
the French researcher did an excellent job in describing how Esau’s separate
thinktanks , organizations and corporations in reality form a logical functioning whole ;
explaining why “(pushed-) Trends” exist today , like ‘the vegan conditioning’
which is linked to “the climate change (-hoax)” — all as part of his New Age view ;
where the main theme here is focused upon ‘the food of the future’

backups :


… feeling dirty after having written this ;
we’re sure that a large number of themes will connect with the above ,
but the main conclusion is that it all will turn into hell – IF Esau would succeed

and the second idea we got ,
is that Esau is genuinely convinced “that his plan is too big – too good – to Fail” ;
that is why you and we exist .


(taken from hmakow com)


II. the 666 as [likely-] graphene jab
… this body of us is based upon the carbon-6 concept ,
but this body is rather slow and brutal , in every aspect ;
the “forehead” in the text simply means “awareness”
while the hand represents “action” —
it is therefore defendable that “the life (of the beast)”
– which is from another , or higher , dimension –
will require “a higher frequency” for this body ;
not just represented in the threescore (‘ultimate’) 666 ,
but the latter linked to the main component of this body :
… just now as a superconductor version ,
mixed (!) with a component as graphene oxide
which carries the same basic hexagon-6 shape

    ‘covid’ is a hoax : therefore also the presented contents of the jab are
    remember : this is all about DECEPTION ;
    if you do your homework , graphene causes the illnesses showing these days ,
    and , combined with the electromagnetic factor (see ‘two timelines’) ,
    there is little evidence that the jab even CONTAINS MRNA or whatever ‘spike’

the DOD (!) “operation warpspeed logo”

… to right ; the cube always represents “a consciousness”,
and in this case it is coming TO earth (the ‘warp’ concept) ;
to right of the cube it writes “hand + 666” in hebrew ,
and the 5 stars to the left – as emanating from the cube ! –
is the egyptian glyph for “underworld” , T’UAT (as ‘5’)
the “70% threshold”

… wherever you look you will find Esau’s so called “race to herd immunity” ,
but what is his ‘70% must be jabbed’ goal about ?
note how this threshold is a spiritual , a metaphysical concept
(having many descriptions , like the earthly “100th monkey’ concept) ,
and remember one prophet chapter
where is said “that 1/3d of all souls will be saved from earth (‘Gaia’)” : that is 33 % !
how big is the chance that Esau ofcourse knows this :
and needs 70% to have all keep themselves imprisoned within her – in his Gaia … ?

[next : 19/20.7]

left : % inoculated population per country right : % christians per country

… for reasons below , we take N-America , Europe (incl. western Russia) ,
Oceania and S-America , and these “in order of importance” :
– as the regions which are the main potential threat to Esau’s New World Order ;
– as the regions in which the ‘bulk’ of the 144,000 must reside
                 (though a number of them ofcourse also should dwell in Asia and Africa) ;
– countries posing the greatest ‘threat’ do not necessary have the largest % christians ;
– of the % christians we (-hR) consider ‘Catholics’ the least … ‘awake’,
and for the same reason we have NOT included Africa , see furtheron as why ;
– the odd one out in the list will be China (!) ;

a) countries of highest ‘threat’ first + percentages :

% christians
% inoculated
USA 71 % 56 % [goal was 70% at 4/7 ‘Indep. Day’]
Canada 67 % 70 %
UK 59 % 69 % [19/7 : ‘Freedom Day’ = 70 %]
Germany 56 % 60 %
Italy 83 % 61 %
Spain 71 % 62 % [<<< for all EU countries :
France 63 % 55 % goal is 70 % at end of July]
Norway 76 % 60 %
Sweden 56 % 57 %
Finland 71 % 65 %
Denmark 79 % 67%
Netherlands 39 % 67 %
Belgium 65 % 67 %
Austria 67 % 58 %
Ireland 83 % 62 %
Portugal 84 % 64 %
Greece 98 % 51 %
Switzerland 68 % 53 %
Iceland 76 % 74 %
Australia 52 % 29 %
N-Zealand 47 % 17 %
Ukraine 81 % 6 %
W-Russia 65 % 22 %
Poland 94 % 47 %
Serbia 91 % 40 %
Romania 98 % 25 %
Hungary 56 % 57 %
Bulgaria 85 % 15 %
Czech-R 34 % 51 %

(continued – lesser threat)

Mexico 92 % 30 %
Brazil 90 % 45 %
Argentina 88 % 49 %
Chile 68 % 71 %
Bolivia 87 % 20 %
Peru 87 % 19 %
Colombia 94 % 30 %
Venezuela 88 % 10 %

b) why Africa is left out :
… first because the continent has never been any ‘threat’ to Esau , ofcourse ,
for his main goal is targeting the Western world ;
though the second map lists the southern half of Africa red
with many countries showing a high percentage of christians ,
we (-hR) saw that much of that christianity is a mere mask for the local spirits ;
c) the case of China :
… though Esau tells the West that China also inoculates her population ,
there cannot be found any reliable information – except for some psyops :
the point is
that entire context of Esau’s plan concerning China :
China is groomed to replace the USA in his new world order ,
for its people are obedient – and FAR from any notion of christianity
(all the secondary reasons we’ll skip for now) ;
2. christianity (‘Jacob’) sustains this [-present dimensional] world
… in prophets , God warns Jacob often that he is at risk
when he will adore materialism or any other -ism , including “physicality” ,
because it opens the door for the spirits realm to wash over this world —
the underlying theme was that the 144,000 out of Jacob must come into existence
befóre Jacob would have succumbed (‘degraded’) enough for that door to be opened
– or ALL of Jacob would be lost
(see prophets , but also today’s posted Revelation 4 (as 10 KJV) about this theme) ;
… it is exactly this context we are feeling+ with this “threshold theme”

again : the ‘70’ [-percent]
it may be that the mentioned “1/3d versus 2/3d of the population” is involved here ;
another option is the number “seven” in general – per prophecy ,
since , apparently , Revelation starts AT the 7th church – Laodicea ;
therefore this mysterious ‘7’ may represent “a final”
(and perhaps can also be joined to ‘the number of mankind’, 10 …?) ;
while the main CONNECTING Ritual can have been “forcing the Mask” ,
the latter as the typical glyph H’ER – Horus ..? ;

20/7 : below : provisory linkdump concerning both ‘timeline’ pages and others ;
[we’ll sort these out later :]
Esau is IN TROUBLE THESE DAYS concerning the speed of his jab ritual !! :
this week
… presenting a most slimy ‘we can do this together’ emergency :
… based upon a report
concerning 12 [so called] ‘obstructing persons spreading disinformation’ :
but note : first – you can read in that PDF how COMPLETELY they monitor EVERY site and mail ,
second – the 12 mentioned there are WORKING FOR THEM (=because its Deflection) ;
third , – that these are “““12””” múst relate as Esau’s Ritual to the 144
but we’ve no time now to dive into that aspect
(yet remember NASA’s so called tracking “unknown persons” – see Ritual page)
the GRAPHENE factor :
main site (many contextual relevant articles ; choose ‘english’) :
same guys showing unnatural Voltages – and oxides within head
la quinta columna sections translated in English :
and see [on their site] how Astra-Zenica works together with ‘the graphene-Flagship’
graphene report : pics :
president of Chile talks weird things
about “how machines will read our minds and give us feelings”
[all was scrubbed from the net – only here still] :
literally saying : “5G will change life … because it will affect the nervous system …
and be able to insert thoughts , insert feelings…” (up to 1.40)
[he don’t seem to be Arkancided yet] :
the danger of brain tsunami :
graphene infection causes the same type ‘illnesses’ as Esau now attributes to his ‘cojona’ :
weather wars :
.. about the text “made to come down fire from the sky”, short clip about
the crazy floodings in Europe ; reminds us of the ‘pulling beams’ from several
antennafacilities during the storms as Katrina a few years ago ,
.. we said in the log that “the heat dome over NW-USA was Esau’s doing” ,
because the weather wars theme exists – and is cranked up again :
shown by documents :
concerning the “heat dome” in USA
(her suspected target may be Off — but see the stunning “thank you for the rain”…) :
bitcoin , banks , etc :
Fat Cat of the BIS : the immanent future :


[2021.07jul.18 — first submission — updated if required]


annex :   [-oldest ones first]

19 june
… we knew that the guy from the first video has written a book
titled “the 4th Industrial Revolution”, but found a number of quotes today ,
“an explosion in tradable assets [will happen] ,
as all kinds of value exchange can be hosted on the blockchain

so the blockchain option was true ;
and we leave it to your fantasy ‘what’ can be those assets for Esau ;
“citizen concerns over privacy and establishing accountability in business
and legal structures will require adjustments in thinking”,
(for) “the tools of the fourth Industrial Revolution enable new forms of surveillance
and other means of control that run counter to healthy, open societies”

it’s not that hard to see that any “freedom of speech” will be gone –
but strange how he uses “healthy” here : a slip of the tongue ? ;
neither we knew next one ,
“sensors [..] and switches can be encoded in human gut bacteria”

– and it gets worse :
(excellent link btw)



(observation – yet linked to facts)
can Bluetooth ‘make contact’ with vaccinazioned people …?
(article link , english translation)
long story short :
the guy saw the video in top of the page – which we think is concocted
(similar vid circulates of a Russian guy having hacked in the deep web
purportedly showing how his friend is traced at that moment) ,
yet he just tried “what he could spot using his own mobile phone” ;
the results are indeed weird ,
especially when you know that Bluetooth uses 2,5 gHz frequency ,
while the (now everywhere installed) 5G uses the same – and higher
(the only difference is that 5G has wider range and is more fast) :
remember ,
we still think that 2 different internet grids will be used ;

the link with the TRACE and its draft as the Consumer Data Protection Act
… both bills are from early 2020 —
people [=americans] thought that this bill would mean that they could be isolated
by force within their homes , concerning ‘covid’ : but ofcourse that was not true ,
and Esau’s MSM gleefully “debunked that conspiracy thinking” in many his articles ;
however ,
… the draft of TRACE was the Consumer Data Protection Act as part of that ,
and between the evading juridical gibberish phrasing , it becomes clear
that “the customer” is the person having chosen voluntarily for this project [sic]
(and remember : this is vaccine-related !) ,
and section 21 specifically addresses “the geolocation data (of the client)” ;

what are the changes – considered this entire page …?
“Starlink will operate in September” (see previous log)
+ this spiderman-Vatican thing (in today’s log) ….


[2021.17june.06. — submitted as full page]