17 july                                                                
Weeks + 21 days [+3] (per Dan.10) : ‘the 24th’ : this Thursday ?
… we said that we couldn’t know how many days followed Weeks , 30 or 40 ,
since actually neither of both make that much Sense ,
yet this morning somehow Dan.10 came into view – the ’21 days’ – and she does :
please see here how that could work out
(how strange .. is this an answer to yesterday .. ?) 
               — please remember the below is more or less speculative —
proposition :

Dan.10 :
(2-5) “In those days I Daniel was mourning three full weeks.
[…]  And in the four and twentieth day of the first month , […]
and behold a certain man clothed in linen [..]”   (Christ)
now ,
– (KJV must write that-) this was about “trying to understand the vision” : about Adam ,
     since he was the subject in previous one AND will be in the néxt one ;
– the angel (Christ) was not fighting “the angel of + Persia” but “your father + Adam” ,
– and for the same time of ’21 days’ ;
– the above Adam theme directly links Daniel to the calf event — the curse ;

21 [+3] days :
– Daniel obviously started to fast “right after he saw the first vision” to receive understanding
   but 3 days after he ended it , he was met by the angel ;
– Moses came from the mount at Weeks , saw the calf event ,
    and probably went up again “the third day” (-after he made them to drink it , etc) ,
    and the question now is : how long did he stay upthere that second time ?
         a) ’40’ WAS already the time of testing : and the people failed (-with the calf) ,
                then is it logical to add another 40 ?
         b) ’30’ is even more complicated to defend ,
         c)  but suppose he stayed another 21 days + a possible 3 days inbetween = 24 days ,
                  while Daniel álso had ’24 days’ just the buildup was inversed [24 + 3] ;  
the ’24th’ :
– so quite literally we have a “24th” in this Dan.10:4 ,
– but we also have a ’24th’ in the – sadly too corrupted – Haggai 2 as “the promised day” ,
– and even in Zecheriah ,
        a) the buildup of Haggai – considered the mentioned dates (corrupted or not)
              is to intend “the end of the 3d year passed after restoring the scroll” 
              because the birthright still has to be found (Hag.2 , first lines) ,
              then another date (Weeks?) and elaborating in (?) a date , the ’24th’ :
              it adds there ‘of the ninth’ (-thsha) but can easily have been ‘third’ (-shlsh) ;
so : 21 literal days ? :
– as far as Daniel’s fasting days – and if not corrupted – yes ,
    but what “the 21 days” of “your resisting father Adam” mean is anyone’s guess :
   ‘21 centuries’ is an option if counted from “the sacrifice as the gift ceases” (Dan.9) 
   [which is a term for Golgotha – see for example posted Isaiah 53] ,
   because right after that in chapter 11 those 21 centuries [+3] are explained to him ,
    literally as 20 + 4 centuries : do we have another “21 + 3 = 24” here ? ;
– right at the 24th day Christ appears to him ,
    suppose we’d translate that in our situation : 
    as a bit ‘inversed’ (see above) situation of “21 centuries + 24 days” ? ,
    IF Daniel received the vision at Weeks ..? ;
are there other ’21s’ ? :
– not really .. but considered the above that does not imply that this case is weak ;
however :
Esau has a fake event termed ‘Tish B’Av’ which however has NOTHING to do with
any ‘mourning about lost temples’ , nor about ‘the spies not entering the land’ ,
but is the culmination of a 3 week (!) period that started with the calf :
it is a fake mourning in the sense of “the king [=Jacob] died – long live the king [+Esau]”
as just another one of all Esau’s diabolical traps and twists ;
and only 1 of the many “”Jewish”” sites was honest , hinting at ‘the descendants aspect’ ,
proposing the origin of that 3 weeks timeframe : not from Zech. 8 but from Daniel 10   —
     leaving ús the probability that Esau KNEW about “the 3 extra weeks” [cq 24 days] 
     while corrupting the scroll , and having preserved that [-timeframe] in his own agenda 
     as a constant re-dedication by him of the birth right to Adam  …
conclusion :
… whether ’40’ or ’30’ or ’21’ days is not really that important by now , right ,
as our saying goes “now we made it across the dog , we’ll also get across it’s tail” ;
it is merely … ‘again another exercise in trying to understand context’
as to why things were shown or said in a specific way — and usually (!) for us to understand