were the Prophets deliberately mistranslated ?

– Witchcraft vs Scripture –

Prophets confirm it was deliberate
Quite a number of chapters address this problem : the ones in Jeremiah state
how the old-Ishral fathers refused to listen to God , therewith causing (!)
a curse coming into effect for the future generations – read : you and we –
because Esau saw his opportunity to go corrupt the texts of the prophets .
Also the reason for his corrupting them is given :
so that the future generations would not be able to read in them what God
had explained about the eden-paradise in his other Reality , and the constant
call to souls to search báck the other reality – causing that our whole family
of adm-souls would remain forever imprisoned upon this earth . 

witchcraft versus Scripture
Ofcourse Esau executed his dirty task as serving his masters the fallen ones .
Enoch writes about their leader , a fallen archangel named "Peêmude",
and identified with Egyptian Thoth the scribe (aka ‘king of Mystery-Babylon’) ,
that “he presides over language and the writing system — but the adm-soul
was never meant to communicate through writing”.
What he means is obvious : in the paradisical setting God would communicate
directly with the soul , whereas the written word is only a medium , a channel ,
and whoever rules this method also rules the souls who obtain their (spiritual-)
food through this method . Therefore the written word is by definition vulnerable
for corruption , and worse , corrúpted texts will have a devastating effect upon
the one reading it !

Ofcourse most of the crucial aspects an sich in scripture have remained intact ,
like the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ ; the first two people Adam and Eve ,
and so forth — and God would not allow these aspects to become unrecognizable . 
However , as mentioned previously ,
the goal of the fallen ones was “to keep the souls imprisoned on this earth”;
in the sense that the adm-souls ‘were allowed’ to cherish their afterlife concept ,
as long they would not start reconstructing their situation – and question it .

Yet a bizarre thing happens the moment a soul accepted Christ :
now that he or she has found the true belief , the soul becomes like a traveller
who has set up camp – and completely forgot about his original destination !
Suddenly the battleground became “the own camp and the possible attacks expected
to come from outside her”, where the mind (!) has to decide which threats are real  —
and the Evil one who created this new situation , has the souls where he wants them :
the ‘camp’ is ofcourse ‘the own personal bubble’ and in wider sense ‘this world’,
and for some mysterious reason the believer becomes blinded for the Other Reality !

We (hR) term Witchcraft as “placing someone in another state of consciousness”,
and also ‘written texts’ can cause this : when texts are twisted , added or omitted ;
and in our days , the Prophets are the omitted ones !
Omitted , because their message was never understood – because of corruption ;
causing that believing souls have only the New Testament texts as their reference ,
not being aware of the situation of the other Reality described in prophets   —
as such a Lopsided situation that believers virtually practice Witchcraft !

You may think we cross the line of decency here :
but God tells “how the message will fall down on the land” (=not being listened to) ,
where ‘the land’ is “this (christian-) world” and the message the content in Prophets ;
while in the Jeremiah chapter the person visits “the learned ones – because perhaps
they will understand the message” – but they also reject it ;
where both chapters are in the context of our very days .
Isn’t this because of being under a Spell …?

the KJV and the witchcraft in our days ‘CoJona’
To make the point how the KJV’s translation of prophets functions like witchcraft
and what Bizarre effects that has upon people , Covid is a good example :
people are told that “there is a virus”, and this hoax alters their entire perception .
Just like a small group has doctored with the texts of prophets , therewith imprisoning
millions of believers for many generations , the same group invented the CoJona threat
in our days for their social engineering purposes . The small group but needs to control
a few (!) strategic positions in order to keep pushing their hoax upon the people ,
and an important position is – you guessed it – the written media .

(To right : though Covid is maximum the regular flu ,
it is forbidden for people to express that possibility
in all of the by Esau owned media – because it is
considered “disinformation” and consequently any
of these type comments will immediately be removed
shown : redactor of newsoutlet Nu nl , 15 Oct ’20)

translating : fear , insolence and bravery
It is a hazardous business to interpret the words of God , per prophets  —
each of us is aware of the promised curse if tampering with the book of Revelation .
This understandable fear has also caused that the different translated versions
remain always close in scope and context , as the final text which is often the same ;
we (hR) have seen this aspect also in translations of the Rg-Veda and hieroglyphs .

We have feared very much a wide range of things since we started translating :
did we see it right ? What did so many foreign concepts mean ? And why wasn’t there
any other information available about these themes ?
We were accused of gnosticism , heresy , of ‘changing the words in prophets to suit
our own agenda’ – but why would we , and whát agenda would benefit us …?
We learned that ‘translating Prophets’ is not difficult – but understanding them is  —
as a journey much alike crossing a swamp : every word to stand on can be a trap
because of Esau’s unbridled corruption of them .

Esau , on the other hand , was insolent enough to go twist the texts because he knew
very well what was at stake – namely himself – and he corrupted exactly the lines
containing a dangerous theme for him : meaning he understóod what was said there !

Bravery means our acceptance that this scenario has happened ,
now trying to understand the most crucial chapters ever for us , as a life or death case  —
even if a number of subjects is not completely clear yet !
It’s all or nothing : yes ofcourse it is both uncomfortable as well as exciting for the soul
to step into an unknown world ; but why should a soul wait until “sufficient evidence is
gathered that Prophets indeed have described the other Reality” ?
We’ve been waiting two thousand years for that evidence , and just as many miles
have been written called “theological treatises” – did they bring us óne step further ..?

[15oct 2020 , based upon the Dutch original
from Oct.2018 ; slightly extended + checked]


October 2018