who are the 144,000?


who are the 144,000?

… to get straight to the point: they are not “144,000 Jews” —
this is another one of those false assumptions as result of superficial reading ,
because scripture per prophets absolutely does not support this idea .

On the contrary : God is looking for you ,
because you are a potential candidate for the 144,000 .

Throughout all generations God has always preserved a group consisting of males
of a particular generation who potentially could make up the 144,000 at any time :
it just has never happened until our days , never has been completed .
The main reason why this hasn’t happened so far may be the sealed vision ,
but that situation has now changed !

the concept of 144,000 – as attributes of our reality

We already saw in Introduction how God connects souls with a certain situation ,
in order to can cancel or confirm certain aspects or situations through their life .
These aspects may be envisioned as 144,000 “attributes related to God’s reality” ,
as themes concerning the animal kingdom , disease , emotions , this body , nature ,
relationships , character traits and hundreds of other themes .
Each of the 144,000 souls ‘carries’ a particular aspect , as if being connected with it ,
in the form of that particular theme being associated with his life .

Oftentimes that soul is not even aware being linked to an attribute , yet the attribute
itself may well be the reason for a heavy burden connected to the personal life ;
because the attribute will need to be set free , as having to be conquered
(something which the Evil one will try to prevent by all means !) ;
in such way that the moment when the soul will be redeemed (in context of the
redemption of the 144,000 from earth) , also the attribute will be redeemed .
You understand the reasoning …?
In this manner the 144,000 bring all their different attributes Legally back to God ,
causing the declaration mentioned in Rev.12 “now the Kingdom has come” .
It also means that
the 144,000 exist in a “all for one and one for all” situation , because the redemption
of one specific attribute is for the good of áll of the sons – something which we expect
will cause a special type relation of brothership .

Christ’s parable about the talents addresses this very theme :
the master who ‘went on a journey’ is ofcourse God , while the three servants are
the potential candidate-sons for the 144,000 – as candidate-sons , because óne of them
is being judged as “slothful”, namely the servant who buried the talent (=the attribute) ;
his action was ‘wicked’ because the buried talent could not be redeemed ,
therefore his soul was cut-off from carrying the attribute !
[12apr.21:after translating that parable , the clue
of that one attribute is a bit different (see page),]

That the context of this parable is indeed about the endtime and the sons is shown
by the line “where will be the gnashing of teeth”, which does not mean “hell itself”
but the (hellish-) situation of many souls during the first half of Revelation .

(it is therefore important to rightly interpret the parables , yet in our days they’re not :
the concept ‘talent’ has been confused with “things where the own Self is good at”,
like painting or leadership or cleaning up the kitchen , which are then piously called
“talents given to that person by God” — yet God couldn’t care less about whatever
performance the own Ego is good at) .

the 144,000 as ‘servants’

Prophets describe this group as “serving Jacob”, read , as serving all adm-souls who
will be saved and return to the eden-paradise . They are not different as other souls  –
the only difference is their being connected with an attribute .
God wants his paradise in his other reality back , and this group will be the first souls
who will receive their Original eden-body : they will war Mystery-Babylon , then restore
the eden-land as making her ready for all the óther souls who will be saved ;
hence their ‘serving role’ .

For this same group the term “two witnesses” is used , as the sons who will return to
this earth during Revelation ‘to minister’ to the many souls having been in hardship .
One prophets chapter directly addresses the sons as “you are My witnesses” ; therefore
‘the two witnesses’ mentioned in Revelation are identified with this group .
The ‘two’ refers in the first place to (eden’s) concept of male and female ,
as attributes which the 144,000 bring back to God – as aspects Eve and Adam lost ;
but in wider sense also as ‘masculine and feminine’, where the eden-land is ‘feminine’
(represented by the house Ishral) and the eden sky , or infrastructure , ‘masculine’
(represented by the house Judah) .  
The above is the reason that old-Ishral existed as ‘two kingdoms’, or ‘houses’ ,
and prophets show how the sons of Ishral are linked to ‘feminine’ themes ,
while the sons of Judah consequently represent the ‘masculine’ ones .

144,000 men and women

In all Prophets “the remnant” (as the 144,000) is consistently equated with “the sons”,
but it is ofcourse also the same number of females , because in the Eden situation
the female is the inside , the heart or sweet core of male .
Technically , female is the actual bearer of a particular attribute , while the male is the
legal representative of that attribute — or better phrased “the rule of that attribute”
(which is quite something else as “ruling that female”!) :
compare how it was expressly said to Adam "you shall not eat of that tree",
and although Eve knew of that prohibition the curse was set in motion by Adam —
because as male he bore the legal right of both of them .
Because of this same “legal right” theme it are the sons who are addressed in Prophets
rather then the females – but ofcourse in a chapter God indeed addresses ‘his daughters’ .

the 144,000 of both Houses : from 800 BC until our days
It is important to realize that both Houses were scattered among the nations —
the northern kingdom , as the ten tribes , since their deportation to Assyria ,
and the southern kingdom – ultimately – after the temple’s destruction in 70 AD .

1) Paul’s journey to Europe: to the Ten Lost Tribes of the House Ishral
The ten tribes of the northern empire had been exiled into northern Assyria ,
but the book of Jubilees describes how “they will be released and then make a very
long journey to a region called Asareth” , which , according to the context ,
suspiciously much appears to be today’s Europe .
A few centuries later , Christ comes to this earth and declares : “I am looking for
the ten tribes” — and after the crucifixion He sends the apostle Paul to Europe .
Now : what is the chance that the first Christians in Europe were the descendants
of the ten (presumed lost) tribes..? Who else would have recognized their own deity —
perhaps the pagans who murdered them , led by their corrupt emperors ?

The same book Jubilees also describes “how the ten tribes have lost knowledge
and remembrance of their roots” , read : as having belonged to the north kingdom ;
yet it were exactly those souls who followed Paul’s message !
Note how the quote is also a true description of Western christianity as a whole ,
as main reason why she fails to understand the Prophets , and fails to understand
the ‘wider picture’ which is described in them .

2) the house Judah – as the two tribes of the southern empire
After their captivity in Babylon the house returns and rebuilds the Temple .
Yet during that same time , a large group of semitic people from places like
Sepharvaim in the region of Babylon migrates from there to the land of Judah ,
because Babylon had enforced a kind of population policy of divide and rule ;
this migrated group is better known to us as Samaritans .
The Judahites (and notice the spelling !) weren’t very fond of the Samaritans ,
who pretended to belong to the House — but were ofcourse not part of her
(hence Christ later used on purpose the parable of “the good Samaritan”) .

In the middle of the second century BC the House makes a big mistake :
despite God’s warnings not to meddle with the neighboring hostile countries ,
the House conquers her neighbor Edom (as Esau’s territory) in the southeast —
and the House begins to mingle with Edom’s inhabitants .
So it doesn’t take long until – in Christ’s time – a certain priestly class usurped
the spiritual leadership of the land , as priests which He calls “white graves”
because they just pretended to belong to the House :
read : the House had been taken over by false representatives of her .

In the meantime , He is passing through the land and thousands of simple ,
unknown and genuine Judahites (again : watch the spelling – the same as the
table on the Cross !) accept Him ;
but after the destruction of Jerusalem by Rome in 70 AD the role of the land
had ceased , and the descendants of the House Judah became scattered among
the nations forever : just as the Prophets described .
Yes – forever .
That some country has been installed ‘after 2000 years’ , pretending that her
new existence is related to God , is irrelevant : because the call to seek Eden ,
per prophets , is so crucial that God would never start a ‘worldly situation’ again !

closing : YOU and the 144,000

After the above , it’s clear that the 144,000 is not a group “which God , eventually ,
will make to appear in this world” – as if it were a scenario for the far future
and , worse , a scenario which “will be done by others” :
no !
In prophets , God constantly makes the invitation “who of you will….” ,
and He praises the souls – female or masculine – who have the courage to trust in
the concepts He presents , and links that with great promises – simply because of
the sheer importance of this theme , since everything is at stake here !

God does not make separation between His souls . Never . Ever.
All His souls are just as valuable , without distinction : but for you who will have read
these pages thus far , another aspect has now been added –
as the personal responsibility to inquire of God whether YOU are part of the 144,000 :
in order that the Eden paradise will return for the benefit of all adm-souls .

[14oct 2020 , based upon the Dutch original
from Oct.2018 ; slightly extended + checked]





[added 22 october 2020]
recognizing the others of the 144,000
… God tells that the 144,000 will be formed
through dreams and visions (‘the latter rain’) ,
and we’re glad to have found proof in this girl
— though there are many ‘endtime dreams’,
this one stand out because it carries a theme :

… as a theme we immediately recognize as genuine , coupled with the way she
expresses her thoughts : note how she doesn’t care about the reason of darkness
but only about the darkness itself — as a recurring theme in prophets ;
and though she explains the main themes right , she mis-identifies the subjects
because she doesn’t [=’read : can’t’] know what prophets really wrote .

… her next video shows undoubtedly the theme of ‘the 144,000’ coming into existence ,
where “the one guiding her” is the concept of ‘the sons’ , as the narrow hallway which
contains the many (attributes of-) candidate sons , where sadly a number of them
turn away ; see (the somewhat lengthy vid) here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jsTI7fe_i8