who , or what , is ‘Satan’ ?

… actually nowhere in scripture is pictured ‘a satisfying description’ ,
so this remains a mysterious figure to us ;
prophets do not speak about him neither but only mention Thoth ,
as ‘the king of Mystery-Babylon’ , a fallen archangel ,
which Enoch lists – first as “seven” ,
then as “19 captains – each ruling over tens” ;
but the problem is that the original text of the (real-) book Enoch is lost ,
and several inconsistencies appear in the chapters ;

… though – interestingly – he tells about “the pit in the desert , as the place
called Dudâel , lock Azâzel therein – until the time of the end” ,
and compare the start of this chapter ;
and though he writes “satans” [=multiple] , Enoch seems to have had only
interaction with the ‘fallen ones’ – not with ‘Satan himself’, as such

… there is one line of him which cóuld address ‘Satan’ ,
as “the light in the West (-dimension) which pursues all other lights” ,
where the West-dimension is ‘evil’ – as the region the goat came from , in Daniel ;
searching further ,
neither do the Egyptian spells describe a figure like that ,
and even the mysterious ‘Horus’ appears to lack those attributes
(it is more likely that Horus represents “the Beast itself”) ;

(pre-Hindu) Rg-Veda :
… Rg-Veda was written 1000 BC and has (for us) the same rank as the spells ;
however , áfter these were written ,
the evil realm realized their mistake ,
and launched a series of debile Spin-offs (of which Hinduism is one) ,
see pages in index ;

… a possible candidate for ‘Satan’ is called ‘Dadhyac’ in several chapters ;
the rootword is very evasive
(as often in Rg-Veda when it’s about dangerous themes) ,
interpreted as “having the head of a horse” ,
and ‘he’ was present – almost like a leader –
when the army of the West prepared to invade Eden
(as the same he-goat theme in Daniel : he-goat … horse-face….) ;
… this figure
also “teached the demons how to obtain the soma [=eden-aspects]” ;
‘he’ is depicted as having many appearances
(like a swift vulture , like a fast steed , as ‘light’ – compare Enoch , etc) ;
‘he’ is – at least – equal but likely supérior even to Indra
(‘Indra’ is the northern-dualistic realm , aka ‘Behemoth’)
because from ‘his’ bones was made the thunderbolt of Indra
(‘thunderbolt’ is the matrix dimensional-vector) ;
… if we had time we’d investigate this specific figure ;

… and if this all helps us ? – no not really ;
but considered “the temptation of Christ”
we are very sure that it wasn’t about “the kingdoms of this tiny lousy earth” ,
and that justifies the looking further into ‘who’ this mysterious ‘satan’ can be
(though it seems that scripture only gives us a-need-to-know-basis … ;




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