worksheet 1 :
the stolen eden-constructs
(shown in old Tabernacle)
inclusive the 7 torches
and the Ark’s star of speech ;
only the cornerstone and tree
remained in Damascus
+ problem of the Fire Column


[introduction is posted tomorrow]


carefully selected PT lines [-w/ as much context as needed]

the eden star and the 7 torches :

PT 697                                                        [all the PT 600-series are very damaged]
[…] , [by means of] the (eden-) corner (h’ept ; =?) . to carry-off (-to matrix) . ,
[and so ?]
the perished (-from eden) stars (7 torches) as the ignorant ones (-for matrix-hail) .
[by] [matrix-] existence. to command (mt’) . ,
[to be] N’s. [matrix-] word by decree of law. ;             [some torches ‘make the word’]
[next : about the eden-star of speech , part of the ark of the covenant :]

[ánd] the [+passive] [+star] (-of the eden-hand) for great [matrix-] speech.     +
[for] [matrix-] existence of hail. ,
[for] N (‘the candidate’) . [to be] the ferried-over ones (=the stars) . ;

             above 697 : the 7 torches as “the ignorant ones” should be read as ‘innocent’
             but since the evil realm doesn’t know the ‘innocent’ concept
             the degrading term ‘ignorant’ (KHEM+neg.) fits here ;
             term in b often as UR-T’+passive-glyph+star ;  
                                                                      [PT 676 , 2012 c : 8 nem-ást vessels ; why 8 ? ,
                                                                       the usual ‘4’ are related to the Ark (as the cube)
                                                                      likely as “the original eden 4 cardinal points” ;
                                                                      the 8 here as “doubled matrix cardinal points”?]
PT 675
[from] the [eden-] south (shmâ) . [through] the jackal.
[for] thou (‘candidate’) . [matrix-] existence. [to be] the (previous eden-) house-H. ;
[and by] the (by matrix-) needed (snbh’t’) [eden-] stars.
[for] thou. [eden-] existence. to open (=eden, snsh) (for matrix-) hail. ,

[to be] the [matrix-] sky. [by] the double door. [for] thou. existence. to open (un) . ;
[situation is now completed :]

[then by?] the pillar (âa) as the god. (=the copied column of fire ?) .
[to be?] [matrix-] existence. [as?] thou speech of hail. ,

[as] the [matrix-] peace. [=which]. comes.     +
by [means of] the pillar as the god. the things (-of the eden root-) to open (upt+) . ;

                 above 675 : we have “(-7) stars + 1 speech-star ferried-over” ,
                 so NEITHER the eden-star of speech remained at Damascus ;
                 but it isn’t clear here if ‘the pillar was part of the stars –
                or if he was ferried-over separately’ : we think the latter because this follows
                 Rg-Veda where “first the thunderbolt (=pillar) was turned around to Indra ,
                 and WITH the thunderbolt he opened the eden-root” ;


PT 669

[for] Ôn (‘Mystery-Babylon’) . [to be] the [matrix-] word.
[through] the pillar as the double (!) god. ;                           [<< the possible fire-column]

[because by] tefnut (a place of inversion at the matrix-border) .       +
                                              [as Tahphenes in prophets , where I will break the bar of Egypt]

[to be] the [eden-] willpower for [matrix-] existence                                         (-by wick-H’) .
[for] the [matrix-] atmosphere (shu) . ;
[by means of] the [eden-] word. [to] [matrix-] existence. to ferry-over. ,

[to be] the [matrix-] word. [fór] the pillar as the double (!) god.
[for] [matrix-] existence of hail. ;
[by means of] the (previous eden?-) field of reeds.    +   
thou (=Horus) . [matrix-] existence. to give. speech. ;

[and therewith] the [matrix-] land. [of] thou. existence. to give. speech. ,
[and] the [matrix-] sky. [of] thou. existence. to give. speech. ;

[because] the pillar as the god.
[is by] the things of the [matrix-] throne (-at place-T) (ást+ ; not : Isis) . ,

[as?] thou. moon boat (‘a construct’) (?, khens+) . ;              [<< that throne region ?]
[because?] the field of reeds. [for] [matrix-] speech of hail.
[to] thou. having wandered-astray (-from eden) . ;

              [above 669 b : we need a subject which ‘wanders-astray’ , and per context
              it can only be ‘the field of reeds’ :
              it’s unlikely that “the reeds to the fiéld have wandered-astray”
              since ‘field’ is S-KHT , literally “to make the field fór the KH-house” ;
              we cannot be 100% sure “if the field of reeds IS the moon-boat” ;
              this moon-boat is ‘a concept’ , where “the eden-half-month (-moon)”
              is turned into “the matrix-full-month (-moon)”
              but that moon-theme is even more trickier than these ones ;
              the matrix pillar ‘emits the speech’ into their atmosphere ;


PT 659                                                                            [writer is speaking TO the eden star ! :]
thou. essences of the [eden-] word of the [eden-] mountain. [for] [eden-] speech.
[to be] the [matrix-] word. [at] the border (‘of matrix / eden’) .
[for] [matrix-] speech of hail. ;                                                                 [‘mountain’: mt. tsiun]
[as] he. the double willpower of the [matrix-] word by the belly (‘region’) .
[because] thou. [eden-] speech. [of] thou. to sleep (stchr) . ,

[and so] the [matrix-] word to make. [by] thou. inactive. speech. [for] [matrix-] hail. ;

to come hail. [through] the divine image (!) as the double-eye as the foremost one. ,
–                                                                                                                                                                     (khent ártu +)
as. [..] to come hail. [by] [-means of] thou. to copy (sen) . [for] the m-realm (?, m) . ;
[in order for?] to come hail. [by] the [matrix-] word to make. [for] the m-realm (?) . ,
to come hail. [by] the [matrix-] word to make. [for] the m-realm (?) . ,
                                                                                                 [a : repeated to show a ‘copy concept’ ?]

             context , so far :
             the whole context SHOUTS that ‘the eden star is being copied’ ,
             possibly as “now being with another matrix star”
             (because in another spell the eden-star seems ‘to be plated with iron’) ;
             see above and next ,
             concerning “the image of jealousy” (Ezekiel) :
b                                                                                      [=because of the imprisoned real-adam-soul ?]
[because of] the real-adam-soul (-for hail) .  +        
[to be] the divine image Soped (SEPT’U) . ,

[AS?] thou (‘eden-star’) . divine copy (sen) . (being) thou. existence. [for] [matrix-] hail. ;

             above 1864 B : it was never clear (neither to us) whát KHENT ÁRTu  was about ,
             but a same ‘divine image’ glyph returns in ‘Soped , the “sharp one” SEPT’U ,
             representing the original place of Damascus’ star , called Sirius (SEPT’TT+star) ;
             next :
             the copy/doubling theme continues : in “the double átert shrine” ,
             but note how both shrines look different :
[and therewith]
the having been shot one (eden star) (-to make to connect to) (stht) . to birth. ,

by [-means of] the real-adm-soul (-for hail) . (now-) [of] Horus. ,

[and therefore]
the real-adm-soul (-for hail) ’s. deity (eden star) . [by] the [matrix-] light. to command. ,
[as] thou (‘the eden-star’) . (who will-) listen (‘obey the matrix’) . ;

[because at] the island of the horizon (‘gate region’) . [to be] the double-shrine
                                                                                           (-for [matrix-] speech of light ; ÄTER+) .

[and] by. he (‘that shrine’) . ,
the [matrix-] speech. [for N.] to stand upright (‘speech at matrix-vector’) . ;

1860 [skipped 3 lines]
Osiris (‘character of matrix’) .     +
[you-] the father (=eden star) . (who is more north-) to embrace (skhn+) . ,

by [-means of] . Horus (-gate region) ’s .     +
(eden-) mothers (=7 torches) . [to] place-T to wander-astray to (‘bit more to the south’) . ;
[then]      +
these (-specific) two. thou (=eden star) mothers. to wander-astray (‘from the other 5 ?’) .
to make the [matrix-] word. [for] the heir (‘corrupt-adam-souls there’) . ;
[because by] this. thousélf. [as] the wandered-astray one (shm+t)  .
to be made the [matrix-] word. ,
[as] the [matrix-] word. [for] the heir (‘idem’) .                                            [end of PT 659]

             above 1860 : the ‘embrace’ is also the glyph ‘a support’ so that‘d be higher up ;
             the ‘these two’ is -ÁPTN , hence we interpret ‘two of the seven’
             (all torches make and sustain different aspects of a creation) ;

PT 615           [especially about the eden cornerstone]
the adam-like [eden-] island (áu+i) . to destroy. nót. ,
[because it would] destroy. the [matrix-] speech of hail. [for[ this. N (‘candidate’) . ;
[therefore] the adam-like [eden-] island (áu+i). to destroy. nót. ,
[because it would] destroy. [matrix-] existence. ;
[but instead, ]
the [matrix-] ferry-boats. to. the adam-like one. to unite to (-to go reap) (sma) . ,

[as] the [matrix-] cords. [to] the adam-like one. to tie together to. ,
[in order for] he. (the cornerstone itself?) . to copy. [for] [matrix-] hail. ;

[and so to be]
[matrix-] existence. [through] the wing (‘an axis’) (tchnh’) . [to] above (‘north’) . ,

[by] Horus. to make. the adam-like one. [of] [matrix-] willpower. ; to recite .       [end]

            above 615 : the ‘ferry-boats’ ferry over (stolen-) constructs to their north ;
            considered the context here , either the stone itself was copied , or otherwise
            the setup of all the constructs át the stone ;
            the phrase ‘to copy’ was also used with the eden star ;
            problem :
            the matrix has 2 stones (Damascus and another one) , functioning like field-magnets
            for the rotor of an electric motor – where the rotor is ‘their worldtree’ ;
            … our problem is still the ÂPEP reading “the double root for the pillar”,
            but was there a second stone in eden ? (has Moses’ two tablets to do with this ?) ;

PT 606    [also about the eden stone]
the (eden cornerstone itself?) . he. to copy. [to be] [matrix-] existence of hail. ,

[and] his (‘stone’) . [eden-] speech. [as] the injuring one (mert) .
[into] the adam-like one to make (of) [matrix-] hail. [for] [matrix-] existence. ,
[and so to] [matrix-] existence. to come hail (-to) . ;

                                                                                                         [600 : about ‘pyramid working for speech’]
staff again :
PT 594
[very unclear and 2 different versions]                                                                [b: jackal : UP-UATu+]
[by] the jackal (to be) the things of the watercourse (‘Nile’) (by the eden root-) to open. ,
by [-means of]. the (now-) [matrix-] staff (-of hail) (t-á) . on high  (‘in matrix ; qa) . ,

[because] [matrix-] existence has made the place (-T) (Stn) .
for. the (eden-) staff (t) . to be raised and crowned (-at) . ;         [<< at that place]
[as] the double door (at -T for matrix-speech) . [to be] [matrix-] speech of hail. ,
[and therewith] N’s (‘candidate’) . [matrix-] existence. to manifest (-by) .                       [end]

         above 594 : note the simple “the staff being raised and crowned”
         very different from ‘the ferry-boats’ for the other eden concepts ;
         594 is the same what Rg-Veda tells :
         by Indra yielding the thunderbolt , the (eden-) waters started to flow to the north ;


PT 613                             [we overlooked this one , previously — very damaged spell]
the word. [of] the pillar as the double god. [in] the dimensional background (=eden ; h’a) .

[the word-] [to be at] the field of offerings (skht-h’tp) . [for] [matrix-] existence of hail. ,

[and to be fór]
the [matrix-] staff (-for hail) (t-á) . [at] the (dimension of the-) West. side. above (‘north’) . ;

        above 613 : so “the word will become for the [matrix-] staff in the north”,
        but it says that “the pillar as the double god is in the eden-dimension (‘background’)” ;
        so the concept “(the one-) pillar as the god” must be the matrix one
        (though here termed ‘staff TÁ’ , where the eden-staff is called just -T , in other spells) ;

PT 592
[only 1 line]
[by] to connect to. the real-adam-soul (-for hail) . ,
existence to make (‘as concept’) . [as] the doubled [matrix-] things. ,

[to be] all. the divine things. ,                                                            [<< lineup]
by. the staff (-T) (for) sekhem-power. ,      [<< this staff in eden now]

[now at-] (place-T in-) the [matrix-] north realm. as. the staff. risen and crowned. ;

        above 529 : the grammar is a bit overdone
        but also here “the staff rises up and is crowned” KHAÂ ;
        saying that ‘the real-soul’s existence to make (as concept) will be doubled’ ;
        sekhem-power is “creating physical things made out of words/lights”,
        in this case ‘the stolen eden-words’ ;
line 1619 a : “the staff (-T) to stand upright (-at matrix vector)

line 1616 c : important , but can be read in several ways ;

PT 577
[to be] the justice (maât) . [of] all (‘previous mentioned’) . on high (‘matrix high place’) . ,

[by means of] the (still in eden !-) staff of sekhem-power. to purify. ,

[and to] Osiris (‘matrix character’) . [to] rise and be crowned. ; to recite.                  [end]

        above 577 : here also the staff is related to sekhem-power ,
        the same QA ‘high place’ is used as in previous spells , like the ‘to rise and crowned’ ;
        that “it has to be purified” indicates the staff came FROM eden ;
        the staff appears as TÁ earlier in the spell , terming it ‘the father of matrix-existence’
        and is also termed “the firstborn (SMSU) for matrix-existence”
        (read : the first construct which the matrix obtained , and see Rg-Veda) ;

PT 574                       the eden cornerstone
the [setup of the?-] (eden-) stone. he. to copy. [for] [matrix-] existence of hail. ,

[and] he (‘the copy’) . [to be at] the [dimensional-] side. above (‘north’) . ,

[as] Osiris’. hand (‘executive region’) .       /or/      [to] Osiris. to give.                [end]

        above 574 : it must be “the set-up (‘organization’) of the constructs át the stone”
        because the spell has mentioned Soped (the copied eden star)”
        and “the four (vessels)” which are both ark related ;
        and this copied set-up they placed at the base of their worldtree  ;
        we hád in earlier posted spells already ‘a set tile’ at the pillar
        but we thought we misunderstood ;

                                                               [PT 572 ,1476, Soped + ksbt tree ; + t’t’un (=dedan?)
                                                               but all as copied regions in the matrix]
PT 565
[for] this. N (‘candidate’) . [to be] the [matrix-] speech of hail. ,
[through ?] the \\ (=eden?) willpower.
[by?] serket (‘water-scorpion’) . [to] [matrix-] existence. to give. speech. ;

        above : ‘Serket’ is a type water-scorpion with a breathing-tube upon the head ,
        context can suggest that “she dove into the eden-dimension to free the pillar”,
        since another spell tells “that she fights ÂPEP”  
        (but we’ve to look at that one , still) :
[and] she (serket) . the one (‘possibly : the staff’) for [matrix-] speech of hail (árt) .
[but as] the one of the mountain.                                                                             [<< mt. tsiun]
                            [in order for] [matrix-] speech to be make. [for] [matrix-] existence. ,
to untie [-that one] (-for matrix-hail). ;
[in order for] N. [for]. existence to make (‘as concept’) . [by] [matrix-] existence. ,

[by means of] [matrix-] existence. the tongue (‘language?’) . to birth. ,

[by] having become – the returned [-to matrix] . existence to make. ;
1426               [the now completed situation :]
[and now,] this. N. he (=eden) . to repulse. ,
by [-means of]. the [matrix-] staff (-T) . to rejoice in. [at] the [matrix-] border-sky (nut). ;
[because now for] N. [to be] the word. [of] main – [matrix-] willpower. ,
[through] the [captured-] one (‘eden staff’) . [for] the [matrix-] word. ,

(being) this. N’s. branch / staff (khet) . [as] the [captured-] one. [for] the [matrix-] word. ;
[being] the hail. [for] [matrix-] existence. [by] the staff (-of hail). [óf] [matrix-] existence. ,

[as] the hail. [for] [matrix-] existence. [by] (having all?-) three (‘2 roots + pillar?’) . ;
[and by being] within [-the matrix] ,                                                   [<< the staff is within]
[to be] the [matrix-] sky. [of] [matrix-] speech of hail. ;

[because for] N. [to be] the staff (-of hail) (t-á) . [of] willpower. [of] [matrix-] existence. ,

[as] the purified (-one) (‘previous eden-staff’) . [for] this. N. ; to recite.                        [end]

          above 565 : here also called KH-T “branch, staff” ,
          but then also glyph PA+branch “staff to fly-upward” can be this theme
          (in other spells) , just as S-PA H’ER + centipede (dutch : ‘thousand-legged one’) ,
          the ‘1000’ is ‘the 1000 corners of the thunderbolt’ (Rg-Veda) ;
          the now matrix staff can even be the UATCHT-sceptre (see BD and amtuat) ;

PT 563              [location of the matrix-staff , now]
the field of reeds (‘at gate region’) . by. he (‘field’) . to purify. :
the staff (-of hail) (t-á) . [for] the island of the horizon (‘gate region’) . [of] Horus. ,

[and by] the [matrix-] hail (‘staff’) . to manifest. , the [matrix-] speech to manifest. ;
a                                                                                                            [a : SHESTT : some specific place]
the field of reeds , by. he (‘field’) . to purify. :
the staff (-of hail) (t-á) . [for] the island of SHESTT (‘unknown concept’) . [of] Horus. ,

[and by] the [matrix-] hail (‘staff’) . to manifest. , the [matrix-] speech to manifest. ;
1411                  [their situation has now been completed :]
[and BY ?] the [matrix-] staff (-of hail) (t-á) .    
[at] the island of the horizon (‘gate region’) . [of] Horus. [.1x..] ,

to cool down. [eden-] double door. [in order] to open (-it) (-for matrix-hail) (á-snsh) . ,
[and then] the [matrix-] sky’s. double door. to open (‘for matrix’) (un) . ;
[and by] the [matrix-] staff (-of hail) (t-á) .    
[alike?] the East (-ern one ?) (‘Heaven’?’) . [of] Horus. [for?] [matrix-] existence. ,

the cooled down. [eden-] double door. to (kéep ?-) opened (-for matrix-hail) (á-snsh) . ,
[in order that?-] the [matrix-] sky’s. double door. (keeps being?-) opened (un) . ;

          above 563 : the writer is clearly ‘building up a certain theme’ ,
          as “the matrix-staff now has eden-willpower to keep the eden-gate opened”
          (see prophets ‘who of you (=we) will shut the gate for Me ?’) ;
          because by the opened gate the matrix will constantly be able to feed Off upon
          (in another spell was “the matrix double-door to stand upright (at matrix-vector)” ;
          clearly a phallic concept here – pillar and gate ; as fornication ;
          the SHES-TT+TÁ is still unknown to us, said as “a sacred place of Horus”,
          but probably a more precise location where the staff is ;

PT 525                       [tricky reading :]
the god. [of] [matrix-] existence. [was] the divine [matrix-] staff (-T) .
(having been at?-) the (now?-) opened (-eden root) (upt) .

[as?] the god’s. son. ,                                                         [<< as ‘temporary imprisonment’ ?]                                

[but now as] the divine [matrix-] god. Having  become [matrix-] new. ,
(and having ?) the main – willpower. ;

        above 525 : we had several times now “the pillar as the double god” ;
        so the “original matrix-staff is termed ‘the god” ,
        but he – as concept – was ‘imprisoned’ in eden ,
        hence it can explain “being the god’s son” –
        they cannot use harsh language because it is THEIR type god ,
        (not : son + god , because that would read “the son as the god”) ;

PT 484
the [matrix-] staff (-of hail) . he. the [eden-] willpower. [for] [matrix-] hail. to copy. ,

[and] the [eden-] willpower. [for] [matrix] existence.    +
(with) the made [matrix-] word. to unite (t’mt’) . ;

[and then] the staff (-of hail) . [éden-] existence. [of] willpower. he. to copy. ,

[because by] the [matrix-] speech of hail.                      [<< matrix-willpower of speech]
[for this N.] he (=eden) . to open (‘the eden-root’) (up) . ;

          above 484 : we don’t understand ‘how’ he can copy (eden-) willpower :
          it must be “an eden construct which he copies”
          … and that can hardly be anything else as “the column of fire” ;

                                                                        [PT 480 ,994, Soped + ksbt tree ; + t’t’un (=dedan?)
                                                                                                    but all as copied regions in the matrix]

PT 478                the MAQT-ladder  (both eden-ram horns having grown to the north)
[by] Horus [-doing] . the maqt-ladder. to stand upright (‘at matrix-vector’) . ,
[and therewith]
the (eden-corner-) stone. [of] (=at) . the maqt-ladder. to stand upright. ;
[so that] the god (=’matrix-speech’) . [bý] the maqt-ladder. (will) stand upright. ;
[and by] the (eden-) stone. [of] (=at]) the maqt-ladder.
to connect to. the [matrix-] speech above (‘north’) .
[to be] the protection of [matrix-] hail. ,
[to be] the god (‘matrix-speech’) . [bý] the maqt-ladder.
[to be] connected (-with) . the [matrix-] speech above.
[as] [the god-] protecting the [matrix-] hail.                                                               [end]

         above 478 : maqt includes the notion of ‘going up’ (‘growing’) ,
         the ladder / of the [-one] Q-axis (=eden’s vector) / to reap ;
         explaining also hów Damascus (where the stone is) went up to the north ;
         upon the other pole of the ladder
         must be ‘the matrix-stone’ in glyphs as ‘the P-root’
         (see a previous spell about the stone in relation to Â-PeP) ;
         alternatively these 2 axis must bet he “passive + NN” glyph
         and even relate to “the double-jaw” ÂR where ÂR is ‘to ascend’ ,
         see PT 467 , 954 , there as “two poles”
         (yes that can be the ‘I will put a hook in your jaws’, the jaws of the Beast) ; 

                                                                                                                       [PT 477 : interesting]

PT 476
[tob e] the (vampiring-) ânkh-life. [of] [matrix-] existence. [for] this. N (‘candidate’) . ,
[as] he (‘ânkh’) . [by] the [matrix-] throne (‘see below’) . to. N (‘candidate’) . to give. ,
[and therewith]
he. the [eden-] throne. for. the word to make (‘as concept’) . to perish (-for hail) . ;
[and this happened by means of] the staff (‘the eden-vertical-vector Q’) . below (‘south’) .    +
[to become] the [matrix] tree (-axis) (-as the Q-axis for the [matrix-] solarplane) (baQ !) . ;
[repeat of c, b]                                                                                  [staff : hence âbbt ba-spirit sceptre]

      above 955 : “the throne” is the place “where speech makes the words” ,
      in the eden-situation : “where the eden-star makes words from living-waters”
      (as ‘light-particles’) ,
      in de eden-situation this happened ‘at the hand’ where is the eden-cornerstone
      (but they built their own throne – ást – at their dimensional border) ;


[because for] thou (‘candidate’) .
to become the things of [eden-] existence for (flourishing-) [matrix-] existence (+H’). ,

[through first for] thou. the (ascended-) double pole (âr) . to calculate (h’sb) . ;
[for] thou. The serpent-design for (the now matrix-) house-H of stability. To destroy. ,

[by] to become the double design. ;

[and by] menu (‘keypoint of two opposite directions’) . [tob e] the speech. alike-adam. ,
N. this (existence to connect to) . desire .     ???

[resumed :]
[then by] the jackal the watercourse (‘Nile’) to open (‘by the opened eden-root’) .
[in order to be] the [matrix-] speech. alike-adam’s. ,

[to] [..]. this. made [matrix-] high place (s-qa) . ;                              [<< Nile arriving at matrix]
[then by] Horus. [to be] [matrix-] speech. alike-adam’s. ,
[and] N. this. to serve. ,                                                                                       [<< as speech serving N]

[because then] Râ (‘this sun’) . the speech. alike-adam. [for] this. N. [..] to carry. ;
                                                                                                   [=Râ carries the speech for N ; R = speech]

               Râ is in the north – narrative now going back to the south :
the things of the [matrix-T’UA-] star in the tuat (-region) .
[as] this (-one) (‘star’) . For [..]. this. N. to dwell (-there) . ;
[as] the opened (‘eden-root’) – divine things. [to] the [matrix-] land. to guide. ,
[and] to be carried – [in] the [matrix-] sky. ,
[by means of Râ’s (‘this sun’) . son (-construct) . ,                          [<< son : see PT 525]

[which is] the support (-axis) (of throne-G) for to become new (ung+) .  [..unreadable..] ;

[because by] the [eden-] word. [fór] the [matrix-] pillar (=that same axis) .
[is] the great – [matrix-] word (-for matrix great speech) .

[by means of] this. double god (=eden’s vector) .
         [for] the [matrix-] existence. [for N.]
[to be in] the (dimensional matrix-) equilibrium [-in centre of the ladder] (mtr) . ;
[and therewith] the [matrix-] place (-T for) [matrix-] great speech.
[to become by]
the (-7) ârrut gates (‘an axis – as ‘the eden-word of eden-speech RR for matrix-willpower’) .
[in order to be] [matrix-] speech of hail. ;

[ás] the hovering (watercourse-) axis (to matrix-) existence to connect to (then+) . ,
[in order] to be (matrix-) hail. ;

        above 952 : just different names for the same (new-) axis ;
        this new axis as the ÁARUT-gates : see the BD spell
        (these are represented in the 7-fold stairway in the Giza pyramid) ;

vertical axis : eden’s vector (Q) , likely still
as ‘the one pole of the ladder’ (maQt)
having Damascus (and eden stone) as the + ‘making speech’ ;

… then the far-left pole must be ‘the other pole of the (maqt) ladder’
(carrying the other stone) ;
while inbetween both poles is ‘the equilibrium’ (mtr, line b)
where is the new “now watercourse axis” as ÁRRUT gates , feeding the t’ua-star (O) ;

[and by] the god (=this new axis) . [to be] he. the T’UA-star (-of matrix-dawn) . ;
[what is next subject : star or the axis ? a + b belong together :]

[this] N. he. to make to purify. ,
[by] [matrix-] existence to make (‘as concept’) . [as] the one (-of the word) alike-eden’s . ,

[because] the (now matrix-) staff (t-á) (‘thunderbolt / column of fire’) .
[for] all – [matrix-] existence. [is bý] the [matrix-] god (‘the new axis as their Nile’) . ;
[through] Horus. [is] [matrix-] existence. [as] the pure – [matrix-] land. ,
[and through] Râ. [is] [matrix-] existence. [as] the pure – [matrix-] sky.                        [end]