(June 2022 – 3,5 years into the 70th week)
earth got Dark – what now ?
any day now , this earth will get Dark :
throughout many prophets God speaks with a heavy heart about this time ,
having tried to reach the many souls befóre the days of gloom would begin
but most of them will have refused to listen–
“the King (=God) prepared a wedding banquet for his Son”
but this parable of Christ has been woefully misunderstood ,
as if He talked about “people who choose for Me will go to Heaven” :
but the context here is “that any soul might escape that dreadful time” !
– because God is fair ,
especially during the past 3,5 years every serious soul will have received
a nudge – a personal invitation – ‘to please get serious with Me now’ ;
“but His servants returned , telling Him that they refused the invitation”
… then will start That Day ,
and prophets describe over and over again how
“people will wait anxious for the light – but behold : only darkness” ,
meaning that they will wait for God’s rescue : but he will not :
“because in that time , I will not look to them and I will not act” ;
and the situation for the people will become so desperate that
“they even will give up hope thát I would return to save them” ;
many chapters describe the hardships that will follow :
souls will feel as if enclosed in Iron , as if not getting spiritual air
– and only then most will realize that they are (-only) a soul, a core ! —
“because fire , like a flood , will come to the earth” ,
and on top of that many will grieve because of ‘the missing children’ ;
followed by
“famine, war, and sickness – and the army of nations of renown”
as the demon armies invading this earth from the other realm
partially responsible for the deplorable situation of the many souls
will be today’s christian pastors and -sites having presented
the people False concepts like “God has made this earth”
and even worse “God made our type body” ; “an Antichrist will arrive”,
“the country Israel is of God”, and “look : Russia and Iran are Gog” ;
“the two witnesses will be 144,000 Jews” and similar false concepts ,
all based upon poor interpretation : because God never said these
– therefore
“in those days , the pastors will hide themselves for the people”
when the people will ask them “why have you not warned us ?”

God Rescues
during the days of the greatest oppression God will send to earth
“the 144,000 sons and daughters to every soul that will be saved”,
called “sons and daughters” as the children of the people :
“because the people will recognize them as their own”
eventhough the sons and daughters will have a new angel-like being ;
and this visitation is being described as witnessing to the people ;
prophets state
“that during this , every saved soul will swear allegiance to God” ,
after which the people will physically die — yet the soul won’t mind
“and all of them will be brought to the rebuilt Eden paradise”
as the now restored paradise in the Other Reality ;
“and each will be restored in their original body created by God”
so that each will have the same being as the sons and daughters :
“they will dwell forever upon their own adm-ground (eden) ,
for never again will the evil realm cause souls to be oppressed
“and I will wipe every tear from their eyes”
because the most important of all will be :
“and I will be their deity – and they My people.”

we pray for the many sweet souls who never saw what is coming ,
and may that timeframe be as short as Legally possible–
what is coming could not have happened any other way
because of the depravity of the evil realm called Mystery-Babylon
having used the adam-souls on this earth as her hostages against God :
our Father has no blame in this – whatsoever
and from the beginning He said everything that will happen