Zech. 11 – overvieuw 
(belongs to main Zech. page)
whý the moon of this earth
imprisons the souls here
+ blackmailing God


[no fulltext available – yet : 
because of the important theme several lines are more worked out than others]


[interpretation of-] theme of this chapter
… also this one was incredibly corrupted ;
only by recognizing certain phrases it was possible to distill a logical whole —
part I :
defining the location :
– in the matrix gate region (ÁKHET) ,
– which God will destroy ,
– therefore the shepherds (‘demons’) howl – as does Adam ,
– because the region will be destroyed when Adam is slain ,
– for the greatest crime was “that they mutilated our Originals (=original bodies)” ;
part II :
… though we are working on four lines still , the theme must be
                   “that the Originals are placed under the [matrix-] moon-construct ,
                     while the souls on earth are placed under this moon (-of earth)” ,
                     as a devised way to keep the soul away from (reaching-) her Original”

… with other words : so that eden would never be restored ,
because the matrix will only then fall
when the souls – of the 144 , first – will be restored in their Original 
(please remember : this is NOT the theme “any soul believing in Christ will be saved”) ;
part III :
– because the Originals wandered-astray fróm God tó the evil region , see part I ,
  the spirits now blackmail God , saying :
  if your people are of any value to you , give us your moon 
  (another Zech. chapter writes “how they robbed the moon”) ;
  since the eden-moon obviously “sustains the beings God created” ; 
– but
  they did not tell God that they would make anóther moon – a “device” –
  which would imprison the (now-) seperated souls upon this earth :
  as a device which “would be powered” by the robbed eden-moon ,
  but now as corrupted (eden-) energies imprisoning the souls ;
  and the term used for ‘corrupted energies’ is “a magickal cord (‘bond’)” ;
part IV :
– but God will raise up the sons [=144] who will investigate these hidden things ,
  and after they declared this theme to Him
  he will rescue them from earth ;
aftermath :
… because of the corruptions we are still searching for the proper end  —
but it is clear enough that “God will restore the eden-situation after this” ;
more notes are inbetween text


Zech. 11 ,                                                                                                              (17 lines)

1 : “open the double door” – so that is their matrix gate region (ÁKHET) ,
       “the fire devour your cedar”  – that is ‘their worldtree’ ;
2 :
       “the oaks of bashan” – the pillars upon which the ÁKHET rests ;
        + impossible roots : their moon-construct will be destroyed ?
3 :
        the spirits will howl that everything is being destroyed (?) ,
        and also ‘the young lion’ (=Adam?) will howl (?) , see line 6 ;
4-5 :
        roots indicate the theme is “the imprisoned Originals” – and see line 10 
        (though God wouldn’t say ‘the killed flock’ but the “abused flock”, in 4) ;
        line 5 sounds similar to another chapter ,
        where the spirits who tortured them say “we are not to blame ,
        because the Originals themsélves came to us – we didn’t force them” ,
        therefore the evil “shepherds spared them not” (see end of this line 5) ;
6 :  
        (after 5 the subject is now ‘the flock’)
        “that=but not=now I will pity=rescue [+my] longer=people (oud=om)
         on=who (are) dwelling=imprisoned (ishb=asr) the=in [+their] land”
         then ,
         in the time when Adam (used : -adm) will be slain by them spirits ;
part II :
… is very unclear , is not even sure ‘who’ is talking here ;
while “staff” is a negative term – akin to ‘club , magic wand’ ,
and what is “the two concepts” about ?
workable option :
… a main theme is “the soul separated from her Original” 
(and the term ‘soul’ appears in line 8) ,
and now “the Originals are placed under the [matrix-] moon-construct ,
while the souls on earth are placed under this moon (-of earth)” ,
as a devised way to keep the soul away from (reaching-) her Original …?

A) the two magickal cords : for the Originals and for the souls on earth
[lines 7-11 : too difficult now]
… roots are workable but we need study a solid lineup ;

B) their blackmail explained : how they made this earth’s moon  (?)
,,, what do lines 10-13 want to say ? what is the ’30 silvers’ about ?
please see attempt first :

12 :  attempt :
         “because I=they (‘spirits’!) said to them=me : if=for the good=sake (tub=abur) 
          of [..] your eye=people , (oin=om) grant you my=your hire=moon , (shkr=chdsh)
          and=so that not=he will give (la=nsha?) forbear=life (chdl=chi) if=to [+them]” ;
          attempt :
          and=for [+their] weigh=price (‘value’) (shql=iqr) will cost me=you thirty silvers” ;
          (perhaps “thirty-silver-rayed-one”) ; 
13 :  very unclear ;
          [+but] they did and=not say [..1x..] to me      +
          (that) [+they] will fling=make (shlk=osh) to=alike [+his] fashion (‘form’)
          noble=anóther (adr=achr) price=light (iqr=or)
          which (would be) the priced=device (qri=kli) [..] on=by means of them=him ;
          attempt :
          and=because I=he (would) take=receive the thirty silver (-rays)
          and=for cast=to imprison (shlk=asr) 
          the house=souls of IEUE on the potter=land (‘earth’) (iatsr=arts)” ;
notes 12-13 :
… IF correct interpreted than some major theme here  —
one can say “but did God not foresée that they would do this ?”,
yet the text doesn’t say that He DIDN’T : but saying “they acted illegally” ,
and this latter theme shows several times in prophets ;
… we saw the concept of “only stolen eden-things can hárm eden” ,
and this must be one of that same category :
somehow the (now mutilated) rays of the éden-moon keep the soul imprisoned ,
or WHY would God have made such a trouble to tell this moon theme to us …? ;
… important is “that this moon ultimately receives aspects of the eden-moon” ,
eventhough those aspects must be greatly mutilated (compare b above) ;
see annex in Is. 22 page how we suspected that relation already
(and is this “the improved moon” the channeling addressed ..?) ;
… the concept ‘silver’ ,
is used as “dimensional quality”, “to beautify dimensional aspects with” ;
but it is a too long and tricky concept to expand upon now ;
obviously – but if not corrupt – there is a relation with Judas’ 30 silvers ,
implying that Christ – ofcourse – also “won back the eden-moon” ;
… line 12 : the “give life to them” ,
though ‘life’ was our interpretation , it does make sense  —
in the case of this human body related to ‘the blood’ , and see line 16 :
where in prophets several times is referred to “the life is in the blood” ! ;
and compare how this moon – though he distributes corrupted energies
will get red as blood (not of ‘red dust’) ;
C) the magickal cord destroyed   (first this moon’s one – or both ?)
… considered the above ,
we’re not 100% if the sons specifically have to declare ‘this moon’  – or both ,
either way declaring the former would free the eden-moon also ; 
it may even be
that God USED them spirit’s illegal action in order to restore things : 
by our legal decláring of that illegal matter :         
14 :
         “therefore I will cut off 
          me=their second (or: two?) magickal wand(-s) [+as] (sorcery-) cord(-s) ,
          and anull=restore the union between the judah=souls and [..] [+my] flock” ;
15 :
          (now a condition or timeframe is required) :
         “and [..1x..] to=this ieue=(will) happen (ieue=eie) me=when (i=ki) [..1x..] 
          the foolish shepherding device (=see below) will be take=declared for=to you=me” ;
          (that this device can be ‘this moon’ or even connected with ‘Saturn’ – is that a stretch ? ,
          God would not name their óther moon construct ‘foolish’ – cause it has the eden-moon) ;
16 :
         “because behold ! , I will raise up the shepherd=sons [=144] in the land (‘earth’) ,
          [+and] he=they will pay attention the=to the concealed things” ;
         “[..1x..] he=they will investigate the youth=light (nor=or)
          and=as the broken=moon (shbr=chdsh) positioned not=over the heal=land ,
          not=which (‘moon’) sustains the flesh the=as the fat=(deceitful-) garment (bri=bgd)
          devouring=imprisoning (?) [+their] hooves=soul (phrs=nphsh)”          [<< see Haggai]
          last word : unsure :
          perhaps belonged to 17 because it stands alone here ..? ;
17 :
totally corrupted  —
first , what would be needed is a defacto ‘declaring’ (comp. line 15) ,
then , first 3 word-roots suggest that ‘foolish device’ repeat :
line :
          “[+and when] he=they (will have) tear=declared (phrq=qr)                     [<< from line 16]
            the idol=foolish (alil=auli) shepherding woe=device (eui=kli) [+to me] ,
            next , attempt :
            [+I] will untie the flock=magical wand [+as] the (sorcery-) sword=cord (chrb=chbl)
            on=unto him=their arm=soul ,
            and [..] [+I] eye=rescue (oin=nsl) [+them] [..1x..] [+from] the arm=land (zro=arts?) ”  +    
            final 6 words :
            impossible roots ; the context must fit the first lines of Zecheriah 5 ,
            so something like 
            “[+when] I will make to dry=cease (ibsh=shbth) the eye=light (oin=or)
            of [+this] dry=moon (ibsh=chdsh) ,”     + ? ;

END of chapter