Zech. 3: Zerubbabel , the pole
carrying eden in the north [kjv4] ;
the 4 (matrix-) horns as 4 winds
as 4 horses guarding the stone
[kjv1]; the 4 horses sent to earth
[kjv6] as opened (!) first 4 seals  

   [final version ; 2023-01jan.15]

[Esau incredibly garbled up and copied & pasted the text 
in his maniacal attempt to hide the logical buildup :]

           … previous chapter ended with “I will place the fundament upon its stand (‘base’)” 
           therefore we must start with the ‘Zerubbabel’ stand (‘standard’) here , as the pole
           standing upon mt. tsiun in the south to bear up new eden above Mystery-Babylon ;
           though called ‘lampstand’ it is NOT ‘a menorah with seven arms’ but ‘just’ a pole :
           because “the seven lamps” are not part OF Zerubbabel but ‘stand upon the stone’ 
           as the Seven Torches described in previous chapter ;   
           the imprisoned cornerstone :
           is IN the (matrix-) gate which is in top of the (matrix-) mountain that is superimposed
           over mt. tsiun , and is guarded by ‘four horns’ as the (matrix-) cardinal-points ;
          the 4 horses sent to earth :
           when the sons will start to understand the scroll , the four horses [=as personified
           cardinal-points] will be sent off to this earth — then the stone will be rescued as said
           in previous chapter (-and again confirmed in this chapter) ;
          closing :
          when the 144 understand , Christ sends off the horses :
           … because the 144 will be the guardians of the eden-land and ‘the cardinal-points’
           belong to the land (as horizontal plain) , the ‘four winds’ is the attribute of the 144 ,
           and it makes Sense that they must understand the scroll concerning this subject
           [and , by extension , also the next ‘birth-right’ theme] ;
remarks :
(line 6)
the pole (-lampstand) ‘Zerubbabel’ :
… as ‘Babylon’ + perhaps the root (-zer) 2213 “border” as “bordering (‘enclosing’) M-Babylon” ,
or (-zra) ‘offspring’ , read : ‘the pole as the offspring (‘result’) because of what M-Babylon did’ 
[=since the very concept óf the pole is somewhat Negative — see text] ; yet by association
also (-zarah) ‘to winnow’ is possible — which is what the pole is doing tó M-Babylon ;
(line 10)
my (eden-) people will not despise Zerubbabel’s (phallic-) form :
… the interpretation is correct — because also described in other prophets ,
making a case for the version “as the result of M-Babylon” (see above) because the phallus
concept is typically something of the matrix-realm , and not of eden ; 
however – this temporary situation will only last the ‘1000 years’ ;
(line 11)
the matrix-mountain superimposed over mt. tsiun will be below new eden :
… as the matrix-mountain carrying M-Babylon
shown in Amduat V as ‘the mountain of sand’ 
(and see relevant pages for this theme) ;
this mountain has their gate in top of her
— hence the ‘all-seeing-eye pyramid symbolism —
and is “the great pyramid” as described in PT 600
being the one that is “working speech” ;
compare how the Giza pyramid is a copy of the 
real one and was ‘regulating frequencies’ ; 
[Zech.1 (!) :]                the 4 horses sent to earth
(line 18)
the four (matrix-) horns (as cardinal-points) guarding the stone in their gate :
… the stone is imprisoned in the matrix-gate that is in top of the matrix-mountain
[where the stone is in Spells “the SeT (-dog) stone”] ; 
following the narrative ,
the square stone as “a dimensional anchor” also has the attribute “cardinal points”
envisioned here as “four horns” pointing to each direction : as the four winds ,
where next lines will equate these four winds as ‘four coloured horses’ :
now , 
we are not 100% sure whether ‘horns’ is a corruption of Esau , as deflection ,
yet there are many Spells about “the 4 winds” also calling them ‘4 horns’ (in CT)
and sometimes “the 4 crocodiles” — therefore either way the theme is valid 
[and one could wonder if , sorry Sir , the crown of thorns referred to the stone attribute] ;
but important is to remember that these are the stolen four (eden-) cardinal-points     
because now they had the stone they also could make a mock-type eden realm ;
             the stolen cardinal points are represented by ‘the 4 sons of Horus’ in Spells 
             [where Horus himself presides over the (matrix-) gate] as four concepts
             each protecting a cardinal point ; we’d love to see what it says about this theme
           but we first need a palpable concept to can translate — and this page would help ;  
(line 21)
but the horns will leave when the sons will start (!) to understand the scroll :
… true – that is our interpretation of the text ,
yet it would make very much sense concerning continuity — and in line with the 7 seals ;
[Zech.6 :]                    the four horses sent to earth
(line 1)
the horses go forth from (the 2 hills at ?-) the (matrix-) mountain :
… we cannot be 100% sure if it really said this , 
perhaps the root of ‘two’ is a corruption of ‘gate’ 
but interesting here is that “the two hills having
a gate inbetween them” is the concept ÁAKHU
in the Spells , ‘the island of the horizon’ which 
is another description for the matrix-gate   —
so either way we are with the correct theme here ;
       ‘of copper’ : 
       what is ‘of copper’ in Spells is “the copper throne (KHENT’) of Horus” which is
       their ‘boat’ as the matrix-gate region ; this boat (‘construct’) is also mentioned
       in two or three prophet chapters but very deeply corrupted ;
closing :
whý do the horses ‘go to earth’ ? :

… we don’t know (-yet) ; 

corruptions : terrible
theme :  context buildup 100% restored
fulltext : below 
remark : total : 16 lines ; we cannot be sure whether lines ‘got lost’

Zecheriah 3 [-as sections of KJV 4, 5 and 6]

fulltext : 
[Zech.4 :]

then he (‘angel’) says to me :
this is the word of IEUE concerning Zerubbabel (‘the pole’) :   
     [attempt :]
     behold ! my servant that will bear up (adm-) ground (‘eden’)  +                                                   [or: ‘(eden-) gate’ ?]
     in the wilderness ;
7                                                                                                                                                                                           [>> moved to below]
8                                                                                                                                                                             [>> deleted ; Esau’s bridge]
because upon Zerubbabel I will lay the foundation for the house (or: ‘land’ ?) of eden , 
as the (corner-) stone that was gained by violence ;                                                                                    [stolen by matrix] 
and my people (‘dwelling in eden’)       +
will understand that IEUE of hosts has devised him (‘the pole’) for their sake ;      + 
therefore they will not despise his form (‘as phallic’) ,                                                                         [as an ‘ugly’ concept]
because they will rejoice dwelling in the garden of eden      + 
through the pole (‘lampstand’) that will support all of the (eden-) land ;
who will you be now , you great (matrix-) mountain ? ;
because before Zerubbabel you will be like a (lower level-) plain ,                                                                [‘now south’]
after I will have made to go forth from you the corner stone       + 
as the prisoner of the (star-) gate in your top ;                                                                                                         [<< probably]
[Zech. 1:18-21 :]                                           
then I lift up my eyes and look , and behold ! : four horns ;
and I say to the angel that is speaking with me : what are these ? ;
and he says to me :
these are the horns of the (matrix-) mountain       +         
that imprison the corner stone in their (star-) gate ;                                                              [gate as ‘image of jealousy’]
and he makes me to see that they are four winds (‘cardinal points’) ;
then I say : how will he (‘stone’) be rescued ? ;                                                                                [21 w/ utterly corrupted]
and he says to me :
the horns which imprison the corner stone will disappear          + 
when the sons of Ishral (‘144’) will begin to understand the words in the scroll ;
       [unknown ; attempt :]
      “then I will open the first [+four?-] seals of him (-scroll)”                                                                          [theme of ch.1]
[Zech. 6 :]                     
then I turn to the scene and lift up my eyes and look , and behold ! ,                                                            [1: see intro]
the four horns start to go forth       +        
from between two hills upon the (matrix-) mountain as the mountain of copper ; 
the first horn is like a red horse ,                                                                                                      [2: but their order as in Rev.]
the second one is like a black horse ;
the third horn is like a white horse ,
and the fourth horn is like a strongly mottled [=bay] horse ; 
then I say to the angel that is speaking with me :
what is this about myLord ? ;
and the angel answers , saying to me :
these are the four winds of the (matrix-) heaven    +    
that came forth from the (corner-) stone ,                                                                                [having matrix-nature now !]
       [attempt :]
       and guarded (?) him (‘stone’?) against tsiun ;
now , the four horses are going forth to the land far off (‘this earth’) ,
and afterwards the stone will come forth       + 
       [impossible :]
       “when he will be rescued from the gate” (?) ;
7                                                                                                                                                                                                                  [see intro]
and when they (‘144’) will declare these things to me ,
when I will have seen that they understood the words of the scroll ,
I will make the horses to go forth from the (matrix-) north land . 
[end of section as inserted in KJV chapter 6]                   –  end  –

Zecheriah 3
first line (kjv line 6) : the last word in previous chapter was “stand / pole (lampstand)” : 
[..1x..] – [=then] he (‘angel’) says – to me :
this (is) – the word of – IEUE – concerning – Zerubbabel (‘the pole/lampstand’) :                              [goto 9]

[was corrupt — what was said ? because KJV is a nonsense line ;
in other prophets the pole is called “my servant” and it may have described its purpose ,
namely “to bear up the eden land” — just the remained 3 roots are impossible :
attempt line as “behold ! my servant that will bear up        +
                            the rather=(adm-) ground (‘eden’) (am=adme)     +                                      [<< or: ‘(eden-) gate’ ?]
                            in the spirit=wilderness (rch=dbr)” ;

7 [moved to proper place ; see below]
8 [deleted ; Esau’s bridge]
hands=because (iad=ki) – [+upon] Zerubbabel – [=I] (will) lay the foundation (‘the stone’)      +
[+for] the house (or: ‘land’ ?) of – this=eden (ze=oden) 
[=as] the hands=(corner-) stone (iad=abn) – (that) (was) gained by violence (‘by the matrix’) ;

[next theme :] [because the lampstand is a phallic type shape [=matrix] , he is a bit ugly :]
[+and] [+my people] (‘dwelling in eden’)       +
(will) understand – that – IEUE of – hosts – (has) sent=devised [=him] – [+for] [=their] to=sake ;    + 
that=therefore – [+they] (will) who=not – despise – [..1x..] – [+his] small things=form (‘as phallic’) ,
and=because they (will) rejoice       +                                                                       [10 : also said in other prophets]
[KJV 10 c :]
seven=dwelling + [+in] the these=garden (ale=gan) of – eyes=eden (oini=odn)      + 
ieue=through – the to and fro=lampstand / pole (mshuttim=menrath)        + 
(that will) they=support (eme=omd) – all of – the (eden-) land ; 

next : said to the matrix-mountain superimposed over mt. tsiun (see Amduat V) :
who – (will) you (be) [+now] , (-you) great – (matrix-) mountain ? ;
[+because] before – Zerubbabel – (you will be) [=like] a (lower level-) plain ,
and=after [=I] (will have made) to go forth – (out-) [+from] ath=you (ath=athm)        + 
the head=corner – stone       + 
d                                                                                                                                                 [c : see chapter 2 ; d : probably]
[4x totally corrupt :]
[+as] the tumults=prisoner of – the grace=gate (?) – [+in] [+your] grace=top [..] ;     (?)

[Zech. 1:18-21 :]                                                                                                 [18: these 4 horns are also in CT spells]
[=then] I lift up – my eyes – and look , and behold ! : four – horns ;
and I say – to the angel – (that is-) speaking – [=with] me : what (are) – these ? ;
and he says – to me :
these (are) – the horns of – the (matrix-) which=mountain (ashr=har)   +                           [<< needs subject]
(that-) scatter=imprison (zr=sr !)        + 
the ishral=corner – judah=stone – and=in [+their] (star-) jerusalem=gate ;
and he makes me to see      +
(that-) [+they] ieue=are (ieue=eie) – four – carpenters=winds (‘cardinal points’) (CHRsh=RuCH) ;

[21 is totally corrupted : attempt :]
[=then] I say : 
what=how (will) – these=he – [..1x..] – (be) do=rescued (osh=iash) ? ;
and he says – to say=me :
the horns – which – scatter=imprison – the mouth=corner (phe=phen !) – judah=stone
(will) these=disappear          + 
[..1x..] – not=when – [..1x..]
[..] the come=sons (bo=bn) of – these=ishral (‘144’) (ALe=ishrAL)
(will) head=begin (rsh=rsh) – to tremble=understand (echrid=bin)                                                       [or: ‘restore’ ?]
[..] the cast=words (iDth=Dbr) of – ath=in (ath=al) – the horns=scroll (qRnsphR) ;
      [7x probably added – is repeat of KJV 19 c]

      >>> it MAY have added like “when I will open the first [+four?-] seals of him (-scroll)”
                because that is an important theme for continuity — see chapter 1 ,
                but the remained roots do not support a line like that ;             

[Zech. 6 :]                            [the ‘two hills’ is glyph ÁAKHET ‘house of the horizon’]
[=then] I turn (-to the scene) – and lift up – my eyes – and look , and behold ! ,
the four – chariots=horns (mRkbth=qRm) – (start to-) go forth       +                                                         [1 : see intro]
from between – two – mountains=hills – [+upon] the (matrix-) mountain     + 
[+as] the mountain of – copper ;                                                                                                                      [d : see intro]
             or : c-d #2 :
             the two hills as the copper boat (or: ‘throne’) of the matrix-mountain ;

next 2 : compare Revelation :
[..] the first – chariot=horn– (is) [+like] (a-) red
[=must be : white] – horse ,
the second (-one) – (is) [+like] (a-) black
[=must be : red] – horse ;
[..] the third – chariot=horn – (is) [+like] (a-) white
[=must be : black] – horse ,
and [..] – the fourth – chariot=horn- (is) [+like] (a-) strongly – mottled [=bay] – horse ; 

[..1x..] – [=then] I say – to – the angel – (that is-) speaking – [=with] me :
what (is) – this (-about) – myLord ? ;

and – the angel – answers , [..] saying – to me :
these (are) – the four – spirits=winds (rch=rch) of – the (matrix-) heaven       
(that-) go=came forth – from the standing=(corner-) stone (itsAB=ABn) ,

[what can this have been 4x ? :]          [attempt :]
     on=and – lord=guarded (?) [+him] (‘stone’?) – all=against (kl=al) – earth=tsiun (?) (arts=tsun) ;

which=now (ashr=oth) ,  the in her=four (b·e=arbo) – horses     
[..1x..] – (are) going forth – to – the land – north=far off (‘this earth’)
and – [..] – [..] afterwards – the white=stone (lBN=aBN) – (will) come forth

        [impossible 5x : “when he will be rescued from the gate” ? ]

[totally corrupt :] now “some reason for this chain of events” may follow ..?
something like “because the sons are the guardians of the (eden-) land ,
                             their attribute is the four cardinal points” ? — but how to phrase ?
[attempt :]
[=and] [=when] [=they] (‘144’) (will) cry=declare (zq=qr) me=these (-things) – [..1x..] – to me ,
to=when [..1x..] – [+I] (will) see       + 
[+that] [+they] go=understand (itsa=iada) – [..] the land=words (ARts=dbAR) of – the north=scroll ,
c                                                                                                                                                          (tsphun=sphr !)
[=I] (will) (make) – the spirit=horses (rUch=sUs) to rest=go forth – [=from] the (matrix-) north – land . 

[end of section as inserted in KJV chapter 6]
end       >>>>      next : the founded stone and two olive-trees  + the Joshua section