Zech.7 [1-7] : Eve rescued
[and perhaps  ‘in the 9th month’
which would be our December]



                                                     theme : ‘the 9th month’ … ?
          … though every possible Date for us has turned out empty until now ,
          we swallow the defeats and search again because the answer can only be inhere , right ;
          however the first – and main – problem is that “9” is a rather unscriptural number
          perhaps only related to “judgment” , while we can never be sure whether ‘time frames’ 
          in the text have been corrupted or not — so let’s look :
the ‘9th (-month)’ here :
#1. though ‘9’ is an unusual number , so is the “70 years” appearing here ,
         almost as a time frame related to the evil realm  – or at least as some mixture ;
         the Ezekiel ‘cooking pot’ chapter opens with “write down how the king of [Mystery-] Babylon
         invaded in the 9th month” where in the Spells ‘9’ is an important number (the Ennead) ,
         therefore it could make sense that the strange 9 is about “judgment of the evil realm”
         and , perhaps , the 70 [-as a scriptural 7 combined with a non-scriptural 10] as a kind of
         number construct “showing the period God allows the evil realm” ; 
#2. considering the above ,
         it is unsure whether this “(70 year-) judgment” theme was part of ‘the seven main feasts’ 
         because these seven only (?) appear to relate to “all of Jacob saved” and not so much to
         this rather unusual ‘Eve rescued’ theme ;
        however — the ’70 bulls sacrificed’ during Tabernacles dóes imply a link   
        [as exactly the reason why we , even recently , tried to connect it with the feasts] ,
        perhaps as showing a connection to  a later possible ‘9th month event’ 
        since the text indicates “that the 70 years (-of her imprisonment) will have énded by then” ;  
#3. the Haggai 2 chapter has a similar buildup –
        inthere are no “30 gallons in a winevat” ofcourse but it is the “70 years” theme
         coupled with ‘a seventh month’ — which may have been ‘nine’ ;
#4. Zechariah 1 starts with a date obviously intended as “the start of the restored scroll” 
        [though probably it wrote “in the 1st year of Darius” etc by context , and compare Haggai] ,
        but interestingly this chapter opens with ‘in the 4th year’ – which is where we are now ;
#5. the text of lines 2 and 3 may seem repetitive
         but the intent definitely was to show “that the 3d year has passed” 
         and the réason for that : because Eve still had to be found ;
         so is there a relation between “the extra time for finding her” and “an extra time at the end” ?
… it’s very hard to see whether “a 9th month” could make sense :
possible supports could be the John 10 ‘Hanukkah’ section – which is the 9th month – 
but that one is so terribly corrupted ; or Jeremiah 36 also happening “in the 9th month , in winter”
where the theme is “the announcement of the 70 year exile into Babel” as play-out of this theme ,
so that there’s very little to go by — but you knew that 


Zechariah 7 (1-7 , rest is corrupt)


and it happens – in the fourth (!) (see 2-f) – year of – king – Darius
that – the word of – IEUE – becomes – to – Zechariah
in the fourth (?) of – the ninth – [..] month ;       +

[=concerning] – the beth=sons (bth=bn) of el=Ishral
(who will have) sent=restored (SHlch=SHb) – the shar=scroll (shR=sphR) of ezr=IEUE 
and (will have) regem=found (rgm=mts) [+their] king=mother (Mlk=aM) – [..] men=Eve (anshi=chue) [+in it] ,
[=but] (who will be) beseeching (‘the sons do’) – before – IEUE ; 

[next 3 : very probably more or less a repeat of the themes in 2 – but now said by the sons :] 
[=as] – [..] the priests=sons (knim=bnim) – (that will) say :                                                 [the ‘3d year + (time)’ theme]
IEUE of – hosts – (has) which=not (Ashr=lA) – house=rescued [+us]
and=though – [+we] prophets=wait – (for-) to=him ,
[=because] – I=we – say=also – (have) weep=discovered       +        
[..] [+our] month=mother (‘no match’) – five=Eve (CHamish=CHue)
(that was) separating=hidden – as=in the which=scroll (ashr=sphr)
(that) I=we (have) did=restored (osh=shb) – as=in the what=third – year ;

note :
a) perhaps “the type buildup that the sons say similar as in line 2” is too much
      but considered the importance of this theme not impossible ,
      especially because “the reason for the 3d year + (some time)” is now declared ,
      also shown in the “(still-) hidden” ;
b) in d) we tried 
     “therefore – I=we (are) – say=only – lamenting – separating=these (enzr=ze) – fifth=many – months”
      and though that is true ofcourse the Eve theme is more important ;
      besides we feel that Esau made up ‘fifth’ to cover up Eve with ;  
[=then] – the word of – IEUE of – hosts – becomes – to me , saying :

say – to – all – the people=sons – (that) land=wait – and=for to=IEUE of – priests=hosts :                  [comp. 3-c] 
[..] [+I] (have) say=seen (amr=rea) – that – you (have) fasted=found (mts=tsm) [+her] ,
and=therefore [+I] (will) wail=deliver [+you] – in – the seventh=ninth (?) – five=month (chmh=chdsh) [line 1] 
and=as the this=end (?) (ze=kle) of – the seventy – years
?=at the fast=day (?) (ts-um=ium) of – my fast=acceptance (?) (tsm=rtsn) of – I=her ;                                      [Isaiah] 

[next 6 : completely corrupt :
a) the ‘to eat and drink’ is one of Esau’s favourite corruptions , rather uninspired invented after ‘fast’ ,
b) subject is now ‘Eve’ : and we’d need some line what happened with her ,
c) the ‘you’ (-athm) is suspicious , can be ‘adam’ ,
d) we need to work toward ‘hear’ in 7 – that she will hear us ;
“And when ye did eat, and when ye did drink, did not ye eat [for yourselves], and drink [for yourselves]?”
and=because that=then – (will) eat=end (akl=kle and see 5 d)
[..] that=what – the you=adm-man (athm=adm) – drink=did (shth=osh) – ?=to not=her ,
[… 3x unknown , can be anything …] 

?=for [+I] (will make) – the=her – to not=hear – the words – that – IEUE – (has) cried=spoken 
[w/ swapped 1x :] 
(in-) the former=restored (rshn=shb) prophets=scroll – [=by] [+your] hand (‘doing’) : 
in=how – the jerusalem=adm-man – became=abandoned [+her]
(when-) [+he] indwelt=left – [..] to ease=cooperate (?) (shlu=osh)       +
and=with the cities=nations (-of demons) (oir=guim) – round about ,                              [< proper expression] 
[w/ swapped :] 
and=after – [+he] indwelt=imprisoned [+her] – (in-) the the=sea of the south
and=as the=his plain=judgment (?) (shphl=mshphth) of [+her] ; 

                                                                                    part I b
                                                                  8-14 : corrupt [=invented] 
… it feels like Esau gave up here and started to cut & paste ,
first showing in 8 as new intro “IEUE says to Zechariah” continued in 9-a [=too extensive] ,
but also because the lines are very “flat” , superficial , only open doors      —
a) see how 11-12-13 is an endless repeat ,
b) we could use “heart” (in 11) as “Eve withdrawing her heart from Adam” 
      but the buildup tó that is too complicated 
c) also the “oppressed [+his own people]” is what Adam did but is perhaps coincidence here
      because it belongs to the open door phrase “do not oppress the widow and orphan” 
      [which is , as we found , usually Esau’s coverup of ‘the words of the scroll’ theme
      but which he obviously remembered and placed it here] ;
… Esau must have panicked by now and went on to strew individual lines across the next chapters
like “their women will mourn” (12:12) which is ofcourse ‘Eve’ , while the alleged “Olive mountain
splitting to north and south” (14:4) is likely about the river Nile ceasing when Eve will speak up to him ;
fortunately we have other chapters from which we understood all the events