zechariah was always a mess
  but you and we broke it open.

Zech. 7 + 8 [as 1 chapter] 
  linked to ‘Joshua’ of ch. 3 :         
  likely theme : the birthright
   [theme continues in next 9]
 description of lines in 7-8-9 ,
partially restored text will follow
   — see also Haggai 2 page —
 [+ why we are IN the 5th seal]

   [start date : 2023-01jan.01]

                                                                          searching the theme 
                 … all of these chapters have been incredibly corrupted – but especially this one ,
                 meaning that Esau saw a theme that would be fatal for him if you and we ever
                 would understand what it was about :
the buildup TO this 7 (-and 8) :
– line 1 looks very much like the Haggai date , “the (20?-) fourth of the ninth month ,
   even under the rule of the same king Darius ;
– because Zechariah 1 mentions a similar timeframe , the buildup of all of Zechariah
   can be that “the understanding of the scroll starts at chapter 1 , followed by “the four horses”,
   basically describing the timeframe of the first four seals of Revelation till this chapter 7 ;
– expanding upon that , our situation of at least the past month — the current ‘surplus time’ 
   after the third year has ended — must then be the fifth seal , the waiting souls crying out ,
   which is the timeframe described in the first half of Haggai 2 , and by context also here 
   [question is what exactly did the 5th seal in Revelation write ? ; the given answer there is
   ‘until the others (-of the 144) would be added’ — but shouldn’t it have included a reference
   to the birth-right theme , or would that have been ‘too much’ … ?] ; 
– previous chapter 6 , about the horses ,
   ends with a promise of a major attribute of the 144 , namely “the four cardinal points”
   [but how that looks exactly we still need to see] ,
   and it is possible that in this chapter 7 the condition fór that promise is being described  —
the buildup of this 7 (-and 8) :
– the above seems to be correct — then ‘the Haggai date’ in verse 1 is either “the date when the
   third year (-of understanding the scroll) ended” , as in the start of Haggai 2 ,
   as the timeframe we also dubbed ‘the Ravine’ ,
   or it is the date when ‘the surplus time’ has ended and the promise begins ,
   as the date mentioned in the second half of Haggai 2 ,
– because line 2 describes “the beseeching” which can only belong to ‘the 144’
   and suggests the situation of ‘the surplus time’ ;
– then line 3 “the weeping” must be “because the third year has ended” (and nothing happens) ,
   where in the text “many years” could be “the third year” ;
… after line 3 the text goes insanely corrupt :
this chapter 7 has 14 lines in total but at least half of the text seems invented by Esau ,
even more so because next chapter 8 (23 lines) seems to bear the intended theme :
                                                suggested theme : the birth-sceptre :
… it’s not that “now we want to see everywhere this theme” – we’re most careful in this ; but :
      chapter 7 :
1) the start of the buildup seems to refer to Haggai , which is the birth-right theme , 
2) after previous chapter 6 – the promise of rule – now the required attribute can be shown ,
      chapter 8 :
3) in line 4 and 5 it tells about “people of old age dwelling again in Jerusalem (=eden)” ,
      and “the streets will be full of boys and girls again” ,
      the lines are ofcourse corrupt but show the restoration possibly as the birth-theme
4) in line 7 is “I will save my people from the land of the sunrise” [=a term for Heaven] ,
      must have been “I will save the sceptre as the tablet of the sunrise” ,
      where ‘sunrise’ was also used in the Isaiah 41+46 birthright chapter ;
5) in line 9 “when the foundation of the temple of IEUE was laid” ,
      the line is corrupt ofcourse but exact the same phrase shows in Haggai 2
6) in line 12 the eden land flourishes again — as also an attribute óf the sceptre ,
7) in line 15 “in these (=this) day I will do good to you” , similar to Haggai 2 ,
      and added “fear not” , also appearing in Haggai 2 ;
      after these , a number of lines until the end may have been invented ;   
      chapter 9 :
8) may very well ‘describe the sceptre now imprisoned in Mystery-Babylon’ ,
      in line 1 is “the resting-place of him” and “the tribes of Ishral” are mentioned  
      [remember the 12 gems of the breast-plate and the stars of the Revelation woman] 
      but ‘tribes’ (-shbti) can have been ‘sceptre’ (-shbth) as well ; 
9) in line 3 “the silver and gold” of Tyre are stolen eden-aspects where ‘gold’ refers to
      the aspects of our Originals ; silver and gold are also mentioned in Haggai 2 ,
10) in line 4 “IEUE will seize her(=sceptre?) and destroy the matrix-land ,
11) line 5 , the “five Philistine cities” are a description of the (hieroglyph-) T’UAT region
        where according to the Spells the fortress is containing the birthright ; while in that
        region the spirit-bodies for them are made , fitting the stolen birth-right theme ;
12) in line 9 “the daughter of tsiun will rejoice” , so eden will rejoice , 
        because “her king will come to her” but ‘king’ (-mlk) can be ‘birthright’ (-bkre) ;
        in the Amos 5 chapter the birthright was also linked to the daughter
        [and remember how Marduk stole the tablet from Tiamat/eden] ; 
13) in line 10 is “his (=sceptre?) rule will be [=over] the (matrix-) sea” [=dimension] ;
14) in line 13 the 144 will destroy Tyre (Mystery-Babylon) ,
15) in line 16 is “stones of a crown” but can be “stone (-tablet) of the sunrise”
        where (-nzr) is (-mzrh) ! ; added “of the (adm-) ground” , eden ;
        and belonging to “the flock as my people” , that is ‘the Originals’ ;
conclusion – so far :
… we think that all of the above makes a compelling case for ‘the birthright’ theme ;
the problem will be that in the restored text sections *may* be missing – especially of
chapter 7 – because it is difficult to see which lines Esau wrote , or if he has cut up lines
and added his own pagefillers (‘to make it appear as a complete chapter’) inbetwéen them
                            + the vision about ‘Joshua’ (=birthright) in chapter 3
… Zechariah 3 is but a weird 10 lines only , her theme of “Joshua receiving new clothes” 
is the theme of “the 144 being restored in their Original (-body)” ; see also Haggai 2 page ;
at the end of that chapter Joshua receives ‘a stone’ but the context can only be ‘birthright’
so the stone should be “the stone-tablet” 
[while his opponent is not ‘Satan’ but ‘Adam’ since he is mentioned in chapter 1 and 10] ;
and see the restored text below ;
… now , per context chapter 3 definitely belongs to the birthright theme
but because Zechariah sees the Joshua scene ‘in a vision’ it must refer to ‘the other Reality’
as a foreshadowing of what is said to the sons directly in this chapter 7 :
compare what we said above , how the buildup likely wants to tell “what happens in the other
Reality during the first five seals” and “what is experienced by us as 144 – on earth” ;
         therefore we think that chapter 3 cannot be the introduction OF chapter 7 
         [eventhough it is the same theme] but the chapters DO relate to oneanother ;