1 Cor.5 : the 10 May theme
[follows ch.4 ‘birth sceptre’ !]  
false (YT-) prophets preach
the Pharisee leaven , but the
(‘144’) go at Unleavened
— important chapter —
[+endtime community Swamp]  
(B)           [2023-02feb.7]  

because of the importance of this chapter she required an intro ,
but if you would like to skip that click to go to (fulltext) directly


                                        ‘the (feast of-) unleavened bread’ 

     … this is a chapter directly mentioning “the feast of unleavened bread” 
     (as the week following Passover) , while the buildup and reasoning are Solid  —
     in short :
A) please note : it is the closing óf “the birth right” theme (-of chapter 4) :
     important for us – because after finding the last required attribute it makes sense
     that now a description of our Date would follow ;
B) the false prophets :
     referring back to previous birth-right chapter : both in Mt.24 and Zech.10 (line 2) 
     the false prophets are specifically linked to “obscuring the birth right theme” as one
     which will not be easy to find — and that was true , see pages ;
     do remember false teachings block Christ from returning and see section below ;
     start of theme : introducing ‘the leaven’ : as “corrupted text” :

     now it gets interesting : the false prophets do what they do because they preach ‘leaven’
     which is another expression for “the corrupted scroll” , and since the theme is “waiting for
     the return of Christ” we have a stepup now to ‘the feast of Unleavened’ ;
    most important : the restored scroll is ‘the fulfillment óf the feast of Unleavened’ :

    this is a major conclusion derived from the restored context  — see final two lines ;
    in fact the text even says that the restored scroll is the conclusion of the Passover !
    we looked at it from every angle ,
    but indeed this must be the context at the closing of this chapter ,
    as in line with all the prophet chapters explaining how the restored scroll is the key :
    meaning that from today onwards we have a most solid case for our Date       

                          the mess called ‘the YT endtime community’   
… it’s a difficult theme yet we must say something about it – for Legal reasons ,
please judge the thoughtline yourself  —
all the (mutilated-) themes we see everywhere these days are somehow understandable 
since we were no different in the situation before  the restoration of the scroll , right ;
therefore right now we balance at the cord of “knowing better” realizing ourselves that the 
themes of the restored scroll will be rejected by many — as God already said they would ;
concerning this endtime-community problem , in order of importance :
– false teachings could blóck the return of Christ :

… that this is a serious option  is everywhere in the scroll , and the objection “well but God
would never let that happen” is a quasi-spiritual remark usually posed by those who have
no knowledge about – nor take responsability for – what war is actually going on 
since you and we know just how  much it takes to find & restore the buried themes ; 
– therefore ,
  the blocking is the core of the accusation against false prophets :
… though ofcourse there is a group of Esau willingly spreading disinformation , the chapters
do not so much point to Esau but rather the ‘false prophets’ that are “misguided believers”
(since her main accusation against Esau himsélf is ‘having corrupted the base — the scroll’)
who are endangering the existence of Jacob as family tree of souls
and – in less important (!) extent – endanger themselves ánd their public into the Tribulation ;
– therefore ,
  the false prophets are the enemies of the Legal right of the sons :
… please remember this one , that you hold the legal right ,
simply because God only cares inhowfar someone understood what He réally has said :
therefore it are not those prophets – nor the ones following them – which are ‘our enemies’
(especially because many of those followers have a genuine desire to get out of here)
but yes they áre the enemies considered “doctrine” : because we hold the Legal right :
that is no smugness but simple and kind Fact – 
– the false teachings themselves : working as ‘spiritual poison’ :

… the scroll often mentions “how believers will love the unrighteous one” (KJV) and it is
therefore virtually impossible to pass on any founded notion (-which we hold) to any of 
these YT-prophets : they will stare at you with a blank expression and continue their story 
(it is no coincidence that Esau usually does not delete any ‘endtime videos’ – though some 
YT-prophets may cláim that he does – simply because Esau knows the power of the Hex) ;
– in this chapter ,
  the poison is ‘arrogance sticking to the soul’ :
… Zecheriah 10 uses strong terms as “futile dreams” and “divination” (occultism) while the 
restored context here builds up from “tales” (false ideas) “causing arrogance” which in turn
is “present to the soul” , in the same way ‘an idol’ is presenting itself to the soul : an idol wórks
like a Hex and is the reason why  the soul will hardly accept any other conviction – see above ; 
                                                                  this chapter
– a difficulty with this chapter : 
  who is judged – both the prophets and the followers ?

… in spite of carefully trying to follow the subject in the text , the result is not really sure   —
in other chapters “the non-144” [=those who knéw the restored scroll but rejected it]  
will have judged themselves and a severe punishment is linked to that : 
also here it writes “they will have judged themselves” yet without  that severe penalty 
eventhough the said penalty here is “having brought themselves into the Tribulation” ,
but it’s not clear if this refers to the prophets only or also  (a part of-) their followers ;
… let’s just hope that many of their followers will belong to us since most of them
simply search for any guidance because they are tired and do desire to get out of here
corruptions : not too grave [-for we knew the theme]   , just tricky concerning 3)
theme :  context 100% restored
remark : final 4 lines were not part of the original chapter but as lines added by Esau
fulltext : below

1 Cor. 5 (-as closing of 4)

fulltext :
in those days false (YT-) prophets will have risen up      +                                           [or: ‘have multiplied’]  
against them ,                                                                                                                         [the 144′ as subject in ch.4]  
and they (f-p) will teach all kinds of heresies to the saints (‘believers’) ,
because they will not know anything of the scroll of the Father ;                                            [or: ‘of God’]   
therefore they will be arrogant       +                                                                                                          [a: attested]  
and will not listen to the sons (‘144’) ,
however , the ones declaring those tales will be endangering their people (‘audience’) ;
because though those tales may be absent from the mind ,                            [‘waking consciousness’]  
they are present to the soul      +                                                                                                 [‘subconsciousness’]  
and will already have judged her by being present ,                   
having produced this effect upon them (‘as people’) ;                                   [‘like the effect an Idol has’]   
therefore , when the Lord will return again ,       + 
he will gather the sons of Ishral (‘144’) ,                                                                                      [or: ‘the remnant’]     
        “but from the other souls will be left behind [.. 4x unknown ..]  ” ;                            [tricky ; attempt]  
since they will have delivered themselves to the tribulation for the destruction of the flesh ,                           
until their soul       +                                                                                                [b : after the 144 have witnessed]  
will be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus ; 
for reason that their (‘the people’s’) way of waiting (‘for His return’) will have not been good ,
for they will not realize that leaven (‘corrupted text’) +                            [or: ‘leaven of the Pharisees’]  
has leavened all of the bread dough (‘doctrine’) ;        +                                        [a hint to Unleavened]  
though the sons (‘144’) will have purged the old leaven (‘corrupted texts’) ,
by having restored the scroll of the Father ,                                                                                              [see line1]   
as the fulfilment of the (feast of-) unleavened (-bread) ;                                                            [7 : key line !]  
        which was wrought through the passover      +                                                               [read also : began]  
        as the sacrifice of Christ for us ;                                               
therefore the feast (-of unleavened) did not use leaven ,      +
since leaven would lead to destruction ,                                                          [no ‘evil leaven’: is water wet?]  
but the unleavened (-bread) to redemption and (eden-) life .
                                         —  end of the original chapter 4 + 5  —
                                   [for the by Esau added 4 lines see restored text]  
1 Cor. 5
[+in]   [+those]   actually=days (holôs=hemera)
prostitution=false (YT-) prophets (porneia=pseudoprophêtês)
(will have) heared=risen up  (akouetai=anatellô)      +
                                    multiplied (akouetai=plêthynô)
among=against – you=them (‘the 144’ since they were the subject) ,
and – [+they]   (will) named=teach (?) (onomazetai=didaskalos)       +
which-any=all – not=kinds of – heresies (porneia=hairesis ; 2 Pe 2)
[..]   (to-) the – nations=saints (‘believers’) (ethnnos=pistos) ,
so that=because – [+they]   (will) [+not]   – have=know
anything of – the woman=scroll (gunaika=biblion) of – the – Father ; 

[next 2 : the ‘puffed up’ is favorite corruption , also in previous chapter end :]  
and=therefore – you=they – (will) are=be – arrogant                                                   [a-b : attested]  
and – (will) not – mourn=listen (pentheó=akouó !) – (to the-) rather=sons (‘144’) (mallon=ihyos) ;
that=therefore – the ones – doing=declaring (?) – those – deed=tales (?) (ergon=lêros)
(will be) taken=endangering (exharte=enochos) – [..]   you=their – midst=people (‘audience’) ;

[next 3 : what can he have said ?
last term in line 3 is “the effect by a labor or work” — so here ‘ becáuse of the heresies’ :]  
because – indeed=though (men=ean) – the=those I=tales (egó=lêros) 
[..]   may (be) absent – (from-) the – body=mind (sôma=noêma !) ,           [‘waking consciousness’]  
[..]   [+they]   (are) present – (to-) the – spirit=soul (pneuma=psûche)       +    [‘subconsciousness’]  
(and-) (will) already – (have) judged [+her]   – [=by]   – (being-) present ,                    [sic , see log]  
(having) produced – this – effect – the=upon – thus=them (‘as people’) ; 

[next 4 : must start with a juxtaposition — as the sons
yet must end with ‘the people’ as intro to next 5 :
also , twice the full title “our Lord Jesus Christ” in 1 line = corrupt :]  
4                             [w/ very corrupt : attempt :]  
the=therefore , 
in=when – the – Lord – (will) name=return again (onomati=epanerchomai !)
[+he]   (will) gather – us=the – jesus=sons (isous=yhios) of – christ=Ishral (‘144’) – [..1x..]   ,    

                                             [or : ‘all of the remnant’
                                                    or any other phrasing – as long it addresses the 144]  
                                 [attempt ; please see intro :]  
                                    “[=but]   [..]   me=from the together=other spirit=souls 
                                 [..]   (will be) power=left behind – [.. 4x unknown ..]  ” ;
[+since]         +
[+they]   (will have) delivered – [..]   such=themselves – (to-) the – satan=tribulation (satanas=thlipsis !)
[=for]   – (the-) destruction of – the – flesh ,                                      [a-b is not a cause but a result !]  
that=until      +                                                                                             [d : after the 144 have witnessed]  
[..]   [+their]   spirit=soul – (will be) saved – in – the – day of – the – Lord – Jesus ; 

[+for reason that]   your=their (‘the people’s’)      +
(way of-) boasting=waiting (‘for His return’) (kauchéma=prosdokaô)      +
(will have) not – (been) good ,
[+for]   [=they]   (will) – not – realize – that – (a-) little – leaven (‘corrupted text’)      +
(has) leavened – all of – the – bread dough ;     +        [also a hint to ‘feast of unleavened bread’]  

[next 7 : will need a subject ;
in b) the used ‘sacrifice’ has the wrong color (not 2378) therefore corrupt :]  
then=though – [+the sons]   (‘144’)
(will have) purged – the – old – leaven (‘corrupted texts’)
that=by – (having) be=restored       +
the fresh=scroll (neon=biblion !) of – the bread dough=Father (line1) , 
as – (the-) are=fulfilment (eimi=ginomai !) of        +
(the-) (feast of-) unleavened (-bread) ;
[next : an important line (as bridge to 8) but how it was phrased ?  ‘Unleavened’ is now subject :]  
     and=which – (was) for=wrought – (through-) the – passover
     [..]   – for=as – the [=sacrifice]   of – Christ – (for-) us ;                                                         [<< lineup]  

[next 8 : a miracle ! — a noncorrupted line :]  
so that=therefore – (the-) feast (-of unleavened) – (did) not – in=use (en=hexis) – leaven
old=since – [..]   leaven – and=would – wickedness=lead (ponéria=anapherô !)
to evil=destruction (kakia=apôleia !) ,
but – [..]   the unleavened (-bread)        +
(to-) sincerity=redemption (eilikreinias=apolytrôsis !) – and – truth=(eden-) life (alétheia=zôê !) . 

                                    —  end of the original (one-) chapter 4 and 5  —
… final lines 9-13 seem very contrived , full of repeats and not fitting the theme ,
therefore Esau must have added them “to make it look that this was one separate chapter” :
“I wrote unto you in an epistle not to company with fornicators:
  Yet not altogether with the fornicators of this world, or with the covetous, or extortioners, 
  or with idolaters; for then must ye needs go out of the world.”
… ‘fornicators’ 2x … ‘of the world’ 2x … the line is superficial and silly , an excuse-line ,
and most of all it cannot be reconciled with the congruent buildup , so far :
“But now I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother 
 be a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolater, or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner; 
 with such an one no not to eat.”
… you see that it is a silly repeat saying exact the same as 9-10 just adding a slightly different
twich by the “not even to eat” ; for one it shows the lack of fantasy of the Esau who did this ;
“For what have I to do to judge them also that are without? do not ye judge them that are within?    
But them that are without God judgeth. Therefore put away from among yourselves that wicked person.”
… so now he started the “judging” theme — which is next chapter 6 ,
showing to US that indeed this page was in the right place : but as end of previous chapter 4