RV X , 17                 (the eden-mother as virgin-Ishral wandered to the north)
1. TVASTAR prepares the bridal of his Daughter: all the world hears the tidings and assembles.
But Yama’s Mother, Spouse of great Vivasvān, vanished as she was carried to her dwelling.

1. TVASTAR  [=’KHEPER transformation’] prepares the bridal of his daughter ;

all the world hears the tidings and assembles :
the mother of Yama ,                       
[=’Ishral-virgin-construct , having birthed Adam’]
[went forth from Yama] ,
as [‘the mommy’] – from [the great] – Vivasvat ;      [=’only option for this term must be God’]
[see also the Ezekiel 19 chapter “the mother birthing the two young-lions” ;
“Tvastri richtet seiner Tochter die Hochzeit aus”, auf solche Kunde kommt diese ganze Welt
zusammen. Die Mutter des Yama, die heimgeführte Ehefrau des großen Vivasvat, verschwand.

2 From mortal men they hid the Immortal Lady, made one like her and gave her to Vivasvān.
Saranyu brought to him the Aśvin brothers, and then deserted both twinned pairs of children.

2 they hid – the immortal one  [=’virgin’] – for mortals ,
they made one like her and gave her to Vivasvān ;       [=’as “the virgin-daughter of Egypt”]
saruNya – [beared, supported] – both a’svins ,             
[=’from saramî ‘female greyhound’?]
then – [she gave up] – the pair ;
[the only interest we have is “made another , a copy”;
it is *possible* that the line says “they gave another to Vivasvat” –
there is a chapter (in index) saying how “this birth-construct now only births few adamite-souls” ;
It’s unclear what happens here with her and ‘the pair’]

Sie verbargen die Unsterbliche vor den Sterblichen, machten eine Gleichaussehende und gaben
sie dem Vivasvat. Auch ging sie mit den beiden Asvin schwanger, als dies geschah, und sie ließ
die Zwei, die ein Paar waren, im Stich, die Saranyu.
=paryuhyamânâ ; -prayâ ‘to go forth, set out, progress, advance towards or against, go or repair to,
          to walk, roam, wander ; to part, go asunder, be dispersed, pass away, vanish, die; to get into
          a particular state or condition, enter, undergo, incur (accusative) ;
=abharat, 3d sing pres imp (=was) -bhR ‘bear, carry, contain, etc’ RV ;
=saraNyu (root) ‘quick, fleet, nimble’ RV , no other ; linked to -saramâ ‘dog’ ? guarding adam ? ;

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