CT 205

main theme: the 7 torches providing
  the creational-word for the matrix
  longer chapter ; very readable , but not an easy theme

introduction : ‘essences’ , ‘lights’ and ‘words’ :

… please remember that “the 7 torches” link to “words (‘lights’) of eden-willpower”
bringing forth the eden-lights wherewith (eden-) concepts are maintained   —
but the 7 torches (inclusive their standing-place) are stolen
and now serve the matrix with their brought forth creational-lights
(which the matrix first needs to ‘purify’ before they can use them) ;

note : after XXXXXX starts a tricky closing section

goto 205 – or continue context introduction    —

contextual issues :

… several spells contain the – misunderstood – used terms , see next :

a)  first type glyph : H’ES+essences ,
‘officially’ translated as “faeces” (but only based upon a certain determinative-glyph) ,
but the glyph denotes “eden’s creational-lights (which the 7 torches brought forth)”,
as the (eden-) aspects (meant for-) the real adm-soul (but now-) for the matrix (-h’es+).

b) the second type glyph : U-S-SH-T+ ,
‘officially’ translated as “urine” (but only based upon imagined context) :
in reality , this glyph represents “the now púrified H’ES aspects”,
namely “by the 7 torches (and their base) now residing within the matrix”,
the (-seed for) (matrix-) dimension by making the SH-pool fór the matrix-word (-ussht+). ;

therefore , the ‘official’ version “I will not drink urine , and not eat faeces” = wrong :

… the line SEEMS ‘mystical’ – but is Nonsense :
1) the first part of this problem is that the ‘official’ translation read the wrong way ,
through which a series of words suggested (!) a line-up as “dirt (H’ES) – nót – to eat – me” ;

2) the second problem causing this
is by an inherent syntax-fault within the hieroglyph script , itsélf :
glyph UN “to become new” does not differ much from UN-QQ “to eat, devour”,
and often these two termed are mixed up in glyphs
(sometimes by laziness of the writers , but other times also because the writers
had a different understanding of the intended line) , for example :
      “the (matrix-) lights. to eat (UNQQ). [as the ones of] (eden-) existence. nót.”,
      “[by] the (matrix-) lights. to become new (UN). [in order to be] (matrix-) existence.” ;
… bóth lines are true (per matrix view) ,
but we must decide (sic) which version fits the original overall context ;

3) subject and object :
in glyphs , the object (‘the food’) is always followed by the subject+verb (‘me to eat’) ;

source text :
open a new window if you want to read the original glyphs as paralell text :
and goto page III-152 of the PDF , always reading from down upwards


CT 205


III 152
b) [B2Be :]
[by] the cemetary below (‘eden’).       +
[=are]. the (eden-) aspects (meant for-) the real adm-soul (but now-) for the matrix (-h’es+).
[for] to become new (‘the matrix way’). ,
[in order to be] completed (‘as matrix’). ;

context :
… we posted this line because this is the main theme of this spell ;
see Introduction for the meaning of H’ES :

a) [official start :]
the place of Ôn (‘Mystery-Babylon’). [of] the Ba-bird spirits.     +
[is by] the houses of the altar. above (‘above eden – but below Mystery-Babylon’). ;
[and by them] (‘houses’). to be the type. my. this. (matrix-) existence to bring. ;
                                                                                                                            [= bring my type existence]
[as the continuing] morning-bark. [of] eden-willpower for the matrix. ,
[and] the evening-bark. [for] (matrix-) existence of hail. ;      
                                                                                                                            [‘both barks : as daily cycle’]

III 151
f) [because this way,]
the (matrix-) land. [and] sky. [by] the 5 type aspects. to become. ,   +   [also: Á-SH-T]
e) [through] Horus (‘matrix-gate-region’). house. ,     +
[wherein] the 7 type aspects. have become. ;                                       [<< as the 7 torches]
d, e) [see lateron]
b) [and by them] (‘torches’). within (-the matrix). to reside. ,
[for] me. [to be] the desired (adj.) – doubled – word for the solarplane. [for] speech. ; 

context so far :
… note that their FIRST goal is “to obtain the word for their solarplane” (BU)
in which also Mystery-Babylon resides                                                            [<< and see 152 a]
… in total , the 7 torches represent “7 types creational (eden-) aspects”,
of which “5” are said to be [now-] for the matrix-sky and earth
(which would leave ‘2 aspects’ for physicality)   —
… indeed there are spells describing “3 aspects for the sky – and 2 for the earth”
but we’d need to investigate that further ;

a) [because by] the island of the horizon (‘matrix-gate + both stones’).       +
[to be] the word (-for the lion-mouth) by the (dimensional-) border (-sky).    +
[fór] the (matrix-) speech.     +
[as] (matrix-) existence. [for] me. to revolve (-as speech , in solarplane). ;
III 150
e) [and fór that speech, to be] the lights (-of sight) of eden-speech (-áarrt+).    +
[but as] the lights of the SH-pool (‘now in matrix’) having become new (‘for matrix’). ;

as. [the lights which are] the lights for the solarplane (-by the hand) (‘figs’, -t’ab+). ,
by [means of]. having acquired the essences (‘by to make the new SH-pool’). ,
[in order] for. [to be] my. (vampiring-) ânkh-life. ;       +

context so far :
… it seems he runs all over the place ,
but he says that “their revolving type speech needs creational words (‘lights’)” ,
and the latter are produced bý the stolen SH-pool (where the 7 torches are)   —
there are no “grapes , figs and berries” here , that is only their exoterical meaning ;

d) [because] within (-it) (‘in ânkh-life’). , this. word (‘lights’) to dwell. ,
c) [and so] the word for the solarplane. [in] me. to dwell. ;
b) [see next]
a) [and by being] within (‘the solarplane’). , [by] this (‘the lights’). to become new. ,
[as] the word for the solarplane. [in order] for. me. to become new. ;        [<< see note]
III 149
f) [a repeat :]
[because] within (‘the matrix’). [is now] this. word (‘lights’). [as] ânkh-life. ,
[being] the word for the solarplane. [for] me. to become new. [through] ânkh-life. ;

context so far :
… in a and f above shows the problem of UN or UN-QQ (see introduction)  :
you see that only B1Bo uses “to eat” (in III 150 a) ,
but it makes much more sense that “he becomes néw by those lights” ;

                                                                                             [next e-d-c : tricky : was it part of this spell ?]
e) [and?] (‘as the ânkh-life’?) [for?] Râ. ,
[because by?] the tribunal (-tchtch+). [=the eden-word ?]. to wander-astray (‘to matrix’). ,
[in order to be] (matrix-) existence. [of] this. (matrix-) daylight (-Hru). ;

                                                                                                [or elsewhere: ‘of this darkness (for eden)’]
[and so] existence to make (‘as concept’). [of] eden-willpower for the matrix. ,
[in order to be] the united one (‘matrix’). ;
[because through] the opened root (-up).      +
c) existence to make (‘as concept’). [to be] the equipped one. [whom] I am. ;

above e-d-c :
… the used glyphs – as well as the themes – do not match the content of this 205 ,
for example writing “speech to wander astray”          (but the theme is ‘the word’,
while not “speech wandered astray”) ;
and see how in a next section – below – the ‘word as ânkh-life’ is given to Râ ;
… we can’t be sure but need to Dismiss e-d-c for now ;

[resumed :]

b) [by means of]      +
the upside-down. (eden-) word (‘of the torches’). to wander-astray (‘to matrix’). ,
a) [to becóme]     +
the (-seed for) (matrix-) dimension by making the SH-pool fór the matrix-word (‘urine’).   +
[in order] for. (matrix-) existence to make (‘as concept’). ;
[because for]     +
the thirsty (matrix-) dimension. [first] the evil (eden-) word. to destroy (-h’tm). ;      +

context of b and a :
… so their “thirsty dimension” needs the eden-word  — but not the original one ,
therefore they make their ‘new type word’ through the stolen SH-pool (of the torches) ;

III 148
g) [because those evil words as]       +
the (eden-) aspects (meant for-) the real adm-soul (but now-) for the matrix (-H’ES).    +
[to become] as. the word. [of] ânkh-life. ;
f) [and also to] Râ (‘sun’). the word (-of ânkh-life). to be given (-to). ;
e) [as] Râ. the word (-of ânkh-life). to carry (-in him) (-fa). ;          [<< + and spreading it]

d) [B2Be :]
[because bý] these. seven. spirits (‘torches’). [of] he. Adam’s. (eden-) existence.      +
c) [fór] this. N (‘candidate’). to devise. to say (-the words). ;        +

context of d and c :
… we had this theme in the other CT seven torches chapter ,
using the example of Eve saying different things because the snake talked her into that ;
2) B1Bo has
“[by] the seven. spirits. [of] he. Adam. [to be] eden-willpower. nót”, but means the same ;   

b , a) [repeats]
III 147
e , d , c) [repeats]
[by] these. seven. spirits (‘torches’). [is] thou (‘Horus’). (matrix-) existence. of Sight. nót. ;
a) [but] [by them] (‘torches’). within (‘the matrix’). ,
[to] thou. (matrix-) existence. to come hail. ;
[in the form of] this. wórd for the solarplane. ,                           [<< speech needs the word]
[useful] for.     +
III 146
g) the physical garment-body (-of spirits) (-á-shs+). for. the (matrix-) spéech of hail. ,
[which is all] as. thou. ânkh-life. ;

context so far :
… the attribute “(second-) Sight” is MAA , and means already “reaped eden-sight” ,
therefore the attribute of Sight must be part of the attribute “speech” ;
next is said “that the torches bring the word” , a feminine attribute ,
as the one which can be spoken by the candidate’s acquired physical body
(which consists of aspects – essence – by that same SH-pool) ;

f) [because] every. type aspect (‘of the seven’). above (‘north’). to command. ,
[and so] this. (eden-) existence. me. to make (-ár). nót. ;                         [<< because lethal]
e) [because]     +
the upside-down one (‘eden-words’). [by eden-T] has wandered-astray (‘to matrix’). ,
[which was for] me. the abomination (-but). ;        +                                             [<< eden-T was]

context of f and e :
… first he says that the matrix controls all the 7 aspects (of / as the torches) ,
and the seven cannot make eden-existence anymore
because “their stationing-place” (the SH-pool , as eden-T) has wandered-astray (-tóo) :
glyph BUT as “(eden-) place-T for the word of the solarplane”                                 [<< is bad]
either with ‘fish’ or ‘evil’ determination ;

d) [therefore] ,       +
my. (matrix-) existence. (now) to be [+the dimension for] to make great speech (“to drink”). ,
c) [by means of]     +
the (-seed for) (matrix-) dimension by making the SH-pool fór the matrix-word (‘urine’). ;
                                                                                                                               [‘as new place for the torches’] 
[because]         +
this. my. abomination (eden-T for the word of the solarplane). [exists] nó (-longer). ;    +

context of d and e :
… the matrix can now make their “great speech” because they OBTAINED ‘the word’ ;
only exoterically S-UR means “to drink”                (but note how that has no subject !) ,
as “the matrix-dimension. to be [by] to make great speech” , see dictionary ;

b) [but now by] this (matrix-) dimension. me. to become new (-unqq=un). ,
a) [by means of]      +
the (eden-) aspects (meant for-) the real adm-soul (but now-) for the matrix (H’ES). ,
[because]        +
this. my. abomination (eden-T for the word of the solarplane). [exists] nó (-longer). ;
III 145
f) [therefore by] Horus’. eye (‘matrix-gate’).       +
[is] the (eden-) flame (for matrix-) hail (for) the solarplane of (matrix-) existence. ,
[skipped 2x ; unclear]
[because of]      +
the things by the nest (‘doubled SH-pool’). [into] the (matrix-) dimension to sink down. ;

context :
… so their ‘flame’, feeding their matrix ,
is by the doubled SH-pool (‘the nest’) where the torches are now ;

e) [and thereby] he. (matrix-) existence. to die (-mná). nót. ;
[but instead] , (matrix-) existence to make (‘as concept’). ,    +
[by means of] (eden-) existence. to watch over (?,-t’gg).      +
d) [as] the god. ;                                                                             [<< ‘watching over’ is the god?’]
[and so] for. me.
[to keep being] the (eden-) willpower as (matrix-) willpower risen up and crowned. ;
C [1 coffin :]
[namely as] the real-adm-soul’s. speech. above (‘north’). it. to dwell (-there). ;
b) [as] the real-adm-soul’s. speech. above (‘north’). [for me. to stand upright. ;
                                                                                                          [speech now under matrix-vector]
a) [skipped 3x , too complicated]
III 144
d) [as his speech for] the needy son (‘the writer’). [=to]. me. to fly up to. ;

XXXXXXXXX  closing section : tricky :

c) [and because of?] Shesmu (-the butcher-god)      +
[is] the son (‘the writer’) for to make (matrix-) stability. ,                  
[<< as false 144]

by [means of?]. existence to make (’as concept’).     +
[by] the (matrix-) speech. [through?] my. ‘sun-egg nostril’ (?, ‘bird on tree’, -ngg). ;
[which is by?] the Thoth perch (-axis). alike-adam’s.
,                                         [<< why?]
[in order to be?] divine great (matrix-) speech. for. existence to make (‘as concept’). ,
[by means of] the (‘real-adm-soul’s-) speech. [to] my. (matrix-) existence. to fly up. ;         
[and so the adm-soul’s speech to be] within (‘the matrix’). ,
[as] the justice (‘T-eden-willpower to sacrifice’, -maât). [by] which is.      +
III 143
f) [now] the word for the solarplane. [for] (matrix-) speech. ;

context so far :
… it is not easy to follow his reasoning :
after saying that he was “a needy son”, now he is “a son making stability”,
so something must have happened with THE WORD which flew up to the matrix  —
the glyph SH-S-M-U , ‘winepress-god’ ,
may read “to slay the eden-word for the real-adm-soul at (?) the SH-pool” ,
meaning that SHESMU turns the words of the torches into matrix-words
(and is therefore another name of the second ÁTERT-shrine ;
while SHESMU could be equated with SHESEMTT ‘a place sacred to Horus’) ;
2) Thoth perch :
we don’t have a workable concept about that , yet  — as some axis ;
3) NGG ,
because the chapter’s theme is “the word”, the NGG “bird upon tree glyph”
can be the same concept as NGNG in CT 223 , supplying N’s energy-field ;

next : the final III 143 (f)-e-d-c-b-a : skipped :

… same problem as with the previous Râ section :
different type glyph meanings are used , inserting concepts not part of this theme ;
though this section cóuld be part of this chapter , so far ,
it confuses the solid theme as described until now – therefore we left it out
(while line III 143 anyway belongs to the next chapter) ;



end CT 205
30.01jan.2021   —   submitted   —   first version   —   hetreport



‘official’ translation
(Faulkner)  :
A voice is raised in the northern sky, wailing is in the marshland,
because of the voice of the summoning of the blessed one. I am raised up
to the place where Maêt is, I have flown up to them as a swallow, like Thoth,
I cackle to them as a goose, like the Wine-press God ; I fly up as a vulture on
this great plateau that I may stand on it. I appear as a god, for he who looks
at them will never die. The water-springs (?) of the Marshes of the Red Crown
are the flame of the Eye of Horus.
Faeces is my detestation, and I will not eat for you; urine is my detestation,
and I will not drink for you; walking upside-down is my detestation, and I will
on no account perform the recitation for you.
‘What will you live on at this place to which you have come ? There will not
look at you these seven spirits who lift Rê up, who show Rê, who live on faeces,
who quench their thirst with urine, who walk upside down’.
‘I am one equipped against them, I will severe connection with them on that
day of going to the Tribunal of Rê, I will live on what they live on, I will eat of
what they eat of, I will sit in the place they sit, I will live on cucumbers, figs,
wnšw and grapes, I will travel around to the limit of the horizon, to the place
where my double desires to dwell’.
‘What have you come for , what have you come for ?’
‘Seven portions are in the House of Horus, three portions are in the sky and
two are on earth; it is the Night-bark and the Day-bark which will bring to me
all portions from upon the altars of the Souls of Ôn.”

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