CT 44

main theme : our Originals sacrificed ;
regions , correlations and terms :
… please see page ;
we’re still searching how to interpret certain terms and regions ;

source text :
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CT 44 :
… difficult like many other ones – but followable


CT 44


[spoken by the operator :]
I 191
c) forever. the ânkh-life (‘vampiring matrix-life’). ,
[by means of] the Nut-dome (‘of word-inside’). thou. mother. ,
[for] the (matrix-) word of double willpower. ,    +
[being] the word. (to connect to). be encompassed by (?). ;                         [<< protective]

b) Horus. thou. divine son. am I. ;
a) my. speech. [is] by] thou. border (‘as Nut?’). [of] the m-realm (‘north’). ;

context so far :
… the dimensional-border is called ‘Nut’,
and most things (Horus included) were created after the stolen eden-words
had crossed that border , now as “the (eden-) word inside (matrix-) existence”, NU ;
2) the ‘encompassed by’ will return later on in this spell ;


I 190
h) [by] thou. workplace (‘to create physicality – likely’). [is] my. speech [-of hail]. ,
[by means of] the watercourse (‘Nile’) to be far. [from] thou. nót. within (‘the matrix’). ;

g) [but instead,] my. speech of hail.    +
[to be by] thou. the watercourse (‘Nile’) to make to ascend (‘to north ; -âr). ,
[in order to be] my. speech [-of hail].   +
[by] the (eden-) word. [for] thou. (‘corrupt-adm-‘) soul to come. within (‘the matrix’). ;

context so far :
… so he says that ‘his speech of hail’ is because the Nile is not outside the matrix ,
but the eden-words are brought to their realm BY the Nile ,
to serve the “corrupt type adm-souls” which are the Egyptians
(though they themselves wouldn’t say they are corrupt) ;

f) Hathor (‘Horus house’). [for] thou. existence. existence. to dress. ,
e) [and so for] Geb (‘Chaldea , land where Mystery-Babylon sits upon’).       +
thou. divine father.        +
d) [for] thou. existence , existence. to give. speech. ;
[as] this. thou. noble things (-sâh). thou. (matrix-) existence. to aquire. ;  

c) [because by] the West (‘evil dimension’). thou. (dimensional-) side. above (‘north’).      +
the word. (to connect to). to give. ,
[by means of] thou. eastern (‘eden’). [side 1x]. above (‘north’).     +
the word. (to connect to). [tie together by-] the support [-pillar]. ;

context so far :
… so he says – knows – that the evil Western dimension
(from where the goat came , per Daniel – as opposed to Heaven in the east)
made their region above eden (‘north’). ,
and supplies the so desired “words” to their region :
but does so by making eden (cq. Heaven) to supply those words – via a construct) ;

b) [therefore by] thou. to die. nót. ,                                                                              [<< not die]
[but instead, to be] ânkh-life. [as] (matrix-) existence. ,
[by means of] the (eden-) word. to connect to. the support [-pillar]. ;
a) [and by] thou. to die. not. ,
[because] the ânkh-life. [as] (matrix-) existence.     +
[is] thou. speech. standing upright (‘at their matrix dimensional-angle’). ;

I 189
g) [my]. (matrix-) land. [is by] the main words (‘head+u’). ,
[as] the completed [-place Egypt] (-kmt+). (eden-) existence. to rule (-hqa). ;

f) [for] all of – the West. [is] as. the one – having become – risen and crowned (khaâ). ;

syntax :
… you see that ‘all’ (-NEB) is the adjective to ‘the West’ ,
just like in prophets for example “the land + one-being-great” ;
2) the use of KAMT (+place or city) is very unusual – because most often as TEM ,
therefore ‘(matrix-) Egypt’ may be valid – and compare prophets ;

e) [and so to be] the (matrix-) gods. [of] eden-within. ,
[by means of] thou. divine willpower of the word for the heir (‘Egyptian souls’). ,
[because] the great (‘adj.’). needy [-matrix-dimension].    +
[was] asleep. [of] great speech (‘adj’.). ;
     (they had no creational power after eden-paradise started)
d) [but] thou. divine son. am I. ;

c) [and by] this. birth-sceptre (!). as. thou. (matrix-) speech. above (‘north’).     +      
me. to battle (‘eden’). ;

context so far :
… this is an important line  —
this birthsceptre (-AMS or -MES) is as “to cut-off the genuine adm-soul” [=we] ,
while here it is related to ‘speech’ :
it could – should ? – be the very reason why God in prophets
is so anxious for the sons to speak (-up) his version about the other reality !

b) [because?] the West. [has?] the word-inside (‘as matrix-word’).    +
[as?] the (eden-) word. [from] below (‘eden-south’). for. the m-realm (‘north’). ,
        [it has?] the main aspect imprisoned (?)                                                      [<< see note]
which is (of?). the sacrificial cattle [-falling down] (‘our Originals ; -kherit+).
[as?] the speech. [to?] thou. to descend. (to matrix-existence). nót. ;     [<< to hurt]

context so far :
… sadly above line b) is a very tricky and unclear line :
considered the “warring with the birth-sceptre” previously ,
the line could (should?) explain that “our Originals do nót have that sceptre”   –
though aspect+TEP+10 (=fetter?) is unclear , we think we have the right context ;


a) (see next e)
I 188
e) [but instead,] (matrix-) existence to make (‘as concept’). for. the m-realm. ,
[as] the (eden-) word. connected to (eden-) existence. nót. ;
     (eden-word is no longer connected to eden-existence)

d) [by] to make to hang [those of-] adam upside-down.     +      [<< furnace, tuat XII]
[as] the ones (or:’of adam’) who wandered-astray (‘to north – see prophets’).        +
[to?] [their- death. ,
[by means of?] (matrix-) existence. [being] violent.      +
[through] the willpower. for. the word. [of] (eden-) existence to make. to snatch-away. ;

context so far :
… he narrates it in a bit flowery way ,
but the core must be “that the matrix took the essence away which they exist of”,


c) [because by?] the Nut-dome (‘that border’). , thou. divine mother. ,
[is?] the word of double willpower. ,
[through?] Khennu (‘Hamath, containing Damascus’).       +
the (eden-) word. (connected to). existence to make. to give (‘to matrix’). ;

part II :

… so they can oppress the Originals
by means of their captured eden-words at Damascus (where Adam is) ;
next section seems to be about the restored Egyptian soul having his spirit-body :
b) the (matrix-) dawn star as the god (-t’ua+). [for] existence of hail. ,
[and?] the star Sirius (-spt’t). [for] existence of hail. ,
[and?] the star Orion (‘inverted star’, – ssah). [for] existence of hail. ,
[they?-] this. N (‘candidate’). Osiris (‘title’). to envelop (?, -shn). ;     +

context so far :
… we’ve no clue –
is this related to ‘the three frogs’ in Revelation …? ;
some ‘trinity’ protecting them ?
a) they (‘stars’? ; -f). the veil to weave.      +
for. to be ânkh-life. [of] (eden-) willpower for the matrix (-h’nâ). ;
[as?] the protected place. [of?] my. existence. ,                                        [<< physical ?]
[being?] the (‘physical’?-) garment – [of] the purified – word. ,
thou. to dress [+me?] in. ;

I 187
g) [because by?] the divine lotus sh-pool (‘to make physicality’ ; -sshen+).
[are?] the things of the sh-pool (‘to make physicality’). [at?] khennu (‘Damascus’).
for (?). Râ. [to be] the (eden-) willpower for (matrix-) existence (-h’nâ). ;
[and?] thou. the (matrix-) dimension to purify. [by?] adam to descend (?, -Hai). ;

context so far :
… this stolen ‘pool for to make physicality’ (glyph -SH)
must be the same concept in prophets as ‘(God’s) anger’ (-aph) ;
in prophets , the content of this now corrupted pool will come to earth
as ‘wormwood’ ;

f) this. N. Osiris. to descend. ,
e) to die. [as?] the soul of hail. [to] thou. existence. to wander-astray. nót. ;
     (he won’t die as the soul of hail – as opposed tot he Originals ?)
[but instead,] [to have] the ânkh-life. [by means of to] thou. existence. to wander-astray. ;
     (e : unsure)

d) this. N. Osiris. to descend. ,
c) [by] Râ. [having-] arisen (‘to solarplane ; -uben). alike-adam’s [-sun]. ,
[to be] thou. dimensional-foreground. making the m-realm. [of] protection. ;

b) [and so to be] justice (‘MAÂT , ‘to sacrifice (eden)’).    +
[in order for] thou. sight.        +                                                                     [<< second sight]
to stand upright (‘matrix-angle’). ;

a) [by means of] thou speech of hail. to make (-ár). ,
[as] (matrix-) existence. [by] the (eden-) vessel of corruption (‘our Originals’). ;
I 187
i) [to be] the vessel of the (matrix-) word of spaciousness. ;

h) [as] the fowl. thou. 1000. , the beer. thou. 1000. , the food. thou. 1000. ,
[being] the speech [-in it]. to dwell. [by] standing upright. ;
     (probably he means the satisfaction given by his new created body)

g) this. N. Osiris. to descend. ,
f) [to] the divine thing of great speech. ,
[by] the word. to connect to. divine things to beget (‘creational speech’). ;
e) [repeat]
d) this. N. Osiris. to descend. ,
c) [as] he. within (‘the matrix’). connected to. (matrix-) existence. to manifest. ;

b) this. N. Osiris. who. [is to be] born. ,       +
a) [empty]
I 185
g) [by] the things of – great – sorcery (‘by to double’). to be hail. ,
[through to] the hebrew-house-H (‘the broad hall’).     +                  [<< see Jer. 2]
the (eden-) words for the (matrix-) word-inside to bring. to be hail. ,
[as] the hebrew-house-H (‘the broad hall’). [of] the red crown. to be hail. ;

context so far :
… so the stolen eden-words can only “exist” within the eden-atmosphere (=house)
and that can explain why they stole that one too ;
2) usually “the (dimensional-) broad hall” is the H-glyph surrounded with points
     but the context indicates that the same concept was intended ;
3) perhaps this broad hall is what we know as ‘heliopause’ , per the circle squared ;

f) [and by?]     +
the double stargate. [for]. Râ. to arise (‘to solarplane’). alike-adam’s [-sun]. ;
e) [in order for] the spirits. [to be] (matrix-) existence. ,
[by] thou. to make the slaughtered [physical-] things (s-shât+). to give. ;     +

d) [through] the (genuine-) adm-soul’s. other ones (=’our Originals’). alike-adam.
to make the other [-type] ones. to give. ;

context so far :
… the “double stargate” must bet he same as ‘the double door’
(-dlth) in prophets , as some two-way Valve ,
but to be frank we don’t get that concept yet ;
2) the (-KI) or (-KUT) means “another”,
therefore we can only imagine that he adresses our Originals ;
3) per context , it appears that Râ sustains their stolen type bodies ;

c) Nebh’et (Nepthys). the word. to connect to. the reward (‘as vessel – matrix-body?’). ;
b) [by?] Ôn (‘Mystery-Babylon’). for. thou. dead bodies.
[to be?] thou. essences of he (‘eden’) for hail (-áf). ;
a) [as?] the appereance (?). [by?] the sky. for. thou. Ba-soul. thou. make to value. ;

I 184
g) ‘the day bark’ (‘boat of matrix-power’).
[as,by?] thou. boat of adam of the upside-down-hand (‘ Damascus’).
[to be?] ‘the night bark’ (‘destroy eden’s double-place-t’?).
[in order] for. [to be?] thou. foremost – boat. ;

f) [unreadable]
     said. as.
e) existence to make (‘as concept’).
[by] the words of doubled willpower. [as] the divine words of great speech. ,
thou. (eden-) existence. to submit (?, -kham). ;

[by] the things of the island of the horizon (‘both tiles’). [as] the words of eden-within. ,
[to be] the firstborn ones. [of?] thou. existence. [by?] the (eden-) word to come. ;

c) [and] the (matrix-) sky. [of] thou. existence. to shine (‘by backbone as pillar’). ,
[for?] the (matrix-) land. [of] thou. existence. to make to illumine. ;
b) [as?] Geb (‘Chaldea land’). [to be] he the speech of hail. ,
a) [by?] Hathor’s. speech and nature.      +
[through?] thou. the evil stake (‘eden-vector’?). to destroy (-t’r). ;

context so far :
… the ‘evil stake’ can be the same as the ‘enemy SBÁ’ ,
as the vertical Vector (‘axis’) of the eden-dimension ,
but truth is that these concepts are tricky still ;  

part III :   [2 pages]
… we could follow the theme of Originals , then creating his type spirit-body ,
and also part II where he now lives in the adapted matrix-region  —
but next part III is less easy to follow :
the next two pages seem to be an attempt to conclude previous subjects
but we can’t find any new information in them ,
therefore we decided to skip this section  


end CT 44
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