CT 6 searching the Sothis star ;
was upon the finger (eden axis) ,
now north causing matrix-dawn
(new-moon and month-moon)
[readable ; short]


theme : searching the mysterious (previous eden-) star Sothis (SEPT’T)
… likely ‘she’ was in the eden gate (‘the mouth of speech’) 
as “the gate which the matrix hated” – according to prophets 
because this gate ‘spoke into the northern Dualistic realm which is Behemoth’ ;
this is not about ‘the root at mt. tsiun’ but about a star (?) in the tóp of the
eden vector section – perhaps as “the pillar of fire” ;
this “was a star-like light appearing on top of the eden gate” …?
– but it is so important that it directly cáuses the matrix-dawn now
(and hence eden is dark)


to read the glyphs :
PDF page 39 ; original page I 19


CT 6
I 19
[to be] (matrix-) existence. [of] beauty. [by] this. (matrix-) day (-light). ,
by [means of] the cemetary below (‘eden’).     +
[..] to connect to. the (eden place-) T of he (=eden) fór the (matrix-) KH-house). , 
[by] to judge. (eden-) existence’s. made (adj.) – place-T of the real adm-soul. ;  
… above :
usually in syntax ‘to judge’ follows the subject but that is not possible here ; 
I 18
g , f , e 
[empty / damaged ; discernable is still something like :
“and to connect it (=the eden T) to the ones hating (eden-) speech”]
[and] to connect (-it).        +                                                   [<< the eden-T] 
[to] the adversaries’ double place-T (for) he (=eden) of the (matrix-) KH-house.   +
[for] (matrix-) speech. ; 
[and so] to be the (matrix-) word of true voice.       +
which is. [by] the (matrix place-) T for beauty. 
connected to. the things of the watercourse (‘Nile’). [..] [for] existence to make. to make. ;
        (eden then makes ‘existences to make’ – as concept) 
[by] the (eden-) word. [to] (matrix-) existence. to make to connect to. ,
[and so] the (matrix-) light to make to acquire. ; 
[because by] to connect to. below (‘south / eden’). , 
[to be] Isis (‘the matrix throne’). [by] the passive one (‘eden’). (S10C). ;
I 17
[because by]          +
the island of the horizon (‘gate region where Isis is’). [as] the one of eden-within. 
[to be] the real adm-soul’s (type-) hail.
[by means of] to connect to. the nurse (-at matrix place-T) (MENÂ-T). ;
[namely to] the star Sothis (SEPT’T). [as] thou. mother (‘construct’). 
for. [..] to can be suckled. ; 
    (so Sothis is ‘providing essence’)
[and by being] within (-the matrix). ,                              [<< Sothis was an eden star !]
this. (eden-) word. to can know. ,
[by] which is. the (matrix-) word for the solarplane. [of] (matrix-) speech. ; 
next , the connection of Sothis tó the island of the horizon ,
[and to be] the (matrix-) speech (adj.) – [by] the island of the horizon. , 
[by means of] the feather (‘an axis’). [at] (place-) T to make to grow. [to] the border. ;
… unclear which direction he means ,
but clear is “from the Sothis place-T to the island of the horizon” ;
[unreadable 1x ; something like “the (eden-) words to subdue (T’ER)” ;]
I 16
[and] to connect (-them). [to] the (matrix-) speech above (‘north’). 
[by means of] the (eden place-) T (adj.) – [at?] the (eden-) finger (‘axis’) – to untie. ; 
… above , ‘the finger’ :
must be “the section of the eden-vector right on top of mt. tsiun” ;
we don ‘t know yet why it’s called ‘finger’ among other terms but the (TCHBÂ) 
should refer to “the finger (axis) of eden-willpower (Â)” ;
— it is likely that this eden-T was on tóp of the finger (so, originally in the eden gate)
because now that -T is north , glyphs use the term “(finger-) nail” (-of Isis) ; comp. above ;
[and so]      +                                                                             [<< when the eden-T is in their north]
[to be] the (matrix-) new moon (-month) festival. [for] the (matrix-) sky. , 
[because by] the (matrix-) high place.       +                                        [<< where eden-T is now]
[to be] (matrix-) existence. [by] the (full-) month (-moon) festival. 
[through?] the (matrix-) word. [of] great (matrix-) speech. 

… above , the months :
this Sothis star – previously eden’s – must be VERY important :
now being in their realm , it causes their matrix-Dawn (here said as ‘monthly festival’) ;
.. so what can this star be ?
(‘official’ translation by Faulkner)
“How great is the monthly festival of the height of heaven, even the festival of
the new Moon ! The finger is removed from upon you, your trembling is taken
away, since you have planted the plume at the horizon, at the place where are
those who know you. You suck at your mother Sothis as your nurse who is in
the horizon, Isis squats (?) by you, she makes you bright, she makes you fair
ways of vindication against your foes, male and female, etc. , and those who 
would have judgment against you in the realm of the dead on this happy day.”