PT 609

Pyramid Text 609 chapter buildup :                                                              [see PT 539 for same theme]
the eden-boat (‘construct’) descends (-to matrix) ,
then is positioned at a certain place ,
then is said how the eden-star now functions as matrix-star

the concept of this eden-star : as main attribute of the Ark

… let’s reason the other way around a moment  —
whý was the Ark ‘of the covenant’ the centre piece                 
in the old Tabernacle ?
why was it ‘a chest’ (indicating a fourfold concept) ,
repeated by ‘the 4 tips of the cherubim wings’ ?
and did ‘a star’ appear inbetween those wingtips ?

… Christ said to the 144,000 sons (see Thyatira)
that “they would be given the star of (eden-) dawn” ;

obviously that must be some important Attribute – or he wouldn’t say that ;
while in Rev. 11:19 the Ark appears to have impressive power :
it causes lightning and thunder and earthquakes and great hailstorms

this 609
explains how , virtually , the whole Ark construct descended to THEM
(as the very reason why John sees it in God’s temple again – per Rev. 11) ;
… where ‘the eden-star’ is now renamed , as working for THEM ,
and therewith causing their dimensional-dawn as the victorious one

this relates immediately to the sons , in the Thyatira chapter ,
because “the sons WIN BACK the eden-dawn : by obtaining the morning-star” ,
so the eden-star is a very important attribute :
namely as “the birth-sceptre , which is (creational eden-) speech”

the nature of this star – per PT 609

… the star is said “as the speech máking the words”,
in the sense of ”composing words (‘lights’)” ;
speech is the typical masculine attribute , and ‘words’ the feminine one ;
but instead of for eden ,
the star now composes théir type words , to make théir reality ;

subthemes :
also the concept of “the four” is addressed here (‘the cherubim wings’)
as an (eden-) construct “feeding” the star ;
these “feeders + the star” originally belonged TO the eden-stone
(hence Rev.11 , where the stone as temple-fundament is restored) ,
but that whole construct was separated from the stone ,
now seated in the centre of their pyramid (see PT 601 diagram) ;
2) the Neh’bKau construct :
as the forked axis between AA and BB (see PT 601) ,
by which’ rightside (-axis) the feeders + the star rose to their north    —
see coming PT 539 for more diagrams
3) T’UA star vs SEPT’T star :
see PT 601 ;


read parallel the glyphs : start at line 1709 and read UPwards :
the ‘official’ translation :


Pyramid Text 609


b) [to be] [matrix-] hail. [through] the fire-drill boat (‘stolen eden-star’). ,
[by means of] (the (eden-) one-) [for to be] [matrix-] hail. to descend. ,      +
[and therewith] the [matrix-] peace. to give. ,
[because] to make the one (‘fire-drill boat’). bý. the (eden-) boat. to descend. ;
[and so to become] the boat of [matrix-] dawn (glyph). ,      +                  [‘t’ua’]
by [means of]. thou (‘eden-star’). to descend (‘to matrix’). [for to be] hail. ;
[because] thou. willpower. he. the (‘proto-matrix?-) word. to seize (-ntchr). ,
[for thou are]       +
the divine (birth?-) staff (of) (eden-) existence (fór) (matrix-) existence      +
(in) the (stolen eden-) house-H ;                                                                             [‘Hnnt’]

context so far :
… we only know recently that “the fire-drill” is the relocated eden-star ,
and just like in PT 593 the relocated star is addressed as “thou” ;
2) line a2 :
… interpretation appears valid : the “birth-sceptre” is about “speech”,
and in this spell “the proto-words will dwell with him”,
since the star turns them into ‘great [matrix-] speech’ ;

[next section : the region where the star is placed :]

f) [and so to be]      +
the doubled ennead (‘9 main matrix-constructs’). [as] [matrix-] existence.   +
e) [of] [matrix-] speech of beauty. , [as] this. hail – [by] thou. ;
[and] to be (that-) hail. [through] the forked (matrix-) axis (-nhbkau+). ,
[in order to be]        +
(matrix-existence-) [by] the (4-fold) support-pillar (fór) the (matrix-) word. ,
[as] the one (‘matrix-word’) [which-] returns (‘to matrix’). ,
[by means of] thou. [being] the one to guard. ,       +
[and] thou. existence. [now for] [matrix-] existence. to say (-the things). ;


context so far :               
… so , just ago “the star was supplied with proto-matrix-words”,
but the star now made powerful matrix-words (“of great speech”) ,
hence it writes “and those return to the matrix” ; 
2) the “things to say”, literally so described in the Nahum pages ;
3) it is not
‘the woman’ (-h’hmt’) as ‘the daughter’ (-sat)  etc ;

c) [because by] the forked (matrix-) axis (-nhbkau). [is] existence. [of] beauty. ,
[as] this – hail – [by means of] thou. [matrix-] existence to make (‘as concept’). ;
[and by means of] the (fourfold-) support-pillar (fór) the [matrix-] word (-uthes).    +
b) [to be] the [matrix-] sky. ,
[as] [matrix-] existence. [by means of] the east (‘heaven’). side.      +
[to be] the [matrix-] word of hail. [as] [matrix-] speech to manifest. ;
[because]      +
existence to make (‘as concept’). [by] the fuel (?,-tchâb; ‘words’). [for] above. ;
[because] the (proto-matrix-) word dwells.      +
[in?] the region (-áat=ST-tile of 593?). [of] these. 4 (-of the hand of he).   +
[in order for] [matrix-] existence of hail. [for]. to bring (‘to matrix’). ;

context so far :
… the words said by the 7 torches (in the lower SH-pool) are mutilated ,
and now “rise up as sounds”
(depicted by the 4 sistrum-bearers in the Akhenaten page) ;
we termed those ‘sounds’ as “proto-words” – for lack of better phrasing ,
while the eden-star now creates powerful matrix-words of those ‘sounds’ ;
2) the “four of the hand of he” ,
… the “hand of he” means “the eden-stone”,
appareantly having “four vases” which ‘fed the words TO the star’  (?)    —
in this case those 4 may have been replaced by “the 4 sistrum-bearers”
(see also “the 4 vases NEMS” theme) ;

[next : the eden-star becomes the matrix-star , within the pyramid :]

c) [because] the doubled ennead (‘9 main matrix-constructs’).        +
[to become at] the (matrix-) side. [of] place-T for [matrix-] speech of hail. ,
                                                                                                                            (‘where the star is’)
[as] the one (-place) for great [matrix-] speech. [in] the throne. above. ,
[in order] existence to make (‘as concept’). [as] the one of eden-within. ,
[by means of for] thou (‘star’). the (matrix-proto-) word to dwell (-there). ;
[and thou now as] the T’ua-star , the god. , thou. the [mátrix-] word to birth. ;
[because]        +
[as] the Sothis (eden-) star (-spt’t+). thou. the one to copy (‘the same concept’). ;

c) [and therewith]        +
[matrix-] existence to make (‘as concept’). [of] (eden-) willpower (for) existence. ,
[by means of] [thou-] within (‘the matrix’). [he]. the (matrix-) word to birth. ;
[and by means of] within (‘the matrix’). the word to birth. ,
[to become] the word for the solarplane (-bu). [of] (matrix-) speech of hail.

[closing section : again about that forked-axis , just using other terms now :]

1706 b,a)    [skipped]
1705             [skipped]
1704             [skipped]
1703             [skipped]
reason :
… 1705 and 1704 tell nothing new (but just use other terms) ,
in order not to confuse or complicate the theme so far , we skipped these ;


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