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themes : Tem-Rã [as eye] ; the prisoner , and speech of light
notes : for each subsequent paragraph ; below main text ;
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CT 349

IV 384
e) Tem [=Damascus]. he. to raise-up [by the support] (ths). the one. prisoner [to make eden-word?]. ;
d) [and so] the [eden-] word. to connect to. he. the support [rising up] for the [mátrix-] word (uths). ;

c) the divine set-tile [captured eden-cornerstone?]. [by?] he. the slain eden-hand to make hail (sát’). +
[for] this N’s [=candidate]. ãnkh-life. ;

c) the divine ást’es. he. existence. having succeeded to acquire and made to be inversed (ssah). +
[to be] the new-hand of sight to build (sqt’t’). [for] all. ;

b) he. the father [he place-T for hail=Tem] (átf). this. to make (ár). ,
[and so for] he. existence [=matrix]. to become the word by decree of law (utchu). [of] this. Horus. ;
a) the city of Õn [Tyre]. of [=by?]. thou. sekhem-sceptre [rule over copied eden-word?]. to acquire. ;

IV 383
g) the location of the new-root [=Thebes, Tem] (P). of [=as]. place-T of beauty (nefert). ,
[being?] thou. location as place-T of throne-G [=matrix throne] (gt). above [=north]. ,
[as?] the location as place-T of hail by the new-hand for [matrix-] existence (nt’át). [of] adam-within. , +
[for] to stand upright [=onto matrix vector]. ;

f) the helpless dimension of throne-G. [by] he. the evil place-T of the éden-word for the solarplane.
e) [but through] the new-hand of sight to build (sqt’t’), he [=evil place]. to be hated (mstch). ;

d,c) Osiris. , thou. dimensional-side (gs). above [=north]. ,
[is by] the [eden-] word. to connect to. the support [rising-up] (ths). [for] this N [=candidate]. ;
b) [in order for to be] within [=matrix]. [namely] place-T to become new [=for matrix] (unt). ,
[being] place-T to listen to. [by] this N. ;
a) [as] [the doubled] place-T of speech-of-light at the new-root. , [being] place-T of sight. [for] this N. ;

IV 382
e) the god. place-T to birth [=matrix]. [for] the word of willpower. ,
[being?] the innermost sacred place [=T of matrix] (khnnu). ,

of [=by]. place-T speech to transform (khprt). [to be] place-T of great speech. above [=north]. ,
the spirits [by place-T\u] of the east. [and] the spirits [by place-T\u] of the west. +
[for] peace [=matrix status-quo] (h’tp). ;

d) he. the years [seasons]. above [=north]. , [through] Tem [=Damascus]. [for] peace. ,
c) he. the divine father [he place-T =Tem] (tf). above. , [being] Horus’. peace. ;

c) he. the eye. above. , [being] Horus’. peace. ;

b) the dome of Nut. the word. to connect to. existence [=matrix]. to birth (mes). ,
a) Geb [=inversed cherub-wheels?]. the word. to connect to. existence. to creáte (qma). ;

IV 381
f) Orion as the acquired eden-star made to be inversed (ssah’+). [for] existence of hail [=matrix]. ,
[as] thou. above. protection of hail. ;
e) the t’uathouse [=hebr. Sheol]. of [=by]. thou. to manifest (per). ,
d) [through] thou. willpower. [by] place-T of adam-within [=now north]. ,
[and there by] the slaughtered lights of eden-willpower [of eden-oval] (shãt). +
existences to make [=as concept]. , [for] existence [=matrix]. [of] sight (maa). ;

c) the divine words of great speech. to tremble for [=eden to tremble] (st’a). ,
b) [by] thou. divine son-construct. [for] thou. existence. existence. to make (ár). ;

a) [conclusion:]
place-T of the cemetery below [=eden]. of [=for]. the willpower. of [=for]. the Egyptian-adamite-soul. ,
[in order to be] existence [=matrix]. [of] sorcery (hKa). ;
[by means of] place-T [eden’s] to carry-off. [and] to give. , [for] [matrix-] speech. to complete (tem). ;

End 349


notes :

e) prisoner ,
to right, next to the e) ; as ‘SU ;
for two years we assumed it was related to Cain [because of -S] ,
but the context must be an eden-concept ;
BD (17) and others also write “divine double-place-T of the prisoner”,
so this concept must be linked to the difficult theme of ‘places-T’ ;
– note how in line d) the -U in UTHES is [glyphwise] at the end ,
making this -U (‘word’) to be the matrix-word ;

e) Tem ,
[see CT 325] ; shown to right , above ‘a new spell follows’ ;
he is both ‘the father’ ÁTEF as well as ‘he place-T of hail’ ÁTEF ;
and is one of the 9 serpent-constructs , see pic in february log ,
as huge serpents carrying a butcher knife ;

c) set tile ,
to right , said as ‘the god of evil’ ; but the seated figure as
‘warding-off glyph’ shows “a magically-dangerous concept” ;
literally “(the dangerous, or ‘danger of the’) tile to make place-T” ,
the ‘making’ referring tot he relocated tile, now north ;
which leaves little option as the eden-cornerstone (hebrew -abn) .

click image to enlarge

Since scripture mentions the cornerstone’s enemy as the rock -sela ,
we have a serious option that the other tile in glyphs is TEB ,
“the stone [for,of?] the solarplane by place-T” ;
but truth is that the ‘stone’ and ‘place-T’ concepts are very difficult
to understand and to place : an order , said to Jeremiah ,
“put the two [gem-] stones in the brickwall of the entry at Pharaoh’s house” ,
is this about the cornerstone and the horus-tile (sela) ; or ‘two places-T’,
as per SU\TT glyph in d) above ?
– in black bold : version on other coffin ;

g) stand upright ,
their dual-realm is at another dimensional angle (vector) as eden and Heaven ;
compare the posted Daniel chapter where their goat butted to the south-east ,
while the eden-ram butted to the north-west .
Glyphs depict this difference in vector by the ‘legs and fingers’ glyphs ,
Or in amtuat and book of gates as “now upright standing serpents” ;
in Giza the great gallery is at a slope representing this vector difference ,
and compare the tuat IV pic of the same slope (see log february) ;
in (index) is the chapter where God says that “their main-mast will fall down
and its anchor-ropes will not hold it up anymore” ;

a) speech of light by place-T ,
we’ve to leave this one for another spell ;
also this place was originally eden’s , but was brought up to their new-root ,
and must belong to the concept “word to make”, ‘SU (see 384 e, above) .
The nature of this concept TER ‘speech of light’ , now at their new root ,
must relate to the practices of the ‘sightseers’ in scripture ;

e) spirits of the east and west ,
extremely difficult theme ; for another spell ;
related to the hebrew -qdr [kedar] , qdm [east] and qdsh [sacred] ;

f) Orion ,
shown here holding the UAS sceptre (as many deities do) ,
another name for Thebes included also this sceptre ;
south-egypt [upper-egypt] represents the region of the outer-court ,
“(by) the adamite-soul (S) the split-off watercourse (UA)” ,
this sceptre representing the ‘standing-upright’ of the watercourse ,
thereby ruling the adamite-soul ;
the position of the constellátion Orion keeps our reality at their vector ;

a) egyptian-adamite-soul ,
here as the -S bolt-glyph ; as opposed to the imprisoned-adamite-soul
(as the -S curved pole or cloth glyph) .
The difference between these two S-clusters can only relate to the theme
of Esau and Jacob in scripture ; given the fact that egyptians were born
adamite-souls but of the type which got to hate eden …

04.01.19 submitted — first version — hetreport

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