CT 72 : stolen willpower II :
much info : 
place of seizing the
 eden-moonlight  (oryx, Seker,
  stalk MAUT and Amduat V) ;
 willpower connected tó the
particles makes the matrix Dawn
(half-month + full-month theme)
  as T’UA-dawn + moon ÁÂH’ ,
 2. creational-particles (‘words’)
 are oozed out by the pillar into
matrix-sky (Rev. trumpet theme)
 and connect to matrix-speech


hr diagram + amtuat V

above : the situation in the drawing is situated in the lower register (‘level’)
of the hieroglyph mural — the “place of seizing the moonlight” is represented
by the oval circle with the figure standing upon it ;
   – in the ‘middle register’ , above eden’s influential sphere (which is now Dark)
       is their “gate region” containing many concepts and constructs , 
   – while the ‘upper register’ is their region as the land of Mystery-Babylon 
this CT 72
starts with the author addressing the eden-willpower now ‘working for the matrix’ :
– the white moonlight of the eden moon is ‘eden willpower’ (coherent light) ,
– and this light ’empowers the atmospherical essence or floating light-particles’
    (for utter lack of better term because “plasma” has strange connotations) , 
    in this CT72 named “words” ;
    but perhaps a good description is “the dew feeding eden” in Genesis ? 
    because this would also link to the half-month theme in this CT ;
– from the cóntext of this 72 the moonlight connected to the particles
  formed “the eden (dimensional-) Dawn” , as ‘quality óf the dimension’ ;
– so
    they needed to steal ánd the moonlight ánd the particles ,
    but this spell starts with the first ;
– they indeed made some ‘seizing structure’ and póssibly ‘in a tree form’ ,
    so our option that they ‘discharge the (energy of-) the moon’ still makes sense ;
part II
describes how the willpower – now above – connects to the (stolen) particles
causing their matrix-Dawn as “the opposed seasons to eden” ; 
how this now energized matrix-dawn connects the words with their (creational-) 
type speech – so that they can create things into existence ; 
   subthemes :
   – their ‘great pillar’ in their sky which “broadcasts the words across the land”
        as a theme immediately linked to the concept ‘trumpet’ in Revelation 
   – again a link to “the Revelation woman theme” :
        compare the ‘moon, sun and stars’ , as three levels , with the three registers ,
        and in the mural ‘a female head’ (matrix-moon?) is linked to the seizing-construct ;
        … though we wouldn’t imagine the Revelation woman upon a moving binary moon ,
        not ‘the moving’ is important but “the eden moon related to the eden-dawn” which is
        now “carrying” her – because the family of Jacob-souls is represented bý the woman ;
        hence – and final bid – the Revelation woman must stand upon the eden moon ;
        and see next ;
character of the eden dawn :
… this “moonlight – as ‘willpower’ – connecting to particles” is ofcourse strange to us 
but should nót be more strange than , for example , ‘the Originals for our soul’ 
or the description (in The Book of Adam and Eve) “how all the flowers bloomed
when God appeared in the Garden (-of eden)” 
the problem of ‘the stolen willpower’ :
… using that same example , this “creational willpower” (ofcourse) obeyed God ,
but in this case “a type matrix-speech” – as SEKER – constantly invokes the
moonlight to move to the north ,
where SEKER is a kind of “matrix-speech imitating eden’s speech” ,
having apparently enough authority to make the eden-willpower to obey     —
interestingly ,
though in prophets Ádam is accused of stealing many eden-concepts and even
is accused of devising this sun Râ , it seems that this theme links to Cain instead :
we cannot be 100% sure because the moon-chapters in prophets are still corrupted
but the spélls constantly link Cain to this stolen-willpower theme ;
.. not just his name ÂQEN refers to 

“..of (eden-) existence… fór (matrix-) power (Â)”,
but the dna-type chain may be around ‘his throat’
because of a theme as ‘vócal cords’ , 
compare the ‘imitating of eden-speech’ , where the
term S-K-R roughly reads “the double-speech of
the corrupt-adm-soul” (the bolt-glyph S) ,
and Cain wás that [if he wasn’t a demon-animal soul]
but having an eden-type body ,
to which the willpower would listen !…. ;
is it ,
would it be too strange to suggest the possibility
that this is why God wanted you and we to find
this theme – in order to undo it – by speech – 
because perhaps a Legal reason was tied to this
theme ? we’d need to ponder that reason …


reading the glyphs of this spell :
original page at 302 , PDF page 322 ,
but remember to read UPwards ; 
‘official’ translation :
see annex

CT 342   [the ‘you’ is the (eden-) willpower]
I 302        intro
[for] Osiris (‘the matrix’). [to be] the (eden-) willpower for (matrix-) existence. ,
[because by means of]       +
thou (adj.) – “workable word” (‘light-particles to can create with’?).   +
(matrix-) existence. to empower (‘to say’). , 

[and so for] Geb (‘Chaldea, land of M-Babylon’). [to be] (matrix-) existence of hail. ;
    f :
    the “workable word” : we have no better term yet , but the context of this spell 
    shows that the interpretation of the term should fit somewhat ;
    you see N-NU-U 
    as ‘chisel+pot+bird’ and seemingly “some action” happened to the word ; 
[and because of] thou (adj.) – “workable word”. ,
(eden-) existence. [of] the real-adm-soul (..) (adj.) – [to] be empowered. [=nót]. ,
[but instead] ,
[as] mine (-existence). ,     + 

[through]  thou. empowering (‘say’) (-it). within (-the matrix). ;    

next , ‘stealing the eden-moonlight (‘word’)’ :
double matrix oryx construct

[by means of] the (double-) (matrix-) oryx construct. [as] the (matrix-) corner 
(-for mutilation) (NM+). ,
[being] the (matrix-) pool (adj.) – [in] the foreign land.      +
[as] the fire-stick construct (‘boat’) (adj.) – [for] thou. ; 

above :
… the ‘oryx’ , MA HETCH is “the oryx the white-light to reap (-from eden)” ,
where the white-light shóuld refer to “moonlight”        (see for oryx also PT 570) ;
here it is some “double construct” and the two heads are the same as 
the ‘boat of SEKER’ (‘said as some ‘death-god’) :
also there both oryx-heads ‘face eachother’ – like several boats in amduat – 
which implies “the matrix re-using concept of eden” to can feed upon her ;
… this SEKER can mean very well “the speech of Cain” :
Cain was a matrix-soul but having an eden-type body ,
and he can have “ruled over eden-willpower” as well — through ‘speech’ ,
which is the -R in SEKER                     (and see how B10C writes KSRu) ;
and because ‘willpower’ “couples with” ‘speech’ , the matrix can have built
some construct which constantly siphons eden-willpower away to the matrix ;
the S-K-R would read 
“the double-speak by the corrupt-adm-soul (S-bolt)” , compare Cain , 
halfway this spell will show a KRKR which is this same theme ; 
… there is also a SEKER figure in amduat hour V ,
standing in – or at – an oval (‘an island’ , which is also often “a construct”) 
and “sand” is mentioned in the text belonging to the oval ,
which is SH “the cut-off lights of (eden-) willpower (Â) (at? the pool)” ,
but this SHÂ has to be “guided” – read , to the matrix, ofcourse ;
a text at the oval reads ,
“[to becóme] the hidden land. ,                                [<< read : eden dimension]
[by means of] the essences (-for he the hail). 
[of] (eden-) existence. to guard (‘the essences’). [by] the divine \\ SEKER. , 
[because through] (matrix-) vulture-rule. [over] the hidden land. , 
the things of the son-island (adj) – to fly up (‘to the north’). ; 

inhere ,
–  depending upon the reading also “island AS the son-construct” 
     or even “daughter-construct” and see below ;
–  the \\ often means ‘double’ so it can be that “double-speech”, see above ;
–  note that at this island , the matrix guards those essences 
     (that same “workable word” in intro of this chapter) ,
     and by context darkens the eden dimensional-dawn itsélf  
… in the text also “white-light” shows and “two eyes nót” (eden’s binary ?)
and see also “the female head on that hill” , the text doesnt identify her but she
probably is ‘the now matrix moon in the matrix-gate (the hill, the high place)’ 
and still “fed by the eden-particles” because the hill connects to lower register 
(and once again ‘the Revelation woman’ comes to mind… also “three registers” ,
above , centre and below…) ;  
we never understood whát exactly this oval was about but now it makes sense :
we’ll need to do that page again to see what it all says ;
amtuat V                                                                 (rpt)
next , the willpower – now serving the matrix – rules that same place :
[but] the (same-) stalk (or: tree) (‘the stalk the one to reap [-eden]’).       +  
(which-) steers (KHRP ‘by matrix’ ; adj.) – thóu. , 
(also-) [to be]       + 
the sceptre (‘for to be the solarplane’). (by which-) thou. to smite (-eden) (-with). 
      (‘smite with the authorative matrix-word’ H’U)

b :
… it can be “that he has bóth staffs now” 
but that is because we don’t understand the náture of the first staff  —
usually written as MA-UT+ , with sickle , yet we can’t see “what” is being reaped ; 
(we’ll need to do CT 159
because that also addresses this staff and a second one but differently named) ;

… we neither know “hów that construct looks”
(which catches the light of the eden-moon)
but considered the ‘tree’ in T9C and the almost
‘candlestick-like’ depiction in T1C , our concept
of “a forest causing the discharge of the moon”
perhaps wasn’t that far off ?
forest causing discharge of the moon

.. apparently the spell does not further relate
‘how the willpower went to their north’ ;
there is a good chance that the ÂNT-boat spells
will disclose this ; 
next ,
[so that] (-through that sceptre) ,        +
[by] ‘the south-dimension’ (‘see below’). [to be] the (matrix-) word of eden-within. 
(+’in the north’) ,

I 301
[see lateron]
[by means of] thou. (-own) existence (“that what he is”).        +
it. [to] (matrix-) existence to bring. ,      + 
[and by?] the matrix (dimensional-) dawn (-the god). [..ás ?..] thou (-self). , 
(matrix-) existence. to rejoice. ;      + 
e                                                                                         [t’ua-star : moon-glyph in T9C !]
[because] (now-) ,      +                                                            [<< now needs a reason]
the words (‘particles’) bow down. for. the gods (‘demons’).      +
[because of] thou. existence. to come hail (-by). ; 

above :
… if the syntax reading is correct , then he IS / causes the matrix-dawn    — 
g : from the syntax “he can only bring himsélf” (there is no other subject) ;
f :  line runs on , possibly “thou” can be an (adj.) , 
      the “rejoice” (a stop-word) refers back to previous term ; 
e : the ‘words to bow’ first – or it would write “the gods (themselves) to bow” ;
so it seems that 
when the (previous-) eden-willpower is connected to the (now-) matrix-word 
                                       (‘atmospheric particles , lights’) 
                                         it causes their matrix-dawn 

matrix dawn :
… it is not exactly ‘light’ … neither ‘(just a-) dimension’ … but a dimensional quality ;
therefore the chapter continues at this point describing “the provisions” , next
(probably many of these are “created by speech” aka ‘sorcery’) :
[and therewith for] the foremost (-KH-house of the) (adj.) – West (-dimension).     +
[to be] the (matrix-) provisions (adj.) – [of] (matrix-) existence. above (‘north’). ,
     (since lateron as why ‘north’) 
[as]     +
the thousand (adj.) – [type-] birds. by. thou. ,  
the thousand (adj.) – [type-] cattle. by. thou. ,
the thousand (adj.) – [type-] garments (prob. ‘environment’). by. thou. ,  
the thousand (adj.) – [type-] food. by. thou. , 

next : the link to the ‘matrix-moon’ and “seasons and months” :
… the matrix-dawn may “emanate [out-] from something”
as ’emanating out of the matrix-moon’ ÁÂH’ ;
we’ve always searched for a T’UA “star” at a certain location but it’s not ,
in PT (older than CT) never ‘a star’ is added and nowhere is any location 
(though ""the underworld"" as we would name it is “the house óf the matrix dawn”) ;
matrix-dawn linked to the moon ÁÂH’ :

… the ‘moon-glyph’ in T9c [where is added ‘sic’] shows also in column h (in top) 
as the matrix ÁÂH-moon                                           (“of wick-H’ matrix-willpower of hail”) ,
likely saying here “the lights of the ÁÂH-moon are by thou” , specified as
“the 1000 (type-) words as the lights of the moon , by thou” ;
CT152 is about this ÁÂH’- moon talking about “my enemy” and “the other one”, lit. :
“[to be] the (matrix-) sky. [of] (matrix-) speech. ,                       [<< this is their ‘ânkh-life’]
[by means of] the word (‘particle’). [of] the other one. (‘eden moon’).      +   
[as] my divine many ones. of. me. to (adam-like-) manifest.”

the latter can hardly be anything else but the binary eden-moon ; and note how in the
second half of this chapter also “willpower connects speech with the word” ;
the ‘seasons theme’ and ‘the month’  (see below) :

… glyph SMET’T is “the half month” , the 15th of every month ,
but we do not understand ‘what’ exactly happened each 15th of the month ; 
we don’t even know if there was ‘a full and new moon’ in eden ,
interpreted as “a moon glowing at its brightest at the 15th of the month”  (?)
as “emanating the strongest (eden-) willpower at that time” ..?
this was (also-) a way of ‘keeping the matrix-realm at a safe distance’ ?
either way , 
this theme was continued in old-Ishral , “the day – from dusk to next dusk” 
because of the creation in Genesis likely “un-doing the previous matrix dawn” ,
and that the matrix – since the fall – undid the eden dawn again ; 

I 300
thou. [as] the (eden-) half-moon-month. [for] (eden-) existence. existence. to make
                                           (‘existence to make (‘as concept’) by thou [=ÁR is an eden term]’)
[and now]     +
thou. [as] the the (matrix-) full-moon-month. mý. (matrix-) existence. to make. ; 
[and so] within (-the matrix). ,        +
thou. [as] the (matrix-) years. adam-like (adj.) – (matrix-) existence. to make. ; 

[difficult :]
the barley. [of] thou. (eden-) existence. to reap. , 
[and] (+as?)     +
the grain. (of,for) thou. (matrix-) existence. to cultivate (“make to double”). ; 

      we don’t know yet what is this about ; theme often appears in spells ; 
      perhaps related to “.. I will break your staff (axis) of bread” in prophets ? ;
      barley : B-T’TT+
      ‘the lights (?) of the staff at double-T of the eden-hand / for the solarplane’ , 
f                                                            [f : “eden” – as consequence of previous]
[in order to be]     +
the great (adj.) – weary (-one). [as] the great (adj.) – sleeping (-one). ,
[as] the death. [for] (eden-) existence. ;
[but though] the one (‘eden’) to die. ,
thóu. to die. (as the one to-) me. to give. speech. nót. ; 
      (“you who give me speech don’t die”)
[because] the one (‘eden’) to die. (as the one for-) the real adm-soul (…). , 
[yet]      +
thou. [to] (matrix-) existence. the things (c). [of] the dying (-one). to say (c).   +
[in order to be] this. (matrix-) hail. ; 
   (‘but you keep on empowering the things (-by the dying one) fór matrix-existence’)
[so that]     +
the divine Egyptians. can make existences (‘forms’). [as] the one of eden-within. ;

[unsure context but the ’empower the things’ theme should continue :]

[because for] the gods (‘demons’).      + 
thou. to make the copied things. as (?). [..] 
the offered things (-by eden) (appearing at-) the (matrix-) field (‘in gate region’). ;

[and by means of?] the (matrix-) double-speak. [by?] the fire-stick construct. ,     + 
[for] Râ. [to be] the willpower. by (?). thou. [as?] the pacified (‘with matrix’) (-one). 

    b-a :                                                                       
    so – “offerings arrived at their field (-in the gate)” must be SENT by the fire-stick
    (at the “place of seizing the eden moon” , at the oryx place) ;
    and “pacified willpower (Â) for R” must be “corrupted eden willpower” :
    problem is that the “thou” in this spell HIMSELF became matrix-willpower 
    so we don’t know if this is “an aspect of himself” (probably ‘yes’) ; 
    the ‘double-speak’ : as KRKR literally “speech thou speech thou”
    but perhaps imagined as “frequency” ;
    3. no ‘brothers’ here (SN-NU+) ;

next : ‘speech’ now connected with ‘words’ :
I 299
[skipped : o-h (2 rightside columns) , telling how by the offerings at that field
“[are] your (adj.) – thousand (type-) – (matrix-) beer , and -foods”, etc ;]
[of?] thou. [are] the lights for speech to connect to (matrix-) existence (‘natron’). 
[as?] the lights of he (-eden) for (to be matrix-) existence (-of the KH-house). 
[and so] NebH’Et (‘region as chalice below the solarplane’).         +
(to have-) the lights of he (-eden) for (to be matrix-) existence (-of the KH-house). 
(+ as (eden-) willpower for the matrix’) (T2C). ,

[bý] Isis (‘matrix-throne within that region’).        +
[as?] ‘the kite’ (“matrix-place-T at the [south-] border [of that chalice]”).       +
the (now-) (matrix-) word. to connect to. the support pillar (‘to north’) 

[because by?] Anubis (“word by matrix-root P” ÁNPU).  
the (now-) (matrix-) word. to connect to. the support pillar 
[for] Osiris (‘the matrix’). [as] my. divine father. ; 

[impossible to read :]
the (double-) Ennead            (‘Ennead : 9 main matrix constructs ; land , sky, etc’). 
the shoulder.                            (‘an axis’) 
the (matrix-) speech. 
within (-the matrix). 
he.                                               (‘that shoulder’?)
to dwell. ; 

[and then?]. [he]. [to be] within. [he]. the great pillar (‘part of the worldtree’). 
[as] he (“completed matrix word”) . [being] the (matrix-) spirits-consciousness. ; 

    a :
    the pillar (part of the worldtree) itself as glyph contains the  ‘willpower’ ;
I 298
[and so to be] (matrix-) existence (adj.) – [for] Osiris (‘matrix’). [..] the father. ,
[by means of] Horus (‘gate region south”). existence. to make (but ÁR). ; 
[because] the great pillar. [..] the made (matrix-) word (adj.) – to command (‘direct’) 
[and] me. to hear (-it) (‘that word’). ; 

   i :
   this is ‘the trumpet’ theme in Revelation :
   but imagine that pillar like “sending out , oozing out the words” 
   and the RÂ – on tóp of that pillar – gives ‘speech’ R to them spirits ; see next ;
to repeat : me. (matrix-) existence. to hear. ,                     [‘I hear matrix-existence’]
(as the one-) (‘matrix-word’) (by which-) (matrix-) existence. [is] founded. ;         + 

[looking at B10C :]

[as] (matrix-) existence. [by means of] the (matrix-) diménsion.      +
to connect to. the (corrupt-) adm-soul. , 
[to be] the (matrix-) dimension. connected to. the (corrupt-) adm-soul. ; 
       (T2C has similar expression)

[something like :]
“just like the (eden-) existence by thou (was) for the réal adm-soul”

closing lines
[d : unknown concepts ; but reads like :]                    [see below a) for these ‘vessels’]

by [means of] (?) ‘some (matrix-) workplace’ (?) 
(as?) ‘some place fór the pillar’ (?) 
(of) these. four. vessels (‘belonging to eden’). 
(by?-) (which?-) thou. (matrix-) existence. to acquire. ,        +   

the (matrix-) word. to connect to. the (4-fold?) support pillar. ,
[and so] [to be] thou (adj.) – abundant. (matrix-) existence. , 
[and] thou. [to be] abundant. [in] thou. (matrix-) existence.    +
[as] the (matrix-) dimension (adj.) – [by] thou. ; 
[and so] [for] this. N (‘candidate’). [to be] (matrix-) vulture-rule of hail (T2C).


the ‘vessels’ in d) :
… line is impossible to translate for we don’t yet know what are ‘the 4 NMST jars’ ;
– they do belong to eden because elsewhere “they are purified” ,
– they could be related “to eden’s 4 cardinal points” 
    (see the mutilated Zecheriah chapter mentioning “the four crowns” ;
“the vessels of the eden-throne for matrix-existence” 
and the ‘four’ is glyph FT’T , “… of he (=eden’s) hand” ;
however  –
we still haven’t posted the finished (famous-) Akhenaten mural 
showing himself and his wife as “the protectors” (of the whole concept in this spell) ;
you will see “four goddesses” which represent “the made matrix word” 
as 4 axis bringing that word to the ÁTEN disk-globe (enveloping Mystery-Babylon) ;
4-fold support :
the great pillar is either existing óf or flanked bý four support-pillars for the word ,
the latter listed as SEKHENu IV ; 


annex : 
‘official’ translation (Faulkner) :
but remember he read it upside down ,
and disregarding MANY glyphs ,
“O N, your water is yours, your flood is yours, being abundant. Raise yourself,
receive these four pleasant brim-full nmst-jars. Wipe off, wipe off for me, libate,
libate for me, be silent, be silent for me, listen, listen for me, that I may hear it, 
that great word which Horus made for his father Osiris that he might become
a spirit thereby and that he might become great thereby in the presence of
the Ennead. 
O my father Osiris, raise yourself; O Anubis, raise yourself (and) your kites
Isis and Nephthys. May you be satisfied by means of the hand of Rê; 
may you cross over to the Field of Offerings among your brethren who are in
the midst of them, yonder people of whom it has been said: 
‘You have not died the death, and I will not let you die the death, (even) you
who are heavily sleepy and greatly weary. Barley is cultivated for you, emmer is
reaped for you, wherewith I have made your yearly sustenance; 
I have celebrated your half-monthly festivals and your monthly festivals ;
your thousand of figs, your thousand of bread, your thousand of alabaster, 
your thousand of trp-geese, your thousand of r-geese upon the offering table
of the Foremost of the Westerners. The gods come to you bowing, 
the Morning Star rejoices at you, he brings to you what is in the Abyss; 
you strike with the sceptre and rule with the staff. You cross the lake, 
you traverse the Waterway of the Two Sheep. 
Do not say: it is I who say this. It is Geb and Osiris who say this to you.”