CT 63

main theme : the stolen words of the eden-tree of life ;

regions , correlations and terms :
… please see page ;
we’re still searching how to interpret certain terms and regions ;

source text :
open a new window if you want to read the original glyphs as parallel text :
and goto page I-274 of the PDF , always reading from down upwards

CT 63 :
… difficult like many other ones – but followable
annex :
the ‘official’ translation (but read from top down) ;


CT 63


I 274
f) the (eden-) tree of life (-áat). by. thou. to steer (-khrp). ,                                                      [‘direct’]
e) [through?] the (matrix-) sceptre (-âbbaa). for. thou. to smite [-him] (‘with matrix-word’). ;

context so far :
… the ‘eden tree’ is sure : ÁAT is the root of ÁTENUS also shown with tree
(from where comes the áten-disk) ;
2) their sceptre does not appear to be ‘a construct’ but more like “a concept (of rule)”,
as “the sceptre – of the Ba-soul – for the solarplane – of willpower” ,
and interesting is the root morphing into glyph ÁBBAIT “the primeval locust”,
because perhaps ‘the king – messenger – of the abyss’ (Rev.9) refers to this ruling concept ,
since “smoke” (glyph H’T) is related to the stolen words of the tree of life (see Rev. 9) ;

d) [and?]      +
the (eden-) stars who perish as not being part of the (matrix-) kh-house (ákhemu sek+).      +
c) [became?] the stars (-sb+). for. the m-realm (‘north’). [at?] the (matrix-) sky. ,
[in order for] thou double-speech (-krkr). to devise. to manifest. ;       +
     (thou devised double-speech to manifest)

context so far :
… we are not sure how he gets to ‘the ákhemu stars’ now ;
we think that the ákhemu-stars are “the seven eyes of God”,
in Revelation also described as ‘the seven stars or candlesticks upon the sea of glass’
(eventhough spells never give their number but only as ‘multiple’) ;

b) [to be?] the star as the god of (matrix-) dawn (-t’ua+). the legs (-r’t). to doorkeep. ;
[and so for?] thou (‘the candidate’). [bý?] the (eden-) tree.      +
a) [to be] the revolving (matrix-dimensional-) light. ,                                [<< revolving around]
[as the one?] the legs (or ‘stairway’). to doorkeep. ;

context so far :
… perhaps the seven (stolen) stars together now form the tua-star ?   —
in a next spell this t’ua-star appears to be equated with ‘Orion’ ,
as the typical construct existing out of “7 main stars” ;
… so it seems that this (multiple-) star is north of Damascus (where the tree is) ,
guarding “the stairway from the eden-tree towards their north” ;
by means of their revolving (=serpentine) type light ;

I 273
h) [because per the above, by?] this. thou. (matrix-) sceptre (âbbaa).      +
thou. (matrix-) existence. (as the devised one). to acquire. ;        
g) [in order] (matrix-) existences to make (‘as concept’).         +
[of] (eden-) willpower for (matrix-) existence (-h’enâ). ,
[as?] thou. speech. (being the devised one). to dwell [-there]. ;      +

f) [because?] adam (-i). to dwell. [with] the gods. ,
[and therefore?] thou. to discover. speech of hail. ;
e) [in order for] existences to make (‘as concept’). [of] eden-within. ,
[as] thou. speech. (being the devised one). to dwell [-there]. ;
d) [and so] existence to make. [of] abundance (-bâh’). ,
[when] thou. discovereth. the speech of hail. ;

  • Adam ,
    the lineup of glyphs appears to single out the ‘i’ (the double reed) ,
    and the egyptian souls must have had a secret admiration for Adam
    (compare Tutankamen’s headdress – which we think was Adam’s)
    and therefore must have mentioned him rather frequently   —
    different from the animal-spirits in Rg-Veda who did nót have any link
    to him , and describe him as “the foreign one” ;

c) [because by?]       +
he the (eden-) root (-pf). [to be] the divine Ba-soul. [of] the (matrix-) house. ,
[by means of] the (eden-) house (or: ‘cornerstone’) to make to open. ,
[and so?] the speech. [to be] thou. speech. ,     +
[for?] the (corrupt adm-) soul coming to. hail. ;

  • corrupt soul ,
    as far we understand “the bar upon legs” glyph refers to ‘egyptian souls’
    as “corrupt adm-souls” (though they wouldn’t say that about themselves ofcourse) ;
    their ‘rehabilitated soul’ is termed “Ba-soul”
    (compare how the genuine adm-soul is the cloth-glyph-S , much more negative) ;

b) [because] the (eden-) word to bow. [for] thou. (matrix-) existence. ,
[in order] (matrix-) existences to make (‘as concept’). [by] the (eden-) word to come. ;
a) [and so for] the divine spirits. [by] he (‘word’). [to be] the speech of hail. ,
[and to] thou. (matrix-) existence. to give. speech. ;   

  • spirits ,
    may be “divine things of spirit-consciousness” ;

I 273     [difficult]

h) [by?] Nebhet (‘Damascus region’). [for] thou. existence. to be the Self (Ego). ,
[and by?] Isis (‘region of other stone’). thou. (matrix?-) existence. to invoke. ;
     see next ,
g) [because at?] the place of h’ent (‘a dimensional crossing-place). [of] eden-within.
[from?] the (divine) set dog stone. alike-adam’s (-miá). the fetters (-qas+). to untie (‘7’). ;
f) [in order to be?] thou. fat [-things]. ,        +
[by means of for] thou. having untied [-them]. ;
e) [as] the triple gift (?). ;                                                        [<< 3x same glyph? , unclear]

context so far :
… almost impossible to follow – since we don’t have a workable concept
(and neither we understand how the ‘stars’ theme relates to this section now ?..) ;

  • 1) the Self (-tchSu) has the same root (-Su) “to make the matrix-word” ,
    therefore it makes very much sense that the latter is related to their Ego-concept ,
    but we don’t understand the connection to Nebhet ;  
  • 2) and after the Self , Isis (as the region of the other stone) invokes existence ?
    the latter as the ‘dimensional quality’ which that other stone provides ?
  • 3) line g :
    does the theme continue with that other stone which is “the set dog stone” ? ;
    which was – alongside the eden-cornerstone (now ‘Damascus’) –
    part of a construct in eden-paradise , but as subservient to the cornerstone (?) ;
    yet that other stone was very important for thém ,
    therefore they “untied its fetters” ?

d,c,b,a) [skipped]
the (-tcham+?) in d is not tracable , a “to wave” is listed but is senseless here ;
c must continue (as pun) upon d – see the same figure in T9C ,
and in c either the word or speech is to descend , but unclear ;
the double ‘to guard’ in b (T2C) is strange ; the other ones make more sense
as “to make to connect to the (matrix-) land” , namely ‘the descended word’ ;
while we fail to see what (-teHeb, theHeb, or Heb) with leg-det. in a can be about ;


end CT 63
10.01jan.2021   —   submitted   —   first version   —   hetreport


‘official’ translation
(R. Faulkner)
“Here comes the Great Despoiler (?) ; guard yourself, guard yourself, go down
to….., wave the hands. Be put together, be put together, O you who should be
put together (?). Your limbs are released, your bonds are loosed like Seth who
is is Knt. Isis has summoned you, Nephthys has called to you, the spirits are
given to you, they come to you bowing. Go to open the mansion of your soul.
If you find them playing, you shall sit down between them. Receive this sceptre
of yours which is at the feet of Rê and your rod which is at the feet of the
Morning Star; you shall ascend tot he sky among the stars which do not perish,
you shall strike with the sceptre and govern with the rod. 

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