themes : Adam , throat, Horus, Ennead, urrt-crown, island of the horizon
notes : for each subsequent paragraph ; below main text ;
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comment : though Adam (as most-beautified-soul) is not direct mentioned ,
the context of the themes is similar to 257 ,
since ‘groups of spells in the same range’ often depict the same theme ,
CT 256

III 366
d) my words. [for] ãnkh-life (vampiring-life). ,
[through] the h’ett-throat. me. existence (for matrix). to tie together (thes). ;
c) [by] the island of the horizon. me. existence (eden’s). place-T-eden to carry-off. ,
b) [for] the praised-offering (by eden for the word, ut’en). , +
[as] the offerings to connect with the solarplane (áãbt). , +
[and so] me. existence (matrix). [by] he (eden-offerings). to make. ;
a) the divine essences for the kha-lotus. [as] my. existence. , +
[by] he. the arrow (sesher). [for the sh-pool]. ;

III 365
e) Horus. [to be by] the things of the original-adamite-throne (ást). [for] above (north). ,
[as] the kingship. my. existence. [being] the most-beautified-soul-adam. to give [‘by the hand’]. ;
d) the double-Ennead’s (18). willpower. of [=by]. the urrt-crown [eden-speech for the word]. ,
c) [as] the divine light (rã). [being] the willpower. of [=for]. the Tuat-house (region). ;
b) [through] my. mouth (eden’s). of [=fór]. the island of the horizon. ,
[by] me. existence (eden). place-T-eden to carry-off (átht). ,
[by] me. existence (eden). to strike (to force the eden-hand for hail, át’). ;
a) the sky. [of] existence (matrix). , [by] the kingship. of [=for]. to transform (kheper). ;

End CT 256


context :

III 366
— h’ett throat ,
an axis made by them , likely the same concept as the willow ,
from the eden-gate (as ‘mouth’) towards the north (as throat) ;
leading to “the island of the horizon” in the north as doubled place ;
— island of horizon ,
a glyph of two mountains ; one represents eden , the other theirs ;
both together “producing the new light” in the middle ;
we have an option that scripture names this region “the camel”
(as two lumps?) , in the chapter “the watchman heeds diligently” ;
— Kha lotus ,
we’re not sure yet , some dimensional-axis ,
— arrow ,
we’re not sure ; there appear to be 3 of these, made by them ;
SESHER “the arrow of speech to make the sh-pool (via ad-soul)” ,
this arrow must be in the SESHEMT-cluster , “sacred place of Horus”
and also linked to ‘3 aspects’ ;
in Zecheriah God also addresses “an (eden) moon and three (what?)” ,
which they either copied or stole ;

III 365
— Horus ,
in scripture named as (Oreb) , liked to “the horus-rock” (sela) ;
in glyphs as H’ERU “(eden) word of speech for wick-H’”,
the intrinsic meaning as ‘face’, showing the nature of a realm .
For context of this ,
there is a serpent in amtuat IV which is being fettered ,
this serpent represents “the lights of the tabernacle lampstand”,
the serpent called “the face in the dimensional-background”
(since eden is now in their background) , as H’A-H’ER ;
this makes ‘Horus’ to represent the same – but in their realm .
Since the fettered serpent is stabbed with 6 knives ,
Horus must represent their type matrix male as “666” ,
directly opposed to eden’s type male as Adam ;
(Horus as the bird in lowest position, to right) ;
— original-adamite-throne (ást) ,
as “(the throne at) place-T of the adamite-soul for hail” ;
turning into ÁST, Isis, the copied-throne in their north
(in scripture as -Raamah , from -rum ‘height’) ;
just above Horus, to right , the throne-glyph ;
— ennead ,
nine gods , representing blueprints of their main ‘constructs’
(as their land Geb, their sky Nut, etc) , but of difficult origin –
neither is clear where this (non-eden) number 9 comes from ;
— Urrt crown ,
as “the crown as place-T of speech for great speech (matrix)” ;
though this concept is somewhat vague ,
it is clear they need this crown “to can speak eden-words” ;
it must be a derivative of URT’ + star + passive-glyph ,
“the passive star of the eden-hand for great speech (eden’s)” ;
(urrt-crown in top of picture, to right) ;


submitted 01.27.01 —- het-report