BD 76
                   the locusts
(see Rev. trumpets chapter)

       (other chapters in which ‘locusts’ appear :
       BD 125 line 19 – but chapter is very long ;
       BD 69 , “making the locust” , S-ÁBAIT , chapter is difficult to read)


Book of the Dead 76
we’ve no idea what he’s trying to tell – so we’ve to go ‘word for word’  —
for synchron reading goto page 164 of paper , page 204 of PDF (click)
and start reading in lower right corner :
the writer must addresses ‘the Locust itsélf’ :
the (concepts belonging to the?-) (real-) adam-soul – (are) within [-the matrix] ,
(by?) the person stopping the [eden-] watercourse to come   [<< at a matrix place?]
(in order?) [-by that person] (matrix-) existence
to make (ár) ;
(namely through?) the divine one                                                                             [<< the locust]
having become the great
deity ,
(and by this?) person
(eden and the matrix-) to become united                                      [<< T’EMT’ or TCHEMT’]
(because by?) thou                                                      [<< is he addressing “the locust itself”..?]
within [-the matrix] ,
[matrix-] existence to become new ;                                                                                 [<< UN-N]
(by means of?) the white crown (‘matrix-white-light’)       
to guard ,                                                                                                                   [<< guarded by locust]
(so that?) the white crown       +
will make to radiate
the [matrix-] sky ;
(because?) [eden-] speech                                                              [<< to command a dimension]
has flown up [-to their north]
(to?) thou ,                                                                                                                                  [<< the locust]                        
(as?) the above                                                                                                                      [<< their north]
protection of [in order to be matrix-] hail (‘well-being’) ;
(by means of?) the [eden-] word                              [<< ‘particles’ of the eden-dimension]
to connect to
[matrix-] existence
(as) the one (‘word’) to be brought
(to?) the LOCUST (‘abait’)
(in order to be) [matrix-] existence of hail ;            [next : the residence of the locust :]
(by) the royal south                                                                [<< region of the stolen eden gate]
(as?) the house
above                                                                                                                                   [<< north of eden]
(is) [matrix-] existence
(by) to make to stop coming the watercourse (-to there) ;
(name of the scribe who wrote this piece)
is declaring :
he  [=these]                                              [<< likely “the concepts belonging to the adm-soul’ ]
within [-the matrix]
to transform ;
(because by) the to be desired [eden-] word [-for the matrix]
(as) all [-of them]                                                                                               [<< all words / particles]
to become the transformed images [-for the matrix]
the transformed
[all of-] [matrix-] existence
(by) the mouth .                                                                                             [<< the stolen eden gate]