Gen. 49 : the 11 May theme :
[the Exodus is about birth-right]  
#A : the blessing of Joseph :
as his sceptre unto mt. Sinai

[Unleavened]    unto the day of
[Unleavened soon]  
for ‘the future sons’ – the 144
[final version ; 2023-02feb.22]  

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                     because “the birth-right theme” became more extensive we need to find its start
                      and especially how she developed over Time — hence please first this overview :
                                                               the ‘journey’ of the birth-right 
start :      
                     – Adam took the birth-right from our Originals                              (‘as the soul in her Original’)
                     – causing “the corrupt type souls” to come forth                                 (‘Cain, Canaan, Esau, etc’)
Exodus :      
                     – on earth , Jacob took it back from Esau as “the battle between type souls”                                               
                     – Jacob on his turn gave the birth-right to Joseph                                                       (this chapter)
                     – Joseph had become virtually a Pharaoh                                                       (‘a Legal Right matter’)
                     – therefore the birth-right Exodus theme is now about “Mystery-Babylon vs Eden” 
                     – because “Pharaoh” in the scroll is ‘the dragon as the evil region’ 
                     – hence the metaphysical Exodus events as the immediate interference of God
                     – the birth-right sceptre will stay with Joseph — as tribe
                          when the covenant at Horeb will be made with the people                              [=Unleavened]  
                          and at that point the main timeline stops :
                          until “the future sons” – the 144 – will receive the sceptre                                (this chapter)  
                          as the proper fulfillment OF that (stopped-) timeline  
                                          [sub :]  
                                          hence Esau corrupted the Joseph theme here , in Gen. 50 and Ex. 13 ;
Christ :
                     – via Ishral’s generational birth-line Christ annuls Adam’s claim upon the birth-right
                     – but Adam fights back ,
                         by corrupting the scroll of prophets — as “the leaven” 
                     – and we are the end station                                                                                  [=Unleavened fulfilled]  

#A : Genesis 49 (22-26)
                         the chain of corruptions concerning the birth-right + Joseph
#1  though we rightly understood what was said about Unleavened in our days in Ex. 13 
        concerning “the sceptre be given to the future sons” ,
        to really confirm that we need to understand what was the ‘Joseph’ corruption there ,
#2  if we want to understand what was said about Joseph in 13
        we need to see what was the (corrupted-) section it referred to – in Gen. 50 ,
#3  if we want to understand what was said in 50
        we need to get some idea about the  totally corrupted  blessing of Joseph in Gen. 49 : 
        for complete interpretation and restored text : see below fulltext 
        [this section is quite extensive – but that was what these just five (!) lines took]  

                               please remember : the 144 represént the twelve tribes ! :

fulltext :                                                                                                   [the blessing of Joseph]  

Joseph is as a son to Pharaoh ,                                                                           [22: see intro as why]  
therefore through Joseph the tribes of Ishral will be delivered from oppression ,            + 
even as the many ones that will be saved in the days of end ;                                   [endtime]  
because continuously the sceptre (-of the tribes) will stay with Joseph       +
when IEUE will make a covenant        +
with the people at his mountain Horeb ,                                                  [Unleavened , see note]    
until the days that the sons of Ishral will arise ;                                                          [the 144]   
for I your father am bestowing upon you the sceptre of birth right , 
until IEUE will appoint it       +
into the hand of the remnant (?) in his day of acceptance ,                                        [see pages]  
when he will make the future sons of Ishral to have dominion by it ;                       [the 144]  
then our God will bless the birth right ,      +                                                                          [Haggai 2]  
when      +
he will restore our people upon our (adm-) ground as the everlasting hills ;            [eden]  
and it (-all) will come to pass through the (birth-) sceptre of Joseph ,
as the lawgiver (-sceptre) that will have united his brothers . 
text remarks :
(line 24)
covenant at mt. Horeb :
… the blessing at mt. Horeb will prove to be THE crucial aspect in the whole Exodus ;
for this reason Esau corrupted these sections as well as ‘the location of the mount’ ,
simply because “the confirmation of the birth-right” announced his downfall ;
(line 24)
in the day of acceptance (Isaiah) :
… see posted chapters — the same crucial as the day of Unleavened for ús ;
it was a prophecy which Jacob spoke and could never have lacked here ;  
(line 25)
blessing of the birth-right :
… only this can have been the theme of Haggai 2 — and we gathered that ! ,
but you see how in-cre-dible well Esau has hid this entire subject ;
(line 25)
everlasting hills (-as eden) :
… how to rephrase certain lines in the right cólour is not always easy : 
the entire Exodus was ofcourse a foreshadowing of “the return to eden” yet the latter
may not directly have been said as such to the people  — but in terms revealing that
the “eden land” was intended , not “palestine” ;
a similar situation we also have between what Christ said to the people
and the things he discussed with his disciples (-or argued about with the Pharisees)  
                                         [the problem of “a sceptre of Judah” in this 49]  
… the blessing of Judah (lines 8-12) were also corrupted – likely starting in 10 where
a ‘sceptre’ theme appears : however , it seems that the term “the lawgiver (sceptre)”
was taken FROM the Joseph line and moved over to the Judah ones —
the Judah text gets most erratic after that , if not Insane , and the descriptions suggest
to us that Esau has seen “a theme concerning physicality” : as the birth-right theme !
therefore we already withdrew its restoration attempt and will look at it again
with the interpretation that Judah must be about ‘the cornerstone / eden gate’
                                                                          *** *** *** ***
interpretation + restored text
the blessing of Joseph (Gen.49 : 22-26) per KJV :
… this page half will be a mess – but not by our fault ,
a) first impression :
utterly corrupted , weird roots and nonsensical (-as are several other brothers) ,
while the type corrupted roots suggest that indeed the corruption of the whole scroll started here ;
yet these two lines are interesting : look how often “to bless” appears ,
especially where ‘to bless’ (-brk) can easily be ‘birth-right’ as inversed root (-bkr) :
“[Even]   by the God of thy father, who shall help thee; and by the Almighty, who shall bless thee 
with blessings of heaven above, blessings of the deep that lieth under, blessings of the breasts, 
and of the womb:   
The blessings of thy father have prevailed above the blessings of my progenitors unto the 
utmost bound of the everlasting hills: they shall be on the head of Joseph, […]  .”
now ,
the “blessings of breasts and womb” is a similar type corruption as in Gen. 13 (2 and 15) ,
meaning that the Esau who doctored that one also doctored-back THIS chapter ,
and we should revisit that line there depending upon the outcome hére ;
b) restoration — per line : 
“Joseph [is]   a fruitful bough, [even]   a fruitful bough by a well; [whose]   branches run over the wall:”
— twice ‘fruitful’ cannot be ,
— the line is too superficial , too sleek ,
— after his ówn corruption KJV “plastic-surgeried-it” because the real lineup of words is ,
son – fruitful – Joseph – son – fruitful – on – eye – daughters – march – over – wall ,
and looking at the roots to see whether we can find any recognizable phrase
(though the use of certain (‘old’-) roots is sometimes different as in prophets) :
bn  –  phrth  –  iusph  –  bn  –  phrth  –  oli  –  oin  –  bnuth  –  tzode  –  oli  –  shur    
1) other brothers “start with their own name” so either the first “son + fruitful” was added ,
      OR Esau swapped it and the first fruitful (-PHrth) was ‘Joseph’ (-iusPH) ,
2) hence the whole “fruitful” can be UNTRUE because it was a result of wordplay ,
3) important can be Joseph’s dream that “he would rule his brothers” – sic , and Gen. 50:18 ,
4) ‘wall’ (-shur) is a corrupt root ,
5) ‘to run’ (-tsaad)  is also a corrupt root , 
attempt , 
[w/ restored after 23 first :]  
[..1x..]   – fruitful=Joseph – (is) [+as]   (a-) son – (to-) joseph=Pharaoh (iusph=pharoe) ,
[+therefore]   son=through – fruitful=Joseph (phri=iusph)       +
the daughters=tribes (bnuth=shbti) of – march=Ishral       +                                            [comp. line 16]  
(will be) on=delivered (ol=gal !) [..1x..]   – over=from – wall=oppression (shur=shud !) ,      + 

“The archers have sorely grieved him, and shot [at him]  , and hated him:”
— what does that even mean ? ,
— suddenly verbs with pronouns appear , unlike line 22 ,
embitter – many – begrudging – owners – arrows ,
lineup as ,
u·imrr·eu  –  u·rbu  –  u·ishtm·eu  –  boli  –  chtzim 
1) KJV illegally created an invented term ‘shoot’ but was “many” ,
2) ‘bear a grudge’ (-shtm) suspect but possible ,
3) the ‘arrow’ (-chts) cóuld be “end (-time)” (-qts) , “days (boli=ium) of the arrow=end” 
and=even (as-) – [..]   the many ones – [..]   (that will be) saved (?) (shtm=iash)       +
(in-) the possessors=days (boli=ium) of – the arrow=end (chts=qts) ;                        [also : endtime]  

… that makes much sense because of Joseph’s position + theme , and see now 22 :
2) in line 1 is used “last days” lit. as “the days hereafter” ;   
“But his bow abode in strength, and the arms of his hands were made strong by the 
hands of the mighty [God]   of Jacob; (from thence [is]   the shepherd, the stone of Israel:)”
— if true , “bow” here seems an invention AFTER “arrow” ,
— the ‘stone’ is suspect : either “heavenly stone” [birth-right]  
   OR – if ‘the endtime’ previously was true , now “the future sons of Ishral” can be the theme ,
   yet just as well can be “stone=garden (abn=gan) of ishral=eden” , as intro to 25 ,
— ‘arms of his hands + hands’ ? ,
and·she-is-being-located – in·perennial bow-of·him – and·they-are-being-supple – arms-of –
hands-of·him – from·hands-of – one-sturdy-of – Jacob – from·there – one-shepherding – 
stone-of – ishral   
lineup as ,
thshb – b·aithn – qshth·u – u·iphzu – zroi – idi·u – m·idi – abir – ioqb – m·shm – roe – abn – ishral    
1) ‘strength’ (-phazaz) is a corrupt root ,
2) ‘strength + made strong’ is the same poor repeat = corrupt ,
2) if 23 was true then now we’d need ‘the start of a réason‘ for the rescue ,
     root of future [-son]   was (-mchr)
[=because]   – continuously – the bow=sceptre (-of the tribes) (qshth=shbt)       +
(will) stay (‘dwell’) – and=with made strong=Joseph (phzz=iusph)   +
[contextual attempt :]  
[=when]   hands=IEUE (idi=ieue) – (will) arms=make (lit. ‘cut’) (zroi=krth)        +
(a-) him=covenant (u=brith) – (with-) the from=people (m=om)
hands=at (iad=ol) – [+his]   sturdy=mountain (abir=har) – jacob=Horeb ,   [Unleavened , see note]        
from=until the there=days (shim=ium !)       +
(that-) the stone=sons (abn=bn) of – Ishral – (will) shepherd=arise (roe=rm) ;            [<< the 144]  

… now ,
ofcourse we agree it is conjunction – but it’s póssible ;
it also raises the question if Esau was lazy [=no fantasy]   and swapped the theme 
of “the sceptre staying with the son” to Júdah , see line 10 — 
Judah cóuld have “another sceptre” but that would very much complicate things ;
“[Even]   by the God of thy father, who shall help thee; and by the Almighty, who shall bless 
thee with blessings of heaven above, blessings of the deep that lieth under, blessings of 
the breasts, and of the womb:”   
— see also intro , while saying to Joseph “breasts and womb” is just plain Weird ,
— the ‘Almighty’ could be but is a negative (-shd) ‘destroy’ and akin to ‘breasts’ (-shdim) 
     so probably BOTH were invented as another repeat ,
— the ‘father of you’ as also in start of next line 26 is suspect ,
[=for]        +
deity=(an=ani !) – your father – [..]   (am) help=bestowing (iozr=iana !) – (upon-) and=you
the almighty=sceptre (shd=shbt !)        +
and=of bless=birth right (brk=bkre !) ,

[next : until end of line totally corrupted ;
would he say something like “of the heavenly people” (‘Originals’) since the birth right IS theirs
or would that complicate the narrative – because of a new third group , 
and was Jacob not more explicit as just saying “the mountains of old” [=eden]   , in next 25 ? :]   
(until-)     +
heavens=IEUE (shmim=ieue) – (will) bless=appoint (?) [+it]   (‘sceptre’)       
from=into the on=hand (ol=iad) of – the blessings=remnant (?) (brk=shbrth)       +
(in-) [+his]   abyss=day (?) (theum=ium) of – recline=acceptance (rbts=rtsn !) ,                            [sic !]  
[+when]   [+he]   (will make) [..]   the womb=future (rchm=mchr – inversion !)        +
blessings=sons (brk=bn) of – breasts=Ishral (shdim=ishrl)        +
(to have) under=dominion (-by it) (thachath=rada?) ;

[closing :]  
The blessings of thy father have prevailed above the blessings of my progenitors unto the 
utmost bound of the everlasting hills: they shall be on the head of Joseph, and on the crown 
of the head of him that was separate from his brethren.”
— ‘utmost bound’ (-thaavah) is a corrupt root while “(positive-) Mark” (-thav) don’t make sense ,
[=then]   your=our father=God – (will) bless – the prevailed=birth right (gbR=bkRe) ,
over=when – [+he]   (will) blessings=restore (Brk=shB)     +
my=our progenitors=people (?) (eur=om)                          [Esau saw ‘persons’ + compare 23 and 24 d]  
[=upon]   – [our?-]   bound=(adm-) ground (thvah=arts) – (as-) the everlasting – hills ;           [eden]  
[+and]   they=it (will) come to pass – to=through the head=sceptre (rsh=shbt) of – Joseph ,
[next : sceptre renamed + the ‘nature’ of Joseph (-as attribute) (?) :]  
[=as]   the scalp=lawgiver (-sceptre) (qdqd=cgqq , line 10 at Judah !!)        +
(that will have) separate=united (nzir=iachad [3x listed]   , line 6 at Simeon !) – his brothers .

… now ,
1) Joseph WAS ‘separate’ but the goal always was “to get united” , compare the story where
    his brothers did not know he was virtually the Pharaoh ;
2) we have somewhere “the lions upon your scalp” in a prophets (oh , Jeremiah 2) ,
    that could be the same lawgiver (-sceptre) imprisoned by the sons of Ammon