Is.53 : about Christ
– beautiful chapter –

with interesting aspects
[mainly : ‘His two  deaths’]

[version ; 2023-07jul.15-16]


  intro: also written for
  those of us new here                                             



            … indeed a beautiful chapter  —
            but Esau has ‘disarmed’ certain very well known phrases in order to conceal
            the gruesome events in Mystery-Babylon : since He went the same way as 
            our Originals did (‘as we did’) followed by  the sacrifice at Golgotha ;
            we did spot that in the previous version but through boldness now conformed
            every line and every single word in the above context
            because of the (alleged-) “well known phrases” any correction of the text may 
            be considered ‘controversial’ — therefore do please see text notes below ,
(line 1)
‘hear , you nations (-of spirits’) :
… as the proper subject , factually already informing them about their defeat  ;
(line 2)
‘he volunteers to go to earth’ :
… as a very important notion because ‘He did not have to do it’ , repeated in line 8 ;
(line 2)
‘he will not be as pretty as he is now’ :
… an important line : Enoch tells about “the beautiful young man next to the throne” 
so we MUST keep that context ; but Esau – hating Christ ofcourse – painted another
picture with his derogatory line ;
important here is that ‘the beauty’ is the step-up to NEXT line :
no ‘man of sorrows’ :
… though undoubtedly he wás often sorrowful it is not the point  here   —
after the ‘beauty’ section this line MUST deal with “that idol” (our type body) and see next :
(line 3)
‘therefore we hide our face from him’ :
… as hiding the face (read : attention , kindness) becáuse he is in this ugly body ! ,
as exactly the very same reason why WE (almost-) never hear or notice God ! ,
for this sack of flesh and bones is a too great obtacle to have to watch 
[and perhaps especially “to have to watch thróugh it in order to see the soul” ..] ;
(line 4)
‘stricken and smitten like us’ :
… Esau smartly disarmed the intent here by turning the subject around :
because we still are with the introduction theme of ‘Him identifying with us’ ;
(line 5)
TWO goals : ‘to save + and to restore’ :
… mainstream christianity only considers one , “that we are saved before God” 
[which we here often described as “being only half of the whole picture”] ,
because the restoration in our Originals is the equally important second part
[and that not “after death” but during our life — for those who are new here] ;
while this line is the introduction of the next theme :
(line 6)
‘our Originals (-in Mystery-Babylon) :
… Esau’s “we all went astray as sheep” sóunds nice but does not explain ‘the sin’ :
because it is not some vague abstraction but about ‘not anymore being in our Original’
and the key term indeed was ‘flock’ (-tsan) here ;
last part of the line MUST be “.. and they were put upon earth” as the standard conclusion
after that horrible event – and as indication how He followed that route  , next :
(line 7)
‘the lamb to the slaughter’ :
… though the KJV line is plausable it was made – on purpose – into a romantic superficiality
because no one asks ‘why lamb’ and ‘why he was silent in front of the shearers’  —
but the intent was ‘to link back to “the flock” (in 6) as “the identification theme” ;
that “he was silent” first must refer to “his volunteering” , further described in next 8 ,
but likely also so that wé would understand the running theme — Mystery-Babylon —
since elsewhere is said “how my people (‘Originals + we inside”) cried out to me when they
were tortured” , as opposed to what is happening here ;
(line 8)
‘he lét himself be taken’ :
… explaining the addition in previous 2 ; a very important theme
because ‘the voluntary’ aspect made that He gained every Legal Right in this matter ;
after “the land of the living” the text demands “earth” as intro to 9 :
(line 9)
‘the gift as his sacrifice’ :
… as a term in prophets for Golgotha ; 
you see that this event is not considered to be of the same magnitude as that in M-Babylon 
but (so to speak) ‘only as closing : to get rid of this type body , still’ 
which is accentuated by the “no deceit in his mouth” 
[besides – we saw how direct he was , in NT] ;
undoubtedly he was also in Sheol after that , but that is not the point here ;
(line 10)
‘the guilt offering’ :
… in all prophets “the soul is guilty because she dwells in this type body” ,
eventhough she got into it before she ever realized what has happened ,
and only the 144 will be given to escape the penalty (‘physical death’) for this ;
the term ‘soul’ :
… we do not know (-yet) if the term (-nphsh) also could apply to Him ;
(line 11)
‘restore them in their Original’ :
… as general promise , the fulfillment of “the second part of the whole picture”,
however not mentioning here the situation of the 144 and Jacob ;
(line 12)
‘he will be the head of the flock’ :
… as said elsewhere , and referring to the ‘Christ vs Adam’ theme ;
Esau disarmed the context to conceal the link with the Originals  
                  there’s more to say concerning several themes but not on this page
                  we know that you didn’t have  to do it , Sir
                  yet you did
                  and we can’t give nothing back – but at least the right text  concerning you
corruptions : grave (-because misleading)
theme  : context 100% restored and syntax 99%
fulltext : below


Isaiah 53


fulltext :
hear our report , you nations (‘of spirits’) ,                                                                                    [1 : needs subject ; attested] 
as paying attention to what I am going to reveal to you :
because my servant (Christ) who is standing in front of me       +
volunteers to go forth to the land (‘earth’) far away ,
and for a little while he will not have the form like he has now ,      
so that we will not see the pretty appearance that he is (-now) ;                                                     [‘we’ : God and Miss] 
because there he will appear in the image of man (-kind) ,
being the grievous idol (‘body’) as the sorrowful one for man (-kind) ;     +                                                 [3 : see intro] 
therefore we will conceal our faces for him ,                                                                        [same situation counts for us !] 
as being the despised one and not esteemed by us ;
yet it will be because he will bear the illness of my people in this manner ,                                               [4 : see intro] 
as being burdened with their sorrowful one (‘body’) ,
and we will account him having been stricken and smitten like the souls of Jacob :       +
he will be wounded for their (‘souls’) transgression (‘by splitting-off’) ,
as being crushed for their depravity (‘this body’) :
the chasticement for their return will be upon him ,                                                                                              [sic : 1st goal] 
and by him being struck they will be restored to us ;                                                                                                     [2nd goal] 
because all of them left my flock (‘Originals’) abandoned ,
after their soul had been evicted (?) out from my sacred ones ;               
and they got the idol for them (‘souls’)
when they were placed upon the land (‘earth’) ;                                                                      [6-7 : ‘in Mystery-Babylon’ !] 
therefore he will be also (sic) be oppressed and afflicted by the nations (‘of spirits’) ,
but where the flock (‘Originals’) cried out to us when they were taken to the slaughter (sic) ,
he will be silent like a lamb in front of her shearers ,
and will not open his mouth ;

for he will lét himself to be taken      +                                                                        [he did not HAVE to do it ! , and see 2] 
into restraint and then into judgment :
but who of them (‘Jacob’) will ponder of what magnitude this is ? ;
because he will have severed himsélf from the land of the living ,
and will let himself to be placed upon the land (‘earth’) of my people ;                                             [‘in this body’, 3-4] 
and there he will make the sacrifice as his gift for them      +                                                              [term for ‘Golgotha’] 
by means of the death of his image (‘body’) ;                                                                                         [or: ‘of the idol for him’] 
though he himself will have done no wrong in it ,
nor will there have been deceit in his mouth ;      +
but IEUE desires that he (Christ) will go crush the idol itself (‘body’) ;                                                                [chL=gLL] 
therefore ,                                                                                                                                                                                              [new line :] 
after his soul (or: ‘being’?)        +                                                                                                                                                    [see intro] 
will have made the guilt offering ,                                                                                            [guilt : ‘for dwelling in this body’] 
I will restore him in his former beauty in that day , 
after he will have succeeded in doing the desire of IEUE ;                                                                [‘to crush body’, 10 a] 
and by his toil ,                                                                                                                                                                                        [closing :] 
I will restore their souls in my flock (‘Originals’) in the days of the end ,
for my righteous servant will have justified the many ones       +
by having let himself be burdened with their (‘souls’) depraved one (‘this body’) ;
therefore I will appoint him over my (restored-) people ,
as the appointed head of my flock ;                                                                                      [attested ; Christ vs Adam theme] 
because he will have poured out his soul (‘being’?) unto death     +
in order to be numbered with the transgressors (‘by splitting-off’) ,                                           [‘identified w/ Jacob’] 
so that the many souls will forever be restored as our sacred people .



Isaiah 53


[first 1 : needs an address :] 
who=hear (Mi=shMo) – [..] our report , (you-) believe=nations (‘of spirits’) (ea-min=guim) ,
[=as] arm=paying attention – to whom=what – [=I] (am) revealing [+to you] :

[=because] [+my] coming up=servant (Christ) (iOl=Obd)         +
as=who (is) tender plant=standing – [..] in front of him=me
[=volunteers] – to root=go forth – from=to the land (‘earth’) – dry=far away ,
[missing words + lineup :] 
[+and] [+for a little while] (+mot)         +                                                                                [c : ‘we’ : God and Miss] 
[..] he (will) – not (have) – the form – and=like [+he] not=has – honor=now ,                [or: ‘not=he (has)’] 
(and-) we (will) and=not – see – the desire=pretty – appearance – (that-) and=he (is) (-now) ;

note :
a-b) could have been several versions but we opted that ‘earth far away’ requires
a location close [in a] ;
[next 3 : juxtaposition :] 
(because-) one=he (will) despised=appear       +
[=in] the shunned=image (also: ‘idol [=body]’ , negative) (chdl=gll) of – man (-kind) ,
[+as] the grievous – [..] known=idol (‘body’) (as) the sorrowful one – (for-) man (-kind) ;           
[=therefore] (!) [..] [+we] (will) conceal        +
[+our] faces – [=for] him ,                                                                                   [as the same reason it happens to us !] 
(as-) (being) despised – and not – esteemed (by-) [=us] ;

note :
in c) : the “man of sorrows” is very ‘famous’ : but was it right ? ; 
it is not yet about Christ’s personal suffering , especially because the line continues from a-b
and is the stepup to next d ;
then , there’s also a term ‘grievous idol’ (-shqts) but perhaps that was ‘too negative’ in this case ;  
(but-) he (will) bear – the illness of – [+my] he=people (eua=om) – surely=in this manner ,
and=as – (being) burdened – (with-) [=their] sorrowful one (‘body’) (3-c) ,
we (will) account him (!) – (having been) stricken – (and-) smitten        +
[+like] the deity=souls of – [..] afflicted=Jacob (mOne=iqOb) ;                      [4 : first ‘the identifying (-with)’ !] 

[..] he (will be) wounded – for [=their] (‘souls’) transgression (‘by splitting-off’) ,
[=as] (being) crushed – for [=their] depravity (‘this body’) :
the penalty – [+for] [=their] peace=return (sic) (SHlm=SHb) – (will be) upon him ,
and [=by] him (being) struck – he=they (will be) healed=restored – to us ;                                  [see syntax !] 

note :
in d) ‘peace’ is too Vague : but especially “heal” is an Esau term and therefore suspect ;
[+because] all of [=them] – gone astray=left – [..] [+my] flock (‘Originals’) + abandoned ,
[+after] [+their] man=soul (aiSH=nphSH)        +
(had been-) turn=evicted (?) – (out-) to=from him=my way=sacred ones (Drk=qDsh) ,
[d-e : totally corrupt :] 
and [+they] ieue=got (?) – the intercede=idol (pGi=Gll) – [=for] [=them] (‘souls’)
ath=when – [+they] (were) depravity=placed – all=upon (kL=oL) the us=land (‘earth’) ; 

[next 7 : we’re still in Mystery-Babylon ! :] 
a) there is TWO times “open his mouth” so 1 is corrupt — but how did it run ? :
[+therefore]    +
he (will be) (-also) oppressed – (and-) afflicted – and=by the he=nations (‘of spirits’) (eUa=gUm) ,
and=but not=where – [..] the flockling=flock (‘Originals’) – open=cried out – mouth=to him=us 
to=when – [=they] (were) taken – (to-) the slaughter ,
[..] [=he] (will be) silent – like a lamb – in front of – her shearers
and (will) not – open – his mouth ;                                                          [b : attested , so likely the right juxta here] 


he (will) (lét) [+himself] (to be) taken        +
from=into restraint – and (then) from=into judgment :
(but-) who of – he=them (‘Jacob’) (will) ponder      +
(of-) and=what – generation=magnitude (?) (Dr=gDl) him=this (is) ? ;
because – he (will have) severed [+himself] – from the land of – the living ,
[e) suggests now ‘earth’ : + lineup (no need to repeat again ‘transgression’ etc :] 
from=and (will let) [+himself] (to be) transgression=placed (phSHo=SHim)        +
to=upon [..] – the stricken=land (‘earth’) of – my people ;                                                   [‘in this body’ , see 3-4] 

and (-there) he (will) make     +
the wicked=sacrifice – (as-) his tomb=gift – (for-) ath=them                                                 [term for ‘Golgotha’] 
and=through – the death of – [+his] rich=image (‘body’) (or: ‘the idol for him’) ;
on=though – he [+himself] (will have) done – no – wrong (-in it) ,
[..] nor – (will there have been) deceit – in his mouth ;      +
[=but] IEUE – desires – the wounded=idol (‘body’) (chL=gll) – (to be) crushed ,
          10 #b :
          [=but] IEUE – desires – (that-) he (Christ) (will) crush – the wounded=idol (‘body’) (chL=gLL) ;

[new line :] 
[+therefore] , if=after (Am=Achr) – his soul (or: ‘being’ ?)      +                                                                 [see intro] 
(will have) made – the guilt offering ,                                                                                  [‘for dwelling in this body’] 
[+I] (will) see=restore [+him]       +
(in-) [+his] prolong=former (aRk=Rsh) – seed=beauty – (in-) (that) day , 
[=because] – he (will have) succeeded (?)        +
in hand=doing (iad=osh) – the desire of – IEUE ;                                                                [‘to crush this body’, 10 a] 

(and-) [=by] [+his] toil – he=I (will) satisfied=restore (SHBo=SHB)         +
him=their souls – [+in] [+my] see=flock (‘Originals’) – in the knowledge=days of the him=end ,
(for-) my – righteous – servant – (will have) justified – the many ones
[=by] (having let) he=himself – (be) burdened        +
(with-) [=their] (‘souls’) depraved one (‘this body’) ;

[next 12 : note the ‘Adam vs Christ’ theme here :] 
therefore – I (will) appoint – [..] him – in=over [+my] (restored-) many=people (rb-im=om) ,
[w/ swapped 1x :] 
and=as – the appointed – spoil=head (SHll=rSH) of – [+my] strong=flock (oTSm=TSan) ;
[.. 1x ..] – [=because] – he (will have) poured out – his soul (‘being’ ?) – unto death     +
and=in order – (to be) numbered – with – the transgressors (‘by splitting-off’) ,
and=so that [..] – the many – sin=souls – (will) and=forever – (be) bare=restored (nSHa=SHb)
for=as – [+our] intercession=sacred – transgressors=people .