Is.57 : the sons of Ammon
[in their Field of Reeds]
became Esau to go corrupt
the scroll [+sceptre theme]

[version ; 2023-07.19-   ]


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depiction of ‘the Field of Reeds’ — their copied Eden paradise :
the man holds his ‘Magic Wand’ indicating that the theme is not ‘the Nile on earth’ ,
strengthened by the toil of the artist to depict a broad palette of heavenly colours ;
note ‘the naked woman sitting below him’ holding his leg with one hand : 
she is one of our female Originals  that are his mistresses (and see Nut-dome page) ;
        text : the two smaller columns both to the right of the man and his wife [read: object] 
        probably are a description about themselves – not so much ‘their names’ ;
        the text as larger glyphs starts at the right-hand column and read upwards :
“[to be] the Adam-like (II ‘double-reed’) (adj.) – (matrix-) existence. , 
[as] (matrix-) existence (N). [of] hail. ;
[because] the divine Field (SEKHT+) ‘Field of Reeds’ as copied Eden). gives the things.     +
for. the divine (matrix-) flesh (?, probably) (‘their body which Adam made’). ;
[therefore] the (matrix-) land. (is) the eye (‘lovely construct’) (adj.) of – beauty (adj.) – [for] the soul. ,
[because of] the (matrix-) word of the solar-plane (BU) (sic).       +
[that is-] being transformed (?) (adj.) – [in] Sight (‘second sight’). 
[as] the (matrix-) ‘life power’ (SKHM) (‘commanding light-particles’).” 

#1 : though the ‘cloth-S glyph’ usually means “the real-adamite-soul” – you and we ,
          as opposed to the ‘bolt-S’ which is “the (corrupt-) Egyptian/Esau soul” ,
          outside the Spells these are oftentimes mixed up 
          and considered the buildup of the line he must have meant ‘themselves’ ;
#2 : last line is a bit mysterious because we don’t know those concepts [-on earth] 
          but it is akin [-though LESS] as the powers that wé will receive ; 




       … considered the incredible and total corruption of these type chapter themes ,
       it is an outright miracle that such a large section could be restored  —
       a first view reveals the following clues that indeed it is about the Ammon sons :
       (line 3)
        ‘the sons of sorceress=Ammon , the seed of adultery’ 
       true : as corrupt-souls that came forth from the eden-mother who went astray ,
       (line 6)
       ‘your portion is the [=field] of canals’ (‘field of Reeds’)
       as their false paradise , the land of Mystery-Babylon ,
       (line 9)
       ‘you [=followed] the kings=Adam-man’s advice to [=corrupt] the [=scroll]’          
       giving us enough to make a restoration attempt ;

a ‘theological’ issue :
did they become “the Esau type souls (-on earth)” ?

… we know that Eden’s greatest problem – when she really collapsed – was the moment 
that evil soul-entities obtained an eden-type body [-this is the birth right theme] 
and one of the first entities was ‘Cain’ ,
hence the Egyptian Spells call him “our father Cain (QÂN) , because of this aspect ;
this whole history ‘was repeated upon earth’ and the first evil soul-entity that mixed up
with our bloodline [-for lack of better expression] was ‘Canaan’  —
however , only láter in time another foreign-type soul appeared as the Esau category 
as souls with the weird characteristic of being family of our type souls  :
now , because Adam only later in Time went to the North
and only later in Time the eden-land and mother went astray to them ,
it is admissible that also ‘the corrupt-type Esau souls only appeared later in Time’ , right , 
and may explain why their history only starts with Jacob

did they chóose to come to this earth ?
… we originate from Eden , and through a long story our souls were forced upon this earth 
[-and in this ape body] as a most involuntary event ,
the Esau type (corrupt-) souls came forth in the Mystery-Babylon reality – so the question ,
also raised by this chapter , is “did they choose to appear on earth” .. ? not only in their main
mission to go corrupt the scroll but to control and rule Jacob in any other way possible 
to make sure that their main goal would be achieved ?
        we know from Plato – simply because he was thére – that “the animal-type spirit-souls
        line up before the goddess of Fortune to get a chance to incarnate (-into anything)
        upon earth” : as a possibility also true for our family-like category of Esau souls ?
– while we’ve at least two visual instances where the Egyptian (Esau-) soul walks from this
earth into their Field of Reeds (see Narmer and Nut-dome page) so why not the other way
around as well ? interestingly , the former situation is mentioned in this chapter !

corruptions : easily in top 5 of most corrupted chapters
theme  : context of the retrieved lines : 100%
fulltext : below


Isaiah 57


fulltext :

[part I (see intro) : in progress]

and he (‘Adam’) devised (?) your lofty Field of Reeds that you rule as your habitat ,
as the one to where you ascend after you die (?) ;                                                                    [per prev. context?] 
and behind (?)      
the (matrix-) gate                                                                                                                    [‘Damascus , where Adam is’] 
to your (matrix-) land                                                                                                                                     [see ‘habitat’ in 7] 
you placed                                                                                                                                 [or ‘you guard’ (shim=shmer) ] 
your stone (-tablet) of the sunrise (‘Heaven’)                                                     [‘birth right’]   [ZkRun=mZRch] 
but                                                                                                                                                     [in glyphs: the AMS-sceptre] 
the one that is the sceptre of                                                                     [8 : all according to the Spells , as well !] 
that was taken                                                                                                                                                                   [‘by Adam’] 
from my people (‘Originals’) ,
which (‘sceptre’) is sustaining 
your habitat                                                                                                                                     [the ‘bed’ corruption see 7] 
and the abominable idol                                                                            [‘their body which Adam made for them’] 
for you
from them (‘Originals’) ;
and you love
to keep 
your land 
that you rule ;                                                                                                                  [see Spells index about ‘the Field’] 

therefore you followed the counsel of the adm-man to go to the land (‘earth’) ,
to become Esau in the place far away ,                                                                                               [probable version] 
in order to change the words of my scroll ;
and you were confident in the result of your way (‘method’) ,
because you said :
through the doing of his brother (‘Esau’) ,
(the house of-) Jacob will not find out about the (eden-) covenant ,
so that his deity will cut them off ;                                                                                               [or: ‘destroy them’ etc] 
11                                                                                                                                       [11 : a “being afraid” juxtaposition :] 
and you mocked them (‘Jacob’) ,                       
how they would (-live in) perpetual fear in Sheol (?)                                  [was this the intent of the juxta ?] 
after I would have judged them in my wrath (?) ;
for you never expected that I would speak (-úp) ,                                                                                          [see intro] 
for reason that I have kept silent since the days of old :
but from now onwards yóu will (-be living in) fear :      
because I am declaring to you the futility of your work ,                                               [ ‘corrupting the scroll’] 
and how it will not profit you :                     
for it will happen that I will deliver the house of Jacob 
when I will raise up the sons of Ishral (‘144’) that will seek their deity ,
as the ones that will desire to know whát I spoke to them ; 
and they will discover your sayings (‘lines’) of falsehood ;
then they will say :
we must restore the scroll of his words ,                                                         [see rest.text for type corruption] 
since Esau       +                                                                                                                                                        [mkSHul=oSHe]  
has changed the words of our deity ;
15                                                                                                                                          [part II (but virtually Impossible) :] 


[part III : pending ; expected : 3-4 more lines ;
expected theme : the restored 144 slay the sons of Ammon] 


Isaiah 57

[+he] (‘adam’) on=devised (?)         +
[+your] – lofty – mountain=field of – [..] lifted=reeds                     [‘copied paradise’]          [why not ?] 
(that-) you place=rule (SHiM=m-iMSHal) –
(as-) your 
bed=habitat (or ‘sanctuary’ MSHkb=MQdsh) ,
[+as] (the one-)      +
even=to – where (there) – you ascend – [..] 
sacrifice=after (zbACH=ACHr) – [+you] sacrifice=die (?) ;

note :
in d) only when – restored – 9 follows ;
[next 8 : impossible : ‘birth right (-bkre) theme’ included ? :
a) in next 9 starts “their defending operation (-as corrupting the scroll) 
     so it is possible ‘that something needs be protected here’ : ] 
and behind (?)      +
the (matrix-) door=gate                                                                                        [‘Damascus , where Adam is’] 
and=to [+your] (matrix-) jamb=land (mzuze=arts)                                                            [see ‘habitat’ in 7] 
you placed                                                                                                                 [or ‘you guard’ (shim=shmer) ] 
your [+stone (-tablet)] of the memorial=sunrise (‘Heaven’) (ZkRun=mZRch)                  [‘birth right’] 
that=but (kik=ki)                                                                                                                       [in glyphs: the AMS-sceptre] 
[the one that is-] the ath=sceptre (ath=shbt) of                     [8 : all according to the Spells , as well !] 
me=eden (i=odn)
(that was) expose=taken                                                                                                                          [‘by Adam’] 
and=from [+my] ascending=people (‘Originals’) (thOli=Om) ,
[which-] (is) widen=sustaining (?)
your bed=habitat                                                                                                                 [‘bed’ corruption see 7] 
and the cutting=abominable idol (‘body’) (krth=shqts)
for you
from them (‘Originals’) ;
(and-) you love
to bed=keep (MSHkb=SHMr)
[+your] hand=land (?)
(that-) you perceive=rule ;                                     [8: definitely one of the most complex lines to date ..] 

and=therefore – you went=followed (invalid root)
the oil=counsel (shMn=Motsh) of – the king=adm-man
[..] to increase=go (rB=Bo) – (to-) the perfumes=land (‘earth’) (Rqch=aRts, unusual root)
[=as] sending – your agents – unto – the far=place (m=mqum) far away (double; -rchq inv. of c) ;
          d #2 :
          [..] to send=become – agents=Esau (‘no match’) – [=in] – the [=place] far away ;                [<<] 

          note :
         he tampered with the (m·rchq) writing “far far-off” but only (-rchq) is “far off” ,
and=in order to debase=change (shaphel=haphak)       +
the unto=words (oD=Dbar) of – [+my] sheol=scroll (shol=sphar) ;

(and-) you (were) wearied=confident – in the greatness=result (?) of – your way (‘method’) ,
not=because – you said :
[what does Esau/Ammon usually say ? :] 
[+through] the despair=doing (iaash=osh) of     +                                                             [or : ‘revenge by’ ?] [+his] life=brother (‘Esau’) (chi=achi) ,
on=Jacob (Ol=iaqOb) – (will) [+not] find out (-about) – the (eden-) hand=covenant (i-ad=brith) ,
so that – [+his] ill=deity (ch=li=alei) – (will) not=cut them off (?) ;

[next 11 : some ‘fear’ juxtaposition :] 
and – you worried=mocked – who=them (‘Jacob’)                                                               [b-c : póssible …] 
and=how they (would) (-live in) –
in=perpetual (?) – fear – (in-) lying=Sheol (?, swapped from 10?)
and=after – you=I (would have) remembered=judged (?) – not=them – (in-) my ath=wrath (?) ;

[new line :] 
you – never (‘not’) – placed=expected – on=that – [+I] (would) heart=speak (lB=dBr)
not=for reason that – I – (have) kept silent – [..] since the days of old :
(but-) and=from me=now – not=onwards (?) – yóu (will) (-be living in) fear :       +

[next 12 : first part of line must match the theme of the second half :] 
[+because] I (am) declaring – (to-) I=you – the righteousness=futility of – [..] your work ,
and (how-) – [=it] (will) – not – profit you :                                                         [12 ‘corrupting the scroll’] 

[next 13 : now MUST appear ‘the sons of Ishral’ :] 
in=for (it will-) cry=happen (?)        +
(that-) they=I (will) deliver (!) the you=house (k=bth) of – kibbuts=Jacob (QBbts=iaQB)
and=when – [+I] (will) wind=raise up (RUch=RUm) – the all=sons of – carry=Ishral (isha=ishral) 
(that will-) take=seek (lQch=bQsh) – [+their] vanity=deity (ebL=aLei) ,
[next : first the disappointing KJV must be the subject :] 
and=as the ones (that will-) refuge=desire (CHasah=CHapts)       +
to in·me=know (b·i=bin) – possess=whát (‘which’) – [+I] land=spoke (ARts=dbAR) [+to them] ; 
and they (will)  inherit=discover (iaresh=ara)     +
[+your] mountain=sayings (‘lines’) (har=amrth) of – holy=falsehood (QdSH=SHQr) ;

and=then they (will) say :
you=we (must) cast=restore (slu=shb)       +
the cast + surface = scroll (Slu + PHn = S-PHr, see 13-f) of – [+his] way=words (DRk=DbR) ,
[+since] stumbling block=Esau (mkSHul=oSHe) – (has) raised=changed      +
the way=words (DRk=DbR) of – my=our people=deity (om=alei) ;


part III
(virtually impossible)