Jer.43 [8-13] Pt. I : the 6th seal :
Nile cut-off feeding the matrix
[Tahpanhes/Damascus] ,
  sun goes Dark , Adam dies ,
stone returns to tsiun , we go

[version ; 2023-06jun.26]


fulltext : below [-the longer] intro
and see also Is.17 and Mt.16 pages
[because the concept ‘gate’
showed just before waking ;
see intro line 13 – first one]



               … though we couldn’t focus on them the past months
               many chapters describe ‘constructs’ and concepts – and this is one of those ,
               albeit not an easy one since it links to a host of other ones ;
               featured here is “the eden (corner-) stone”  — 
               originally , the eden-land was carried by mt. tsiun where the land had centered
               above her a (dimensional-) gate as the throneroom of God 
               [for now , we won’t go into what it was doing there and why] ,
               where “the floor of the throne room” was this sapphire type stone (-floor)” ;
               until Adam went to the North ,
               and made this stone to ascend to build his own gate  as his throne room ,
               as the matrix-gate in prophets called ‘Damascus’ – and here ‘Tahpanhes’ –
               or like in Ezekiel called “the image of jealousy” ; hence the imprisoned stone
               is also called “the tried corner-stone” in prophets  
… the eden land panicked – sic – mainly because we were not there anymore
but also since ‘her dimensional anchor , the stone , had left’ and she went on a search 
for him , ending up half-way between mt. tsiun and the matrix , now as easy target for  
the nations (‘of spirits’) to continually loot her :



this chapter

          … we’d love to make a full theme page about this subject (-if ever) since it is most 
          interesting and very extensive because many Spells mention this theme
          yet for now we stick by the text  — 

‘Tahpanhes’ (TEFNET) :
… in real-time a kind of suburb as a military compound NW of Memphis,
but the symbolical meaning refers to the goddess , to right   —
the matrix-gate itself is also represented by TEM who is one of the 9
main matrix constructs [see TEM in the Ptolemy II pages] ,
and “two emanations of him” are TEFNET and SHU , the latter as the
atmosphere of the land Egypt – which is now a type eden-atmosphere
since the Nile brought the eden-waters to the gate – 
and TEFNET probably representing “the glow coming fróm the stolen
cornerstone now in the matrix-gate” : the reading is tricky but likely as

“the (matrix-) light / (as) the goddess / (of) (matrix-) existence / (by?) the one (T) / (of) he (F) [=eden]” 

you know that Esau creates occult Rituals also
everytime a concept of them is being threatened :
we just had the Titan Gate but it followed the
by all his MSM copied ‘official Kyiv “Shh !” ad’
in the first week of this June : because the whole 
Ukraine thing is the ongoing Fatima (Gate-) Ritual  
— but you please decide your opinion here ;

‘a great stone’ :
… perhaps intended was the gem-stone (or ‘stones’) which Jeremiah received from the
captain of the guard in a previous chapter ;
… the text uses ‘multiple’ but since things are complicated enough already we use ‘one’ :
in Ezekiel is mentioned “the sapphire dome” which neither suggests “two” ,
but the problem is that the stone instead may have “a two-fold náture” ;
here we enter unclear ground — and hence that theme page would be good —
because undoubtedly the corner-stone is linked to the stone-tablet of the Covenant 
[of which we still think it was ‘one’ stone but perhaps ‘inscribed on two sides’ as the two-fold] ;
[added 6/29:] 
Ex.32:15 (KJV) “And Moses turned, and went down from the mount, and the two tables of the
testimony [were] in his hand: the tables [were] written on both their sides; on the one side
and on the other [were] they written.”

… isn’t it more logical that it said “two sides were written” because it was ONE tablet ?
besides : the ‘two’ (-shni) can easily have been ‘heavenly’ (-shmim) ;
second ,
the Spells often mention “to open the (eden-) door , in order to open the (matrix-) door” 
sometimes adding “by cooling it down (QEBEH’) the (eden-) door to open it” ;
yet some spells seem to allude to “a double-door” — but that may be this ‘two-fold aspect’ again ;
sometimes the stone-glyph is added showing that indeed it is the stolen cornerstone
now moved and used “to open their matrix (-so that it becomes new)” glyph UN ; 
and finally – but very unsure – 

the find of ‘two gemstones’ , see annex ;
         the now matrix-stone as SET dog :                                
         as often shown in the CoffinTexts  — the undefined dog
         sitting upon the dome-glyph : since the gate is north of
         eden as ‘suspended in the sky’ in order to form their land ;

         the original has the stone-glyph yet the reading is surprisingly difficult :
        “the stone (-as the eden-dog) / to make (S) / the (matrix-) one (T)”  or “(matrix-) place” ; 
‘the floor of [..] the portal of [=for] the house of Pharaoh’ :
… must be the correct reading since the gate is the portal of the (matrix-) land of Egypt ,
while her position now as ‘in the flooring’ corresponds with “the sea of glass” theme ; 
‘the adm-man became the king of Assyria’ :
… earthly Egypt existed of “the south and the north land” representing the matrix-situation ,
and God specified the southern region as ‘Assyria’ ; ‘the king of Assyria’ is a title for Adam
in many prophets but this line is the first solid one [-that we see] how he gót that title ; 
‘I will cease the Nile feeding the gate (-for the sun)’ :                                              [the 6th seal]
… the Nile (in Spells UAT) as “the river which the dragon made” , Ezekiel (-but was ‘Adam’) ;
factually the stolen eden-waters run to that stone
and is a similar situation of how the waters run to the sceptre-stone of our Originals  (Mt.16 page) ,
creating a very interesting link between “our declaring the sceptre” and this following event ;
it is probable that the addition “the sun” was original here ,
as the protective dome (around Mystery-Babylon + her land) which exists of ‘purified’ eden-particles
as defense agáinst eden — elsewhere as “Tyre (‘M-Babylon’) with her walls of (eden-) waters” ,
but since the Nile will not feed her anymore the dome will cease and she gets Dark ;    
‘the corner stone will return to tsiun’ :
… but in the sense of ‘returning to his proper owner’  — because after the 144 will be restored ,
God will place the anchor “in the wilderness” north of Mystery-Babylon as the place of new eden 
in the presence of the 144 (-after which they will make to ascend the land to her anchor) ;
so that the rehabilitated stone will be the floor of the throne room (see Rev. , Isaiah and others) ; 
‘Adam dies’ :
… they cán kill him because neither he himself is any longer supplied with eden-waters by now ;
the “betrayed” is very possible since he made a pact with them (see ‘little horn’ Daniel chapter) ;
[‘a group saved’] :
… too corrupted but we think ‘the 144’ 

corruptions : grave but doable
theme : context 100% restored — see note at 11 in restored text
fulltext : below


Jeremiah 43 (8-13)

note : the sons of Judah to whom this was told not necessarily also understóod what was said
               since that wasn’t the goal of this prophecy : the goal was that we would , sic ;
               we specified ‘the adm-man’ (and so on) but they just heard ‘the man’ , etc :  
fulltext :
8                                                                                                                                                                                                              [8 : start :] 
then the word of IEUE becomes to Jeremiah in Tahpanhes (TEFNET) , saying :
take a great stone in your hand ,       +                                                                                                [‘the eden corner-stone’]      
and hide it in the floor      +
as the brick terrace of the portal (‘gate’) of       +                                                 [so : “hide it in the floor of the gate”] 
the house of Pharaoh      +                                                                                           [the house : ‘Mystery-Babylon + land’] 
which (‘gate’) is Tahpanhes ;                                                                                                             [same as ‘Damascus’ theme] 
and you bury it in the sight of the house of Judah ; 
and say to them :
thus says IEUE of hosts the deity of (eden-) Ishral :                                                [full title = metaphysical theme :] 
behold ! , when he left Eden ,                                                                                                                                                    [Ni=odN] 
the adm-man (‘Adam’) became the king of Assyria      +                                                                   [‘matrix-gate region’] 
when he took my servant ,                                                                                                                         [‘stole the corner stone’] 
and he placed his throne upon this stone       +                                                                                                         [comp. Is.14] 
which he founded there ,
as having built his (copied matrix-) gate upon it ;                                                                            [Damascus/Tahpanhes] 
13 (!)                                                                                                                                                                                                        [6th seal :] 
but I will make to cease         + 
the Nile feeding the house (‘gate’) for the sun ,                                                                    [RÂ their surrounding dome] 
so that the (matrix-) land of Egypt will darken ,                                                                                                                          [sic] 
and the stone in the gate of Egypt I will make return to tsiun ; 
then the nations (‘of spirits’) will be wrathful       +
against the adm-man because of the gate of Egypt ,
and they will chase him and capture him when he will run to and fro in the land of Egypt 
to escape the ones being furious that he betrayed them ;         
and they will slay him and there-is-no-he anymore ;
          [too corrupted — probably “the remnant saved” (-as 144) and see restored text]  



Jeremiah 43
[start of theme :] 
[=then] – the word of – IEUE – becomes – to – Jeremiah – in Tahpanhes (TEFNET) , saying :
take – a great – stone – in your hand ,       +                                        [we keep it by ‘one great stone’ for now] 
and hide it – in the floor (?) – (as-) the brick terrace (?) [+of]     +
[.. 1x ..] – [..] the portal (‘gate’) of – the house of – Pharaoh (=temple = ‘Mystery-Babylon + land’)
as=which (so : ‘this portal’) (is) Tahpanhes (or: ‘which (‘this gate’) (is) [+as] Damascus’) ;
(and you bury it-) in the [=sight] of – the mortals=house of – jews=Judah ;

[action in 9 :] 
… though Jeremiah performs the action it was Adam who stole it and put it there
(a) “And say unto them, Thussaith the LORD of hosts,the God of Israel; Behold, 
(b) I will send and take Nebuchadrezzar the king ofBabylon, my servant, 
(c) andwill set his throne uponthese stones that I have hid; 
(d) and he shall spread his royalpavilion over them.”
and say – to them :
thus – says – IEUE of – hosts – the deity of – (eden-) Ishral :                    [full title = metaphysical theme :] 
[c-d : w/ smartly swapped ! + lineup : first we need the proper subject :] 

behold ! , me=when – [+he] send=left – me=eden (Ni=odN)
the nebuchadnessar=adm-man (‘Adam’) – ath=became      +
the king of – babylon=Assyria (‘the matrix-gate region’)
and=when I=he took – my servant (read : ‘the corner stone’) ,
and I=he placed – his throne – [..] upon – [..] this – stone (‘singular now’)                                       [comp. Is.14] 
which – he hid=founded (thAMAn=AMAd) (-there) ,
and=as (having) pitched=built  
his (copied-) (matrix-) pavillion=gate (shaphrr=shor , invalid root) – [=upon] [=it] ;

                                                                     part I b
                              next : lines were swapped — we need a logical start :
13 (!)
and=but he=I (will) (make) to break=cease         +                                                                                      [6th seal :] 
the ath=Nile (ath=iar) – monuments=feeding (‘no match’) – the house (‘gate’) (for-) the sun (RÂ)
(so that-) [..] the (matrix-) land of – Egypt – (will) which=darken (aSHr=chSHk) ,                                    [sic]
and – the house=stone (Bth=aBn) – [+in] the deity=gate of – Egypt
he=I (will make) burn=return (SHrph=SHb) – in=to fire=tsiun (‘no match’)

note :
anyway there was too many ‘burn and fire’ already , see also 12 ;
[next : what we need is ‘the nations (‘of spirits’) get furious at Adam’ :] 
[=then] – the fire=nations (‘of spirits’) – (will be) kindle=wrathful (iTSth=qTSph)
in=against the houses=adm-man – (because of-) the land=gate of – Egypt ,
and he=they (will) burn=chase them=him – and capture (sic, original) them=him
[=when] he (will) muffles=run to and fro – (in-) the land of – Egypt                                                   [attested] 
to muffling=escape (?) – the ones (being) shepherd=furious (?)       +
(that-) [+he] cloak=betrayed him=them (?) (bgd=bgd) ;                                                             [g: ending as elsewhere] 
and he=they (will) go=slay [+him] – [=and] there=there-is-no-he (shim=ain) in=anymore [.. 1x ..] ;

              [too corrupted : we can’t see if it’s “saving the 144” or “saving the Originals”
              (because of the left roots ‘land’ and ‘captives’)
              because first we’d need to locate the proper embedding chapter ;
              yet our educated guess is “about the 144“] 



(both images : British Museum)

above :
both crystal gems which Petrie found 
one of red Jasper , the other as (blue-) whitecrystal ;
… we knów this theme is linked to “the red and blue eye of Horus” , perspells ,
but our priority is to first make definitive asmany prophet-chapters as possible ;

(credit in link)
above : plan of pharah Apries’ built temple ,
near the highest point of the ramp both stoneswere found in the ditch ;
the temple was situated at a 30 acre locationNW of Memphis ,
which appears to have been a kind of ‘squarefor parading armies’ etc ;
credit where credit is due –
see link about the story how a man traced backboth stones :
truechristianstoriesfreebygmmatheny   com
and click ‘the quest for the stones of theprophet Jeremiah’